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Dream About Binoculars meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Can Binocular not win? Especially when you give derisatory tips at 25-1?

This post, makes interesting viewing for a selected few, who like many others have little idea or foundation, of an outstanding prospect
Too many speculate, and look for the outstanding one off opportunity. Indeed, to even tip let alone endorse a 25-1 shot, is foolhardy. A gambler picks and backs a beast on ability. Not what, if and if only... etc, etc. as so many of you dream of.
Binocular will win the champion hurdle.
Those of you who are prudent within the industry, can, and will still acquire 11/8.
Anyhow, we`re all keen punters, so look no further than the winner mentioned herein. Should you choose to opt otherwise, your selection would prove of interest, as a possible fun win double with the guaranteed winner!
Let`s see how many brave comments are now forthcoming, (and very few were favourable), after my last post!

Reasons not to back Binocular:

-4yo's have a poor record in the Champion Hurdle, just because Katchit won for the four year olds last year doesn't mean the floodgates will suddenly open.

- Binocular's only defeat over hurdles so far has come at Cheltenham, he was getting weight from Captain Cee Bee that day, and Hors La Loi managed to win the Supreme Novice as a 4yo so it's not impossible for the juveniles to beat the older novices in this race.

- Most of his victories have come on sharp tracks where he has a patently obvious turn of foot, 2miles 1 furlong on the opening day of Cheltenham where the ground is almost certain to be on the soft side (due to Cheltenham's idiotic watering policy) is a different kettle of fish where stamina will be at a premium.

Every horse has a price and at 11/8 I'm not prepared to play.
I'm on Katchit each way at 16/1 and that'll do for me.
For me Kasbah Bliss is the outstanding one-off betting opportunity at the Cheltenham Festival.

Example: Last night I had a rather disturbing and scary dream. What does this mean?

So last night I had a very odd, scary and disturbing dream. Keep in mind that last night, before going to sleep, I DID smoke marijuana.

The dream started out with me sitting in my room on a chair by my window, just on the computer. It was probably around 9 at night. Behind the houses across the street there was a large bridge over a river (This isn't really in my neighbor hood, it only appeared in my dream) and this "bridge" was where a lot of teenagers hung out. I had my window open so I could hear things going on. All of a sudden I heard shooting and a man screaming. A man was shooting at the teenagers on the bridge. Then, there was an explosion. Then I remember running to my parents telling them. Then the next day (In the dream) a friend and I went to see what happened and they were pulling bodies out of the water (Every body that I saw was someone I knew) and we freaked out. Then I woke up.

What could this be? was it a drug induced dream? Or was it something deeper?

Example: Any idea what this freaky dream means?

OK last Tuesday I had this really freaky dream. I was at my house, but the front of my house was like the house I live in today (Military-looking house in Europe) but the back was like the house I lived in in Virginia (which had a small backyard and then a forest behind it). So there was this handsome man in a nice suit creeping around my house, and he went into the backyard and from behind the trees closest to us he was spying on my house with binoculars and also I could see him carrying a silver-colored pistol. I was pretty freaked out so I locked my front and back doors, but for some reason I reopened the front door and went outside and on my cell phone dialed 112 (the European equivalent of 911). So the operator answered "Hallo" in German, and I asked him if he spoke English, he said yes. So I told him my address and he just said something like "Oh that is really weird; there is never any trouble over there." And then I told him the trouble (the guy who was spying on us with binoculars and carrying a gun) and the operator just answered calmly something like "Oh that is weird isn't it?" Then he was quiet for a couple minutes during which while I was still outside I saw the man in the suit meet up with a few other men in nice suits and got in a van and started driving over towards me. When they were right in front of me they opened the passenger door and the driver (one of the original man's friends, but more chubby, stereotypical capitalist, New York accent) started singing this song to me. I forgot the lyrics but it was something about business and capitalism and it was really weird. But then they closed the door and kept driving a few meters and then pulled into my driveway as I ran across the street. The emergency operator guy was still on my cell phone and I asked him to send 2 cop cars, and he replied "Oh this is nothing serious it is not like 9/11 or anything so I won't send you any." Then I asked him more desperately for just one cop car and added that I was really scared by this, and he refused. I was across the street now and looked back at my house and the guys were getting out of the van and started going behind my house, holding their pistols again. I saw my mom open the front door and look out and I yelled at her to wait for me and started running and I was really freaked out, and then woke up.

No idea what this could mean.

Example: Strange dream...walking pants and socks..binoculars...and door locking...?

ok so in my dream i was at a friends house (but it wasn't her real house) her parents were there (not her real parents, her dream parents) and my crush was there. i get up to look at the window (were on the second floor) and i see some strange shapes down below. i ask "whats that way down there?" and my friends dad says "oh, thats just the laundry i hung up a while ago. (fyi it was dark outside, it was nightime) and so my friends mom says "quick! lock the doors!" we run down stairs (me, my crush, and my friends parents) and we all start frantically locking doors i go to the front door (screan door with main door that were split apart) and i shut the screan door, my crush says "we have to get the main door!" and runs outside and closes the main door and then shuts the screen door. we go into the living room (my friends parents also) then i walk into a small room with a high window, the window had a pair of binoculars on them (connected) i try to look out them, then grab a stepstool, and brought it over, by then my crush was there, i put the stool down and look out the binoculars and see walking pants and socks, my crush (who is as tall as me when im standing on the stool) looks out..i remember feeling really dumb bringing the stool over to the window and then i look out again (not through the binoculars and its daytime..

then i woke up...

what does it mean?

Example: I have this recurring dream. What does it mean?

I am at a soccer game with a pair of binoculars. I'm looking at this guy whose face I can't see but I know he is my boyfriend. I look around the audience with the binoculars and I see someone with a gun. Then it is like I leave my body and I see through the scope of the gun and it is pointed at my boyfriend. Then I'm back in my body and I'm sprinting down the stairs. I jump in front of my boyfriend and I hear a gunshot. I look down at this gaping hole in my chest but I don't feel any pain. Then I'm falling down this never ending dark hole. I usually wake up soon after I start falling. I have not had this dream recently but I use to have it every few days fro the time I was in 5th grade til about 9th grade(I'm in 11th grade). I'm curious to know what it means.

Example: I had a dream,i was on top of helicoptor?

I had a dream i was on top of the helicopter,catching the fan of helicopter,nd my frnds r sitng inside the helicopter,people r seeing me throw a binacular,shouting and screaming. what does dat mean

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