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Dream About Bird meanings

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Example: What do dreams of 2 tiny white n yellow birds following me/ hiding in my hair, almost taking care of me mean?

Last night I had a dream I was taking care of 2 of my patients (I'm a homehealth care provider) while two tiny (palm sized) white and yellow birds that seem to hide in my hair flew out almost to tease me. They were very affectionate and seemed to never want to leave my side. They would land on my fingers my head, shoulders etc.. They almost seemed to be taking care of me. I had 2 different versions of this dream in one night and can't stop thinking about it. I'm sure there was some sybolism in them, just not sure as to exactly what. I'm hoping someone on here might have ideas to the meaning behind these dreams?

Flying birds:
A desire for freedom and independence. They may represent you wanting to escape a situation.
A positive colour, that is asociated with fertility and life
Is associated with birth, purity and joy. White is shown as the colour of a new beginning or may represent lack of colour or activity in your life.
My opinion:
I think that your dream may have something to do with a baby that is leaving your life uneventful. Or perhaps a baby will be brought into your life.

Example: What does it mean when u dream with black birds?

I dont know if it a crow but what does it mean thank u

Example: What does it mean to dream of hybrid animals (snake birds/lizard birds)?

I have dreams once in awhile that concern these animals that i've never seen. In particular, ive dreamnt of this creature that has the upperbody of a snake/lizard, but has the lower body of a bird. Usually the lower body is this a bright color like yellow or red. Sometimes they are small, and sometimes they are huge. I had a dream that two of these creatures were walking around a house that was suppose to be mine in the dream. And when i found them, i returned them to their bird cage in my basement. These creatures are never aggressive in my dreams, but rather docile. Any clue to what that symbolize? please, no dream moods.

Example: Dream meaning?

Last night i dreamed that i was on a mission for some medical company to this far-off place. We, three other people and myself, were on this huge ship and it sank in this lake. there were huge sharks in the water and there was this huge monolith sticking out fo the water. There was only room for 2 people to sit on the top, but we managed to get everyone out of the water. suddenly we were near the shore, and i was really sunburned. We got to the shore and a cop was there. she was bangning on some can drinks like a bell and yelling that there was a fire. She didnt try to help save us or anything. Then i saw some loons, the birds, and they were getting ready to mate. Then i woke up. I would love some interpretation.

Example: Bull, bird and stairs Dream Meaning?

Last night I had a series of different dreams.

Dream 1 - I was running down a street and a stampede of raging bulls were chasing me.

Dream 2 - I had stairs leading into my bedroom (which I don't have in reality) I was preoccupied with all of the stairs in my house (there seemed to be a fair few) and I wanted to count them all!

Dream 3 - A bird flew into my house, first I thought it was a robin red breast, but then it was a pigeon sized bird and pink. As we tried to catch it, it was shedding all of it's feathers and when we caugh it, it was tiny.

Any knowledge from dream interpreters will be appreciated :)


Example: What does it mean to dream black birds, black bulls,and a white dove?

Ok so here's what's up. i have a cousin in jail and my family stays in touch with his family. His "baby momma" or the mother of his children, called my mom and told us something freaky...
She had dreamed that my mom was wearing a black dress and a veil over her face. i was wearing a white dress and i supposedly transformed into a white dove. there were bulls in her dream. In this dream my mom wanted me to go somewhere with her. I don't know where. I kept on telling Suzi (my cousins "baby momma") to take me with her because i didn't want to go with my mom. Suzi would walk and her feet would bleed... That's all i remember... and im scared because common, which mexican doesn't believe in a little superstition?

Example: What does dreaming of wingless birds mean?

I had this dream last night.
I start in a house, not my house_ it seems like it is an old friends house(whom i am not in good terms with at the moment) I give her a hug and ask her to forgive me and she does and she is caring and understanding eventhough it was my fault we were mad.
I then go outside to the garage, but it is a warehouse. It is filthy, full of dust and there are dead animals on the floor, small mice corpses, there is a small fox(or it looks like one) and a dead lizzard. this dead Lizzard is what caught my attention the most (I remember it clearly). I start to sweap the dirt and the animals away, trying to clean the mess, but I dont finish, I am intrigued by what is happening outside and go to take a look.
I come out of this warehouse in to what looks like an animal park. Behind a fence there are 3 birds, big birds, there is a falcon, a black bird, and an owl. They are separated by fences from one another...these birds do not have wings. They are climbling the fences with their beeks and feet trying to get out and they struggle a lot, but one by one they clim up the fence and down the other side into freedom...
They seem happy and achieved, but they can't fly...as they stand there I fear for their life, because they have no wings and this is my exact thhought: "but you have no wings, what are you going to do now?... you were safer in the cage"
...then I woke up

Example: What does it mean to dream of birds?

There were two birds- one blue and one yellow. The yellow one was in a cage, didn't seem to like it there. The blue one was new (ie. new pet) and was also in a cage but we let it fly around. I felt bad to keep it locked up. What does this mean? Thanks!

Example: What does it mean to dream of birds?

I dreamt I was in a new house, not newly built, but the house was new to me, I walked upstairs, I opened a bedroom door, inside were many birds, pigeons, ducks and another type of bird I didn't recognise, it was big, with a stripe down its head, anyway for those who believe in dream meanings, can you tell me if it meant anything? Thankyou x

Example: What does it mean to dream watching birds?

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