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Dream About Birthday Presents meanings

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Example: Do dreams mean something?

Last night I had the most weirdest dream...Well I was having a birthday party in my house and for some reason in my dream my boyfriend Tom had a sister our age and a younger brother around the age of like 6 (Which he doesnt)...anyway, we were all outside in the dark partying and then my friends Megan and Amy and everyone else went into my bedroom and they were all in there while I was sitting with my boyfriend Toms sister his brother and my bestfriend Lili outside still partying, then all of a sudden the scene changes to the living room with disco lights and all that party stuff everywhere and eveyone is partying and then in my dream I start crying because Toms sister dies and it ends with me telling Toms brother that everything is going to be ok because we have Tom. I remember it soo vividly, I didnt even realise it was a dream until I woke up, but the weird thing is as I was crying in my dream I woke up with tears down my face, is my dream a sign of some sort? What does it mean ?

Yes, dreams mean very much. One just has to figure out how to properly analyze them instead of taking shots in the dark about what they symbolize and mean.
I am a great dream interpretor and I listen to intuition to help people on Y!A interpret their dreams. Just post your dream symbols in a question on here and I will be here to interpret it for you.
Dreams are present in our sleeping life when we need to gain insight on things that go on in the real world.

Well, dear, based on the symbols provided in your dream: The consequence of things in your life right now is not set. You have possibility.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Hello, last night i had two dreams and this is the first one:
It was my moms birthday, and my moms birthday was in may, so it past. My dad worked in a card/gift shop and he got my mom some things.
She is fussy when it comes to gifts.
He showed me what he had got her and i looked, he got her some pencils (normal hb 20 pack minis) and some winnie the pooh pencils what was really pathetic. I told him how stupid it was and he said she will like it, and she defiently wouldn't and he wouldn't do that in real life. Then he got a massive blue mug and got a gold engraver and wrote a stupid message saying girl and stuff when she is 43. He knows in real life she doesn't like having mugs. I told him she wouldn't like that, but he didn't listen.
So i am going to secondary/middle school soon, and we had alook around when i am looking around in 2 weeks. It's cardinal wiseman, i have already got in but our frst propr day is in a few weeks. We went into the shower room and people were in swimsuits, and funnily enough there was loads of laptops in use in the shower room. Then we went into the pool and had a swim...i liked the appearance of the school, it didnt look anything like it really is it looked nicer and bigger, it also has a swimming pool though iit lookss different.

Example: What does this strange dream mean?

This is really long, sorry but it was extremely vivid.

There is this guy that I kind of semi-like but we're friends, his group and my group are friends. During the day yesterday, my friends said that the guy liked me the most out of us as a friend coz he talked to me the most. I shrugged it off and said they were being stupid but I had a weird dream last night. I was in my school library sitting on the floor surrounded by a mountain of books. The guy comes up to me and apparently it's my birthday. He crouches down infront of me and gives me this small box. I take it and say thanks you didn't have to. And he says yes I did this is a special present. Do you understand. It's different from before. I nod and then he leaves. The we switch to another image. I'm at my local church's playground looking after all these little children, one of the guys from the church band is there, talking to me. My sister comes up and says she's going in to the church concert now, i say okay and the guy nods. A while after she left the guy goes saying he needs to go sing now. I say okay and then all the parents come and get there children. I go for a walk before I go into the concert and the singer guy is talking to this girl. I get jealous and then he leaves without seeing me and the girl just disappears. I then get this flash of the first guys face and then I wake up. What did that weird dream mean?

Example: Dream Meaning...Help!?

Ok , i had a dream last night where i was standing at my grandparents old house near the fish pond. And in the pond were three seahorses. After watching them I walked to the back gate and looked up at the up stairs bedroom where the window was open. I could hear deep breathing and I kept telling myself it was just the wind. I ran inside to find my uncle and nana opening sympathy cards that they had recieved for my grandpa who passed away recently. I opened one and there were cheques in there. The card started playing island in the sun by weezer in the same way that they play happy birthday when you recieve a birthday one. I started to cry, my uncle told me to stop crying because I had gotten money and I told him i was crying because the song was for my grandpa. I turned around to see my nana near a bed that had my grandpa in it and she said that he blamed her for making him look too shy.

Im having trouble working out what this means! Please help!

Example: What does my dream mean ?

No angelina I do not tease fat people I use to be in the pt buisness and help people get back on track with there life some peole I felt so sorry for I never even charged them but I am not a miracle worker I had 10 in my class and one suceeded the rest of them came up with excuses my family was making cake or the salad shop was closed no one could help them alot of them where so bad there families could not afford birthday and xmas presents but they never had the guts to admit it they where honestly like junkies they just use people to get what they want I know im being blunt in this question but the world has become too soft over 3/7 of the worlds population is over weight or obese thats over 3 billion people what is happening today

Example: What do birthday presents mean in a dream..?!?!?

I had a dream my guy friend got me a birthday gift..im not sure if I liked it or not.But he was the only person to give me a gift

Example: What do you think my dream means?

I am at a job. I don’t remember what the job was. New years approaches while I am at work, and I receive a text message. It is from my Grandpa. I marvel that I am receiving a text message from someone who is dead. I open it and it says, “Happy New Year, Adrianne.” This startled me and I showed it to the people around me. They said, “It says something else!” I took it and read, “Beware of 11 11 11 11…” I don’t remember exactly how many times 11 was repeated, but I know it was quite a few. Then, I woke up.

This is a dream I had on January 1st of this year. My grandpa was a very significant person in my life. He died on my 18th birthday a little over two years ago. Any SERIOUS ideas about the meaning of this dream are appreciated. I'm just curious as to what others think. Thanks

Example: Help me does this dream mean something?

Okay last night I had a dream about my birthday I think.Something weird happened though..I saw a rat and it somehow..Made me transform into a monster.My hands had claws and my hands also had these pink dots or something.They look like freckles but they ain't.They might of been a infection.I dont know..Please help..

Example: What does my dream mean?

So I just had a dream today and I'm itching to find out what it means. In the dream it was a girls birthday. My old crush's birthday to be exact. I always liked her but I tried moving on since I thought I had no chance with her but I couldn't so I just kept the crush there but still trying to like other girls. Btw I'm just trying to give full details so I can get a really good answer. Anyways it was her birthday and a couple of my friends were in the dream too but they were like mimicing her and making fun of her because of the weird way she was sounding (which isn't her normal voice) but I didn't care, I still liked her. So later on in the dream we give presents and aparently I don't have mine -.- so I find a whole bunch of tickets for something. Idk what. I think they were like those tickets you win at carnivals for beating a game. Anyways, I gave em all to her because I wanted her to have it all since my present wasn't even that good. After that my dream ended. I wish it didn't though. Can anyone tell me what this dream meant?

Example: Whats this Dream meaning?

Ok, so there was a nerdy girl with the big glasses and braces and everything. She was sitting in a dark room with a small white box. When she opened it, there were 3 sections (I don't know how to explain them. Its like if the box were a wall, and three shelves were put on top of eachother..) she opened to the 2nd layer and started typing (like it was a laptop) something like "OMG I didn't get the job!"

Then she opened to the 3rd layer, and there was a (chocolate?) cake, and she started eating it.

Soon after, a phone rang, so she switched to the first layer, and there was a rectangle cardboard box. She picked it up like a cellphone and said "Hello... Hell~o? Hello!?" Nobody was on the other line, so she hung up. Then she said, "oh well. It was the best birthday present ever, since everyone forgot."

The end.

Any clues? :) Thanks in advance!

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