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Dream About Blonde Hair meanings

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Example: What does it mean if i dream of blue eyes?

i saw a man with blonde, straight hair and blue eyes in my dream. what does this mean?

Hi Cyanide,

Hair represent thoughts or what is on the mind. Here is your view of someone. The dream is based on your description of someone and how you view the thoughts on the mind. Someone who's thoughts are straight or unwavering ("straight hair"). thinking straight. This person has very deep thoughts, may even be emotional ("blue eyes"). The fact that the hair is blonde, indicates that this person may have some form of appeal to you.

However, it depends on what is viewed or seen in the dream that truely determines the purpose for which it is present. Even the color of the hair.

Your sister,
((Dream Interpreter for over 20 years))

Example: Dream meaning ...creepy blonde,dark eyed boy?

This is the dream..dad and i were in the car ...dad realised he was going the wrong way...we were heading out to my sisters by mistake ...so we turn around and were heading down this road lots of trees no service on our phones ...then we see this creepy as kid sitting in the middle of the road with his legs crossed looking pissed off in a way...blonde hair dark eyes like he hadn't been sleeping for weeks...dad sees him too late...dad tried to aim to get the kid in the middle of the car like avoiding hitting him with the wheels...but we felt a bump...it was so bad.. we stopstopped car and it felt so real like that sick feeling not wanted to move...but we hoped out of the car dad rushes to the boy...and i was walking slowly it was so hard to walk..i new i was going to be bad and the closer we got we saw blood coming from this boys head and his hands had been cut off...then i woke up...

Example: I Had a Dream that i Dyed my Hair Blonde?

In my dream i was dyeing my hair blonde for some reason and my eyebrows Two ;O

WTH Does That Mean LOL

Example: What does this mean in my dream?

i had a dream bout my hair was light brown with blonde highlights in the front what does that mean and my cousin had blonde hair and i liked her hair alot better then mine

Example: If someone had a dream about me and I had blonde hair, but in real life I have brown hair, what does that mean?

Example: Blonde hair in dream...?

my hair is naturally dark brown/black. in my dream i was looking in my bathroom mirror and my hair was long and untangled and when i parted it i saw almost half was blond.
i think i smiled. i don't remember much more

what does blond hair mean in a dream?

thanx for the answers=]

Example: Whats does this dream mean? Medieval times, rape, hair colour and a baby?

Dream Interpretation: rape, ocean and baby?

The dream is set in medieval times and I am captured and held hostage in this castle the man who rapes me is a wealthy man he keeps me chained to the bed with these long chains around my wrists.

He only takes the chains off my wrists once I am forced to marry him and fall pregnant to him because he raped me, the baby is a little boy with blonde hair (I have brown hair and the rapist has brown hair too) I am aloud to roam around the area but never leave.

the next scene is when I am standing in the ocean with the little boy in my arms who is now between 3-5 years old, we are waist deep in the sea-water and than a man with blonde hair appears beside me, he is the only friend that I have since being a prisoner. I don't know why I was in the ocean.

The little boy dies, because of sickness and my rapist wants to let me go free. I have no where to go because my home will never accept me back because I was forced to marry and have this mans baby, they do not know that I was raped and held captive.

My home and this castle that I was a prisoner at were enemies.

Any ideas about what this dream means would be great thanks

Example: Hair color changing in my dreams. What does it mean?

For the past couple of weeks I've had multiple dreams about my hair changing color. I have white platinum blonde hair and in my dreams I try toning it to get out the golden hues to it. Every time my hair turns dark and I end up hysterically crying/ become super sad. Is there some meaning to these dreams or no?

Example: Dream about having platinum blonde hair?

I had a dream that i had bleached blonde hair, and i looooved it. It looked really good on me too! It was about waist length. What could be the meaning?

Example: What does this dream about pulling out my hair mean?

In my dream I had really long, thick, soft, shiny hair. It was golden blonde and like from a shampoo commercial. I have nice hair in real life but not like that and its just my natural dirty blonde color. Well I was running my fingers through it and I pulled out a chunk of it. I thought it was strange that so much came out and it didn't hurt. So I tried it again and another chunk came out painlessly. I still had so much hair I didn't even care and continued running my fingers through it. So what kind of meaning could that have?

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