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Dream About Blood Letting meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean if you dream about blood?Specifically...?

..someone you don't know gets murdered in your dream and his blood splashes in front of you?

Blood is indicative of life and the loss or spilling of blood is the loss of something important in your life

Let's take a new tack. Blood is alos seen as transformation; perhaps you are becoming something else with this blood ritual

Example: What does it mean when i dream of vomiting blood?

I had a dream last night that i was in my dorm and me and my roommate weren't friends, and in the middle of the night i went to the bathroom and vomited blood all over the floor, (and there was tons of it) and i told my resident assistant that i think something is wrong with me but she couldn't do anything, and everybody just walked around my blood on the floor as they got ready and it slowly faded color. what does that mean?

Example: What does it mean if you dream about crying blood?

Okay, so I had a dream last night, and it started off nice, a beautiful meadow ...

But then my dream focused on myself in a barber shop, getting my hair cut, and I was crying blood.

What does this mean?


Example: What does it mean to dream about a lot of blood?

I had multiple dreams last night. The first one that I had was of my grandparents' dog; it's a very aggressive animal, and it's badly bitten just about everyone who's stepped foot in the house - myself and its owners included. I dreamnt last night that it was attacking the other two dogs it lives with, hurting them to the point of whimpering, leaving them with open wounds and missing fur on one side. I recall being terrified, trying to run and hide, but the dog was snapping at me. I woke up with a wrenched feeling in my chest.
In my second dream, I was inside a house that had a bunch of pipes sticking out from the walls. I walked into a room that seemed to be a bathroom and the sink exploded, gushing blood and water in all directions. The room was filled, but I did not feel the sensation of drowning. A person popped out of the sink as well, screaming. The words it spoke appeared overhead in vicious black letters; I know it was a question, but the only word I can recall reading is "f*cking".

What could these dreams possibly mean? I think the blood and the fear are the main details...

Example: What do my dreams about blood mean?

Two nights ago, I had a dream that I was working as an ER doctor at a camp I go to. I was helping fix up people, and whatnot, when suddenly I got this huge, deep slice right across my torso. I was literally bleeding to death and needed a hospital, but no one would help me. I tried wrapping gauze and whatnot around me, but it was not working.

The next night, I had three dreams. The first one was about me being at a friends house (a friend who I have not seen in years) and the toilet was clogged, and coming out of the toilet was a bunch of crumpled up toilet paper, creating a 'mountain' about a foot and a half out of the toilet. I know this sounds absolutely silly, but the reason I mentioned this dream is because I wok up the next day (this morning) and our toilet was clogged.

Finally, after that dream, I had a dream that I was at a hospital because I was coughing/throwing up blood everywhere. They were taking blood out of my left arm, and giving me blood through my right arm. After a while, they released me, but I was still in the building (it seemed like the first floor of this building was some sort of entertainment complex, and my friends were there, but the all the floors above that were parts of a hospital). I was admitted back in when I kept coughing up more blood, and they did the same thing. Then, the dream ended.

I usually don't worry about my dreams, though I do believe they can hold signs given to us from our subconscious. Why am I worrying so much about these dreams now? I have a very heavy feeling that something bad is going to happen, and I'll be headed to the hospital soon.

P.S. I did look up loosing blood/giving blood (losing: represents emotional exhaustion, giving: physically drained due to stress). They would make a lot of sense, but I still don't feel content with those answers.

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream about crying blood?

So,i had a dream,it's sorta hazy but i remember that i peeled the white part of my right eye and it was just the colored part of my eye and this fleshy part were the white part was,and then blood started to come out,like i was crying blood,so i covered it up and ran,and i forgot the rest.but it was freakky and i want answers!D:<<

Example: What does water, snakes and blood mean in a dream?

i heard that dreams have a deaper meaning and stuff like that is it true or is it a load of BS

Example: What does a dead cat in a dream mean, also dreaming about coughing up blood?

A couple of nights ago I had a dream about coughing up chunks of yellow thick phlem and then later it turned into blood. Chunks of blood clots. It was disgusting and I remember feeling so scared that I was crying out to a photo of the Virgin Mary to help me. Also I dreamt of a dead cat on the road. It was a blonde/ginger looking cat? Any idea what it could mean? Thanks

Example: Blood and skeleton dream meaning? please help!?

i had a dream that i was just looking in a mirror and then i just put my tooth on my lip and it started bleeding really badly!. and then out of nowhere my mouth was filled with blood, i started kind of acting dead?, :S, and stay stil and have my eyes wide open and let the blood come out of my mouth. i was doing all ofthis in the mirror then all of a sudden a skeleton came out of nowhere and i hit it and it went. Then i saw another skeleton and followed it, it went into a cubicle and as it was closing the door i was about to hit it but i couldnt :/... 

thanks! xx

Example: Rain? Blood? Suicide? Family? What does this dream mean?

Okay. Last night, i had a dream that i was at some random house, and most of my extended and immediate family were there, with a few people that i didn't know.
I think we were going to have some sort of celebration.
Anyways, the family told us that we all had to go to church, but me and another kid didn't want to go, because i'm not a Christian. So i told them, that sorry but i'm not Christian so can i stay home.
Anyways, it ended up becoming a massive argument because the whole family started yelling at me saying that i HAD to go to church, and it made me upset etc so i went into my room.
When i later came out, there was a big commotion, and apparently the other child who also didn't want to go to church, went to drastic measures to make his point, and he made a hole on the top floor of the house and he jumped off it, intentionally killing himself. I went to the place where he had jumped, and then i suddenly thought that i should jump also. But i didn't end up doing it.
I went outside, and saw the scene, then i walked to the front of the house under some shelter, and it started to pour down with rain.
Instead of going inside, i walked into the rain and i let it drench me, and i walked back inside extremely wet.
Then, suddenly, i was with a whole bunch of kids and they had knives, and one of the kid's stabbed another kid with the knife on the nose and blood started pouring out everywhere.
Then, suddenly i was at church talking to a friend of mine, and i started to tell her about everything, and we both started crying and hugged each other.

Okay, i know this is a long dream, but i would appreciate it if anyone could interpret some of it.

Thanks x

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