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Dream About Blood Ties meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream in which im above the ground with my hands and feet tied streached and i think im on my period and i will make a mess with my blood in the scene there is a dark room that has a feeling of the colour red in it and i feel really weak in it (i have dep so does this have anything to do with my cutting my wrists) and then my dream changed and i saw my aunty decorating the rolm of babies and i knew it was for twins and my neice and she showed me she would hang up the letter 'C' 'D' and 'E' there even tough the kids i remembered in the dream had no resemblence to the letters their names and their parents name start with something else
What does my dream mean?

Since you think you have your period (and lord knows, it will "tie" you up each month when you do) in the dream, and then there is also another scene with babies, your subconscious mind is attempting to make sense of your own biological processes and ability to give birth, as seen through the example of your aunt. C, D and E are ordered (of course, the whole sequence starts with A & B) so your mind is attempting to order something here that seems confusing, as the children's names do not start with those letters. How many kids does your aunt have? Does she have three? Maybe she will have three?

Example: Rain? Blood? Suicide? Family? What does this dream mean?

Okay. Last night, i had a dream that i was at some random house, and most of my extended and immediate family were there, with a few people that i didn't know.
I think we were going to have some sort of celebration.
Anyways, the family told us that we all had to go to church, but me and another kid didn't want to go, because i'm not a Christian. So i told them, that sorry but i'm not Christian so can i stay home.
Anyways, it ended up becoming a massive argument because the whole family started yelling at me saying that i HAD to go to church, and it made me upset etc so i went into my room.
When i later came out, there was a big commotion, and apparently the other child who also didn't want to go to church, went to drastic measures to make his point, and he made a hole on the top floor of the house and he jumped off it, intentionally killing himself. I went to the place where he had jumped, and then i suddenly thought that i should jump also. But i didn't end up doing it.
I went outside, and saw the scene, then i walked to the front of the house under some shelter, and it started to pour down with rain.
Instead of going inside, i walked into the rain and i let it drench me, and i walked back inside extremely wet.
Then, suddenly, i was with a whole bunch of kids and they had knives, and one of the kid's stabbed another kid with the knife on the nose and blood started pouring out everywhere.
Then, suddenly i was at church talking to a friend of mine, and i started to tell her about everything, and we both started crying and hugged each other.

Okay, i know this is a long dream, but i would appreciate it if anyone could interpret some of it.

Thanks x

Example: Strange, haunting dream...What could it mean to dream of a red balloon filled with my blood?

I was cradling it in my arms, reluctantly walking towards a hangman's scaffold. I felt compelled, as if some outside force was willing me to tie it to the noose.

Example: What does it mean to dream of an Indian woman die and have blood fall on your lip in the dream?

Example: What do my dreams mean..?

My dreams have never ever made sense but for the past month or two all my dreams have been all about blood,gore,violence, and killing. In one of my dreams I was in my grandmas porch and then this person come and brutely murders my family..severed heads,arms and legs...then I'm standing in a puddle of blood drenched in it...then I woke up...
In another dream I killed my mother... It was me and this group of people and we tied her up to a chair and I choked her to death ...and I just stood there with a smirk on my face...the dream fastfowards to me at home and then I got this old voicemail from my mom and just hearing made me feel so relieved and I played it over and over then I had a halluincation of her and I broke down crying regretting what I did ...and then the dream was over and I woke up crying...that has never ever happened to be before...that dream bothered me...
Some of my friends think it's repressed emotions...I do tend to keep them to myself

Example: Dreaming of boiling blood?

This was just one part of my dream; I won't explain everything that happened.
I was outside a university building and they wouldn't let me in because they hadn't received a written form of mine.
I had a syringe in my arm with a tube attached to a blood bag that was hanging from a pole. There was something wrong with me, my blood temperature kept on rising. I knew I had to get help before it started boiling and would kill me. I had to try and stay calm too, as that would stop it rising quickly. I felt sick and warm, and could see my blood filling the bag like quicksilver in a thermometer rising. I was getting stressed and my whole body starting to sting, and I knew I wasn't far from having boiling blood. It was horrible. I was far too hot, and I could feel the blood inside my body tingling and bubbling. It was literally like boiling water inside my veins.
And I knew I could do nothing as it was inside me, killing me from inside out. I started to scream and some people called for an ambulance. I remember lying inside the ambulance while they tried to give me oxygen and place ice around me, but it was so hard to stay awake.

I think I woke up then, and I was too hot in my room, so perhaps that caused some of it :P
But anyway, what could this mean? I'm feeling tingly just thinking about it. What a horrible idea! To boil someones own blood inside their body!

Example: Dreams about blood? sick dream.. adult please?

i have dream't at least 3 times that my time of the month has come in the last 2 month's.. well i am 43yrs old. so it has come often.. .. what could that mean.. as far a dream goes..?

Example: Blood Ties... I have a question...?

I've never read Tanya Huff's Blood Books and now I'm just dying to know what happens in the end after seeing the series. I know Vicky makes a choice between Henry and Mike at the end of the books. Least thats what I've heard.

Can you tell me who she chooses? Thanks.

Example: Craziest Dreams lately?

ok I have had bad dreams for the past few nights,

the most disturbing was this little girl my son is friends with was raped, Anally, and i noticed it and it was OOOzing with bits of skin and blood everywhere,

then last night was a snake attacking, biting and eating everyone including me, trying to sqeeze people to death.

and then 2 nights ago my mother inlaws country was being bombed and she had to come and live with us
( I hate my mother in law and she hates me )

What does everyone think about this

Example: I have an awful dream. Could it mean anything?

In the dream, I was vomiting something red-like. I think it was blood. It may have been Hawaiian Punch, but I'm convinced that it was blood. I was really scared, and feel really scared. Have you had bad dreams? If so, do you think they mean anything?

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