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Dream About Blowing meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a bad dream that my town was blown up by a monster Bat. What does it mean?

Last night, I had a dream that I was sitting outside on a sunny day, and I saw some Christians holding an outdoor church service behind a fence. I then looked up to the sky and saw the Moon transform into a giant, monstrous, red & black Bat with glowing red eyes. There were six dead animals pierced through its wings, one looked like an armored Tadpole, one was a Fish-like creature with two pairs of leg-like fins, one looked like a large Salamander, there was a small beast with a short, fat tail, and two of them looked like rodents. I then found out that I turned into Richard Dawkins.

The Bat then plummeted toward Earth as the the sky turned red and black, and some threateningly ominous music was playing. I pounded and shook the fence as I tried to warn the Christians about the plummeting Bat, but when I tried to yell, no sound came out of my mouth. The Bat then landed on a nuclear power plant, and in a flash of light, a mushroom cloud formed and the force of a great explosion burned and blew away everything in its path. The flesh was literally burned off my bones as I was finally screaming in pain, I was turning into a skeleton. The Christians all ducked, but were also burnt to a crisp. I vividly saw a mother attempt in vain to use her own body to shield her child from the blast. When it was all over, the whole town was in wreckage. Homer Simpson then walked out of a bomb shelter, looked around, and shouted "Boring!" as he threw a donut at my skull.

I then woke up, but then felt that something was not quite right. I decided to check under the sheet on the other side of my bed, and when I pulled it up, there was a Rhinoceros in my bed!

I then woke up for real, in a cold sweat. What do you think that crazy dream means?

Your dream could be a prophetic dream from God. God has been warning people that America will get a nuclear attack. Seek God, pray, get to know Jesus Christ personally as your Lord and Savior, read your bible. This is a very serious dream and I believe God has given you this dream to warn you.

Example: What does it mean to dream of someone blowing in your ear?

I had a dream I was sitting at my desk working when one of my coworkers walked up behind me and blew in my ear. I jumped and when I turned around he was laughing a little then I woke up. I've heard that weird dreams are common around 2 am but the blowing sound in the ear usually happens as the person is waking up. Anybody have a clue what this dream might mean?

Example: What does it mean when i had a dream of getting blown up and dying but still feeling pain?

I guess i have a job at the mall my and my friend were on break outside when she gets out of car and says its time to get back to work but another friend of mine pulls up to the side of the car so i jump to the back seat to talk to her when all of a sudden i hear some say omg did someone just throw a bomb? next thing i know i feel something go boom along with that i feel this enormous pain but im dead right when the bomb hit and they're still trying to rush me to the hospital and my body's split from my collar bone to my navel area and I guess i grow impatient don't know why if I'm dead but I get off the stretch tilting my body to one side so it doesn't fall apart and then I wake up.

Example: Meaning of dreams ?

i have had about 4 dreams about aeroplanes blowing up in the air , doea anyone no what these could mean

Example: Dream meaning?

I had a dream that my boyfriend of 5 years lied to me and went to his highschool reunion and i cought him making out with his ex who he dated for 6 years. She is now married with 2 kids. What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream your belly blows up?


Example: What does blowing bubbles leisurely in your dream mean?

Please provide your source of how you know this, or if it is a natural ability; please explain how this relates to waking life.

Example: Last night dream - the light bulb was blown up? what the.. does it mean?

Example: I was wondering if anyone knows what my dream means if i am blowing up buildings and being a terrorist?

hi there. i was wondering if anyone knows what my dream means if i am blowing up buildings and being a terrorist?.
its weird i have had this dream over 20 times.. i blow up the sky tower and the habour bridge..

Example: I had a dream i was blowing a shofar or some kind of horn and then this bright light appeared what this mean?

it was on monday night when i had this dream what does this dream mean

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