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Dream About Blue Jeans meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

Well last night I had the oddest dream here goes
Ethan (My youngest who is 11 months now) and Rebekah (My little sister) and I we in the woods to look for alligators (why unsure) but we were on the hunt. oddly we were not dressed for the occasion. Ethan who was now 5 was in a red t-shirt and blue jeans and tennis shoes. Rebekah was oddly enough wearing a pink pair of shorts and a white t-shirt and sandals. I was wearing blue jeans and a black shirt and tennis shoes. Well here we all are walking through the woods looking for alligators. when out of now where comes a huge wolf. I yell Ethan climb the tree. I got Ethan to the top and there I am holding him up in the tree when it started to bob up and down like a bobber does when you have a fish. I was starting to feel little sick but I look down and see Rebekah scared to death and not moving I tell Ethan hold on the tree I love you I'm going to get Aunt Rebekah stay here don’t get down no matter what. I slide down the tree. And yell REBEKAH she looks at me and says "Save me please" the wolf was getting closer to her so I threw a rock and hit him square in the face. he looked at me and his eyes felt like ice. he did a growl followed by a howl. I yell rebekah climb the tree and protect Ethan. I saw her run and climb the tree. There I stood face to face with this wolf. He howled again it scared me little and before I knew it there were two wolves. I yelled stay in that tree ill protect you both. I looked around to see what I could use to protect myself when I saw Anthony (my oldest who is 5) (he appears to me to be about 10) coming up towards me yelling mommy, mommy save daddy. I yelled where is he. Where is daddy? Anthony yelled look out mommy a wolf. I was freaked out I couldn’t figure out where Anthony came from so I yelled climb the tree and Aunt Rebekah will protect you. I helped Anthony up the tee never looking back once. I got Anthony up the tree and I watched rebekah and Ethan hug him. The two wolves kept coming closer and I ran around a few trees and they followed me around than out of the corner of my eye I saw this shack so I ran into it and the wolves followed me in there. I saw this crowbar and hit the first wolf on the head he whimpered and leapt towards me I managed to stab him with the crowbar killing him. The other wolf grabbed my leg and pulled it hard I watched it break and I screamed in pain. I spun the crowbar around and hit the wolf right between the shoulder blades killing him. I crawled out of the shack and said come on get down we have to find Michael. I was dragging my leg behind me and said Anthony where did you see daddy last. Anthony said he is near the water. Than it hit me we were looking for alligators. I got to the water line and there I saw Michael sitting there looking at the water in amazement like he just made peace with someone. I went up to him and he jumped up and said what happened and I said two wolves attacked us. Than Ethan yelled mommy saved us all. Michael just looked at me and said did Anthony find you. I said yes he said that you needed help what’s the matter. He said I needed your help to look for something but its okay I found it. than he said what about theses wolves are you okay. He looked down and saw my leg and said ill carry you home. he picked me up we all got back to the house than I woke up

well, i do now every dream means something. i think it might mean that you are verry brave and i think if you help others before yourself thing will usually work out, basicallyi think the dream meant u were a very kind person.

Example: What do my dreams mean?

My first dream ( I had 2 days ago)
I was on a bus and I realize I took the wrong bus, so i got off and I landed at a park. Then I hear a women yelling "pervert" and I was scared. Then I started running and saw a women police. She then said " I smell dog" and there was jeans in front of here (?) Then I started hiding behind this parking meter(?) and I saw my grandma eating something right next to me. and there was a small see-through box on it and I saw a man coming( i'm thinking the man was the pervert.) But the police got him on time and i started running with 2 people, one was my cousin. We ran off to a hotel or motel. I remember the stairs weren't actual stairs. They were sliding slowly up ( it wasn't an escalator) then we got a small room. Then we all started talking about what happend and stuff. Then I woke up so thats the end...

I wrote it all down after I dreamed of this xD

My second dream ( I had today)
I was going somewhere and it required driving across a bridge. (I don't remember where I was going) I think it was a class feild trip because I saw some friends. What i could remember was going back and then the bridge started to break ( the bridge was wooden) and then everyone fell to the ocean ( the ocean was light blue). And I could remember b4 driving back, someone asked "what would you do if the bridge broke?" and I could see images of what would of happend.

That's all i could remember... it's quite confusing.
Btw, how come my dreams seem to be so weird? Like in my first dream, I saw my grandma eating something while I was about to be attacked?! And sometimes my dreams don't make sense also...?

Example: What does this dream mean?See below.?

I dreamt that I'd won the lottery and I had tonnes of money . I walked past lots of jewellery and shoe shops and went to find one of my colleagues instead! I found him in a big workshop ,he was wearing a lovely 80s denim shirt and blue jeans, he walked away at first but winked at me. He looked so vividly real and totally beautiful - exactly like he does in real life in fact. I asked him to 'come here' so he did and we kissed . It was the most amazing kiss EVER. It really blew me away!

So what does it mean?

Example: What does a dream of your old blue jeans mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

there are 2 dreams actually but they seem to be connected
in my dream, i was in this small room with an old ancient tomb in front of me. Then suddenly this guy came out and sit right in front on the tomb. He just look normal, he doesn't look scary and in fact he was smiling at me. He was wearing blue jeans and a white shirt( weird ain't it?). i looked back and saw children running and playing.

second is i was joining with this crowd were there are full of children standing in line together with their teachers. The are all waiting for big gate to open. and when the gate was open we saw small pile of plastic containers filled with water. One of my familiar friends jumped into the small container and disappeared and never came back. i got curious and jumped into the small container and guess what? i went back to the same room were there are no people to be seen an then i woke up.

The end!

I know it's sounds weird right? but I'm just really curious
anybody knew what this is?

Example: What does this dream mean?

it was a while back but i still can remember it
okay well
it was at night and i was sneaking inside my older brothers home for some reason.
he asked me wat i was doing there nd i said idk
then it quickly turned daylight..it seemed to be around 8 am. he asked me if i wanted to g2 the mall
i was in my pajamas so chandra grabbed a pair of light blue jeans for me to wear
we never went to the mall though
my 2 neices were there 2...then later came
it was like 3pm
i went upstairs to go change my pants so we could eat dinner i guess
when i was coming downstairs i saw my gram (who passed away in 97)
me nd her were both staring straight at each other
then when i got half way down the stairs she disappeared
i was thinking about it
then i went to go eat dinner with them all
and outta nowhere melissa (who i became friends with 1 week before i had this dream) says "guess what, i saw gram"
and i was shocked nd just stared

then i woke up so yeah
what could this mean?
i mean melissa isnt even related

Example: What does this mean in a dream, blue moon?

I had a dream that I and my crush were flirting and looking at the starsand all of a sudden he said don't worrie just get the blue moon or something like that with blue moon in it what does it mee

Example: What does it mean to dream about a gift from a loved one?

Well I was standing outside my old house where I lived as a child, I was thinking about this guy who I'm really in love with currently. I was worried he wasn't thinking about me, got a new girlfriend etc. Then out of nowhere he pulled to the kerb in a prestige car sort of like a limousine, I felt relieved when I saw his face, he opened the window and gave me a gift bag. When I opened the gift it was a pair of jeans navy blue.

Please help me I don't understand. Also I would like to add he is a childhood friend who I only recently fell in-love with. Basically I'm going through a separation leaving and abusive situation and this friend has been my shoulder to cry on we've even "crossed that line" too. Maybe this is why I'm having dreams like this. Thankyou in advance :-)

Example: What does my dream most likely mean?

I had this dream just last night and I can't stop thinking about it. It didn't feel like a regular dream either, almost as if an angel had entered my dream. Anyway, there was this girl who was about the same age as me with blonde (but not bleach blonde) almost shoulder-length hair. Her face was hard to describe but it wasn't weird looking or anything though. I didn't really get to see what she had on but I think she was wearing a blue shirt and maybe blue jeans. So, she asked me if I remembered her, I didn't answer but she seemed extremely familiar. I need an answer soon so I can get this off my mind.

Example: Dreaming of a girl wearing in blue...?

what does this colour mean?

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