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Dream About Body Builder meanings

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Example: Please read and help me what does this dream mean?

Last night I had this dream where I was at a basketball game, someone announced that there was to be restorations done to a run down building outside the school. I crossed the schools courtyard to a building I've never seen. No one was there just me. I went back to the gym and the announcer said that a girl had gone crazy and killed many people and had lived there. I went back and saw two kids from my school, so I turned around and left for some reason. Then the dream turned to where I was with my sickly grandma (who died of cancer this past Friday) I was holding her hand when a video came on about the girl it showed many heads with sticks through the eyes and blood everywhere and they were supposed to be heads of people she killed. I looked away and the girl was there and she said I was next on her list to die but she was a ghost. I ran away but where ever I went she was waiting to kill me. I ran into my Aunt and she was walking across my grandmas yard she looked different her eyes sunken in and her mouth agape she smiled at me and said something about following her I did and we went into my cousins house turned out it was the girl she sat down and made a remark about her shoes so I fled and ended up running down a winding seeming to never end road next to fields of corn. What does this dream mean?

pray 'psalm 26' 40 times a day for 40 straight days.
God created a set number of angels 30 billion?; 1/3 of all angels rebelled 10 billion?God turned the rebels into spiritual darkness (demons) and expelled them from heaven. there was a void in heaven of 10 billion open seats.God decided to create humans to replace the demons. God said that He will let demons trick people into following them, but when 10 billion seats in heaven are filled, God will send demons and those who follow demons to hell. demons dress in fake human skin and fly in ufo ships;pretend to be angels of light, ghosts, pagan gods, greys, ouija board movers.jigsaw from saw movie is not only gay but he's antichrist. when people will look at jigsaw, they will see many angels surrounding jigsaw, but in reality those are demons. the main demon is black with red eyes. antichrist is white with red eyes. if anyone worships jigsaw, they'll go to hell 100%. also, soon the world government will be giving mandatory small grey world passport. when people stretch their hands to receive the small grey world passport, a small green electronic tattoo with sixes will be given by lasers. if anyone receives this tattoo, they'll go to hell 100%. people who kill themselves wind up in hell 100%. also, people who blaspheme the Holy Spirit, go to hell as well. God is one but decides to reveal Himself to the world in three distinct persons: as God the Father, as God the Son (Jesus Christ), and as God the Holy Spirit. now, let's switch to the ufo bases that the demons built. they are located on the moon, in lake baikal, underneath mariana trench (atlantis is here), and inside a fake mountain in tibet (buddhists consider this mountain holy, but as was mentioned, pagan gods are demons). there was also a time when 200 angels told God that they would fare better than humans if they had human bodies (angels and demons don't have bodies - they're just spirits). God told them that He could give them human bodies but if they mess up, He'll punish them severely. these 200 spirits agreed to take this deal. what happened was that when these 200 angels (aka anunaki in pagan beliefs) descended on a mountain in middle east, they saw beautiful female descendents of cain, and took them wives for themselves. these 200 anunaki had giants as kids. giants built the pyramids and other colossal monuments around the world. anunaki taught witchcraft, astrology, blood drinking, human sacrifice, abortion, art of war, etc. God became angry and punished the world for following anunaki. anunaki were imprisoned underneath a desert in middle east. 300 thousand giants and 700 thousand people who followed anunaki and other demons were drowned in world flood. only 8 people were saved in the flood. me and u are descendents of these 8 (noah with his wife, and their three sons with three daughters-in-law) who survived in an ark-ship. animals that knelt before noah went into the ark with noah. animals that didn't kneel were drowned. a bit later, nimrod (world leader) and his wife semiramis (she was in charge of a brothel) created a one state pagan religion (sun-moon-bull-sex worship). nimrod was also in charge of building the tower of babel. this tower was built by masons who wanted to reach heaven and fight God and establish pagan religion in heaven. this was silly, to say the least. God burned the top third of this tower, sank the bottom third inside the earth, and changed the original language into 70 different languages. so, one third of builders killed each other because of misunderstanding, one third ran away, and one third were cursed to become apemen and elephantmen. silly atheists claim that we come from apes when in reality apemen were cursed masons. hindu religion has an elephantman deity. this is absurd. let's get to something even weirder. 80 foot dinosaurs live beneath the earth. they will soon come out through lakes and sinkholes. this is a punishment for spreading ideas of evolution. major climate change will follow. there won't be any clean water left. world government will hide food on purpose too. stores with food will be set up to laser people with the above-mentioned evil tattoo. it's better to die from hunger than receive this tattoo. now, let's go to the main message of christianity. God incarnated (took on human body) to die for our sins so that we can go to heaven. now why was this necessary? well, remember the 10 billion seats from before? yep, they're all empty because everyone went to hell. there were only 2 people that went to heaven (enoch and elijah). so, God didn't want all people to burn in hell, so He provided a cure for this - He died on the cross for our sins and went to hell to pick "believers in Him during their lives on earth" to take them to heaven. now most people go to hell too, but christians don't. why? because God said that if you believe in what He did for you on the cross, and feel sorry for your sins, and stop sinning, you'll go to heaven.

Example: In 3 months, I want to have my dream body. Can any one make me a workout to get it?

I'm 14 years old,
Around 5'6 - 5'7
Pushing (just barely) 103lbs

- So please do not tell me that I'm already too skinny or my BMI is low.

I would like...
- A Bigger Butt: I have one, male friends have said its small, but "tight". I have no idea what that means, but I guess its good. I'd like a rear with more "meat" than muscle. What can I do?

-Bigger Calve Muscles: I need them. The calf raises never seem to work. Recently I've been dancing alot, and they seem a bit bigger.

-Toned Legs: My mother says I'm all legs. They're okay, (I suppose), but I'd like to have more muscle to them, & not have skinny waif legs! (haha) I do run a mile 3 times a week, but I'm guessing that's not enough?

-ARMS: Okay, I have arms. But they're long, and skinny. So, please how can I add some muscle to them? They're very skinny :\

-Endurance & Stamina: How can I improve them?

I'd really like to achieve this before I become a Freshman in High School ( I'm graduating on Wednesday). Can anyone give me a good, detailed workout that I can do to add muscle? I'm not asking to look like a body builder, but I already have a "boy"/athletic shape, minds well put it to good use! :)

Example: What is the meaning of number 7 in a dream?

I had the dream few days ago and made a note to look up the meaning of it. I don't recall much of the dream except for the fact that it was a phone number and all the numbers were 7s. Can someone please interpret the dream. Thanks!

Example: What dose my dream mean ?

Can anyone tell me what my dream means please ?

I was in class, when 3 body builder guys abducted me, they took me back to a space ship and it turns out they were aliens. They took me to their space ship and they made me be this boy's girlfriend ( he was very good-looking). but first of all we had to check in,
I hated it and cried all the time. I asked if I could go back to Earth to see my sister (as we were in space), but he said no, and I cried. But over a period of time I started to like this boy/alien, we laughed, talked and were happy together.

Then I woke up...
I'm female and aged 15 if that's any help.

Example: Ok id like to look like a body builder...but i cant?!?!?

help...i work out about every day and i do upper and lower body work outs and i lift pretty heavy but i just keep getting thinner im at 150 pounds and a yr ago was at 165. i dont do much cardio AND i eat every 2hrs i drink 2 protein shakes a day. im thinking about trying out steroids already...its always been a dream of mine to look like a body builder since i was a kid...

Example: What could this dream mean?

My friend was telling me about a dream she had. She manages a golf course and her boss is a very business-like, wealthy man whom she has a good working relationship with. She dreamt that she saw him outside of work and instead of looking nice, like he usually does, he was dressed in a dirty wife-beater and shorts and had facial hair (he is always clean-shaven) and just unkempt in general. Then whenever she ran into him in her dream, he would flex like a body builder and go "Arrrghh..."


Example: Does this strange dream have any meaning?

I live with my dad but this is the
Weirdest dream i ever had, i was somewhere in some strange place so then i asked my dad to come and pick me up and when my dad picked me up in he's car, out of a nowhere a big mob of people were getting angry with him while we were in the car (that he could hardly drive,) as if he did not injustice to me. But then suddenly i don't know how but my dad was out of the car and he was suddenly in he's 20's and looked like a body builder with huge muscle and the mob was so angry that two guys shot him because they claim he was doing an in Justin to me, in that moment it felt as if I could see the pass since he was younger because that is not how he looked when he was in the car beside me. Anyway I was all of a sudden in some sky scraper medical office. I asked the nurses if I could make a call but they said yes but at the same time they did not want me to call my dad. Although I thought my dad was dead I was still trying to contact him and finally he picked up the phone and comforted me but it seem even though I got a hold of him- he was dead and was he acting as if he also knew he was dead. I don’t know what happen and I tried to call again but then the nurses came and looked at me dialing the number and they said I’m not allowed to contact my dad but I dialed the numbers fast anyway and the person who picked up this time was a different man. I told the nurse if she does not let me call my dad I will jump out the window and commit suicide and continued to threaten her and she says I can’t do that. So then we challenge each other saying even if I had to fight I’m going to make the call and she says I’m not going to make that call. So then we started to fight.

Does this strange dream have any meaning?

Please respond, this dream is really upsetting me.

Example: Someone please help and tell me what my dream means?!?

So basically In my dream I was at school and the day was dragging. I was also having some problems with my friend- which were having now in real life as well btw. We had like a day were we did mostly PE and it was just boring. So I got home and these like builders were there and I asked my mum what was going on she said they had to dig something up, so I was like okay! So when they finished I went into the kitchen to look out the window and the finished results and it looked pretty good. Btw I turn around to look at the bottom of the road and see this really creepy old man standing there and he was looking our way. I told my sister who was next to me and we looked out again but this time he was closer! And we quickly went inside-the living room told my mum and brother. My brother said "ahhh have you saw that old scary man outside with the hat on" but my brother was wearing the exact same hat as him, it was like those grandfather hats& my grandad who passed away a couple of years ago use to wear them. Anyway the real creepy bit Is I saw a guy just like him, after school yesterday in (real life) when I was walking home. The guy was behind me then went infront of me! He just looked extractor like the guy in my dream!
The end.
Someone help me and tell me what it's about please! Thanks in advance:)!

Example: What in the world does this dream mean?

Ok so I had a dream of me and my bestfriend with a band that we like. We have a crush on two guys in the band, I like one guy, she likes another. So in the dream we were swimming together and when the guy that my best friend likes took off his shirt to swim, he was too muscly, like..Body builder muscly. and it was kinda gross.
Then later I was in my bathroom and I was brushing my teeth and when I spit in the sink I rose my head up and I saw through the reflection in the mirror there was the guy that I like. He looked depressed and thats when my dream ended. What the heck? What does it mean?

Example: Serial killer/gory dream meaning?

I was in my own house and was exploring each room somewhat like a video game. In each room was a new psycho attacking me and one of them was my best friend. She was trying to cut me with a knife but I was fighting her back and destroying her weapon. Eventually I made it to my room and this creepy man, he was really tall... 6'8 or taller and built like a body builder, buzzed hair.. choked me in my bed and said he would be back and for me to be ready to see something worse than I already have. So I escaped him all around my house and on the way, my same best friend told me he left a box but I shouldn't look in it. On the inside it was a severed head with bloody body parts. I escaped to my room and locked the door. There was a scared girl in my room. I saw that the door to my room unlocked so I jumped out my window and ran down my road. I saw that serial killer man drive down my road and he was in a creepy blue van with tinted green windows. I told this completely crazy old lady about it, she was out walking her dog. She just seemed scared and told me to go to the police station so I bolted there but instead ended up at my old school. I ran down the hall to the principals office and they wouldn't let me in because these girls were having a crisis. So I screamed that my life was in danger and they have to let me in. As soon as they did, I woke up.

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