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Dream About Book meanings

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Example: Should I believe in what dream interpretation books mean?

Should I believe in what that mean to the description it says?

The dream books try to to put dream icons/symbols in a neat one-size-fits-all package. You or someone close to you can help you interpret them because the meanings are specific to your brain as it lets loose those images. However, don't completely discount the books because they can help you trigger an idea about what some symbol *might* mean in your dream. I usually do a combination of analyzing it on my own, telling another person about it to get their spin on it, and consulting a book or two to get more of a whole picture.

Example: What do my book dream(s) mean?

Okay, I had three dreams last night, but this first one was the most emotional.

I was riding a bike from the end of the school, through the lockers on the right side, and there were all these girls there. Some were doing other’s nails or something, and I bumped into somebody who held the nail brush. I looked at my leg to see if it had been painted on but there was nothing on it. Suddenly I'm off the bike and the girl I brushed past (without saying sorry) is yelling at me, saying I should apologize to the other girl she was with. I am very angry because I don’t like being told what to do, but at the same time I am afraid she will hurt me if I don’t. So I head back (on foot this time) to find that behind me is a library instead. I then decide I don’t want to apologize and pick out two books, a hardcover (lilac) and a paperback (?). The girl who was yelling at me comes back and does it again, so I go over to the table where her friend was sitting. The girl who yelled was sitting across from me and the girl who I was supposed to be apologizing to was sitting to my left. I didn’t say anything at first, and the girl (who wasn’t yelling anymore because she was in front of her friend) indicated I should apologize. I dithered back and forth between knowing she was right but hating to be forced. Finally I just curled my hands around the hardcover book I had (they were right between the girl I was supposed to be apologizing to and me) and sort of bowed in my hair (my face was facing the hardcover). The girl who had yelled let out a triumphant “HA!” Well, that was the last straw for me. I was already ashamed and angry at being made to apologize, so I just picked up the paperback book and threw it at her (it hit her in the neck) and said “Go to hell.” (which is very unlike me to say). Then I got up quickly and ran to the doors, because my mom was in the library and I knew she was going to be mad. Funnily enough, she started chasing me and seemed more caught up in finding me than being mad. I went down a stairwell and ended up in my middle school’s (I'm in high school, and middle school was **** for me) 6th grade hallway. I remember trying to get to one particular part of the hall, where there are two doors, and the one on the right is to the library (the middle school’s library, not the one earlier), and the one on the left is to another classroom. I picked the door on the right, and succeeded in closing it before my mom got into my line of vision. Unfortunately, she picked the same door I did, except it wasn’t the library, it was a big, empty room with a floor like my middle school’s cafeteria (which was always a place I disliked). I didn’t turn around, because I was facing my mom who was in the doorway, but that’s what I could tell.

I also had another dream, in which I was a dog, and there was a cat, too (normally I love both; I have a cat!), and I had a very important book with me. The cat somehow managed to get it from me, and we both ended up in this tunnel-like maze with water in it, and ledges to get out of the water. The cat didn’t seem bothered by the water at all, and I spent most of the dream trying to get it from the cat, then getting it, then losing it again.

I had a third dream that I was in a huge room that looked like a pasture, with all these goats (I think they were goats. They had horns, anyway) around me. Then the woman who owned this place said to get out (she and her husband were very poor and didn’t like to see anyone). I got this feeling like I was really smart – like, genius, and that I had everything all figured out. Then, once I got out of the room, I was standing in a hall. There was the woman standing in the doorway to the field-room, and then there was a pantry on that (left) side of the wall also. In the middle of the hall was my (black) bike. Then her husband came and I don’t remember how, but he was fixing my bike and suddenly I was the guy. He had found a can of something or other that made him (me) really happy, even though there was green algae-mold stuff on the top.

I think this is the order they were in, too...
I'm slightly freaked out now ^^; What the heck does all this mean?

Example: Dreams meaning?

I have two recurrents dreams:
1) My teeth falls abruptly. My inside mouth's skin and tong fells in pieces.
2) I walk over a big quantity of snakes. In my last dream, one of them curl up in my ankle and I was walking whit the snake on it .

Example: Books & Authors: What does my dream mean?

In my dream I was drinking a crimson liquid out of a wine glass. But, it wasn't wine it had a metalic scent to it. I can actually smell,taste, and feel things in some of my dreams. I was wearing a Victorian or something gown. It was black in color. Everything looked like I went back in time, but it was in the future. I was eighteen or nineteen, maybe twenty. I looked like a goddess of the night. Their was also a man he's what could be described as tall,dark, and hansome ( spelling? ). His hair was a cascade of ebony. His clothes were an all black suit. His eyes and mine were a strange color. His I suspect used to be a brown or for some reason green were now a blood red. My once sapphire blue were now a shocking shade of violet. Both of us were very pale. I'm very pale in real life so it probably means nothing. Also, this isn't the first time I've seen the man. I've seen him once before he whispered a name Gabrielle or Gabriel it was. But, my names Katherine. What does this mean? I'm fifteen and don't drink by the way.
9 hours ago - 4 days left to answer.
Additional Details
I've never read twilight

Example: What Does This Dream Mean and Where can I Get A good Dream Book ?

i had a dream that i ate a banana that was like all rotten and it didnt taste good what does this mean

also where can i find a book that tells me what dreams mean ?

Example: Dream book?

i need some help finding a book that tell u what dreams mean wich is a good book that is right for me?

Example: Spritiual what does it mean when you dream about books?

I was in this building like a school of some kind. I was caring this stack of books. I was caring them from place to place. There were other people there talking about me say what is she doing. She is nothing. Just kind of snickering. Then I remember this voice saying why don't you put your book in a book bag.

Example: What Does It Mean to Dreams of Old Books?

Dreams of ancient books and a room filled with old books

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a book character?

Last night i read the I am Number four lost files the fallen legacies. and when i finished it it was kinda depressing with number 3's death that night i dreamed (for the first time 9 years) and that dream was about number 3 and i just wanted to know what does it mean dreaming about a book character (I was told dreams are out fears or events that will / have happened) i just wanted to know if dreaming of a character had any meaning

Example: What does this mean? I already checked a dream book?

Okay so last night i dreamed that i was pegnant by this guy that i dont know what my feelings are toward him and he's best friends with my cousins. But i wasn't really pregnant i was faking it and told my cousins anyways that i was pregnant by him. What does this mean!?

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