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Dream About Bottle Brush meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a long, vivid, disturbing dream. Can anyone tell me what it means and if there is something wrong w/ me?

Okay, so the dream started off with me, my sister, my mom, and our three cats moving into a house that is nothing like the one we actually live in. My dad lived a couple states away in this dream, whereas in reality, he lives a couple miles away. My mom began to slowly turn insane and homicidal. She was divorcing my dad in my dream (they are currently going through a divorce in real life). She would chase my sister and I through the house, beat us up, and then wouldn't remember doing it. My sister and I hid behind our doors, but she would break them down to hurt us. After getting beat up in the dream, I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and was listening for any movements coming from my mother's room. I heard none and brushed my teeth, but then when I was going back to my room, I heard her slam open her door and begin to run over. So I ran to my sister's room, which was across from the bathroom, and banged on the door and begged her to let me in. My sister is 17, I am 18. She did, and we locked the door just in time. But she broke down the door and started attacking my sister. I tried to defend her in my dream but it seemed like everything I was doing wasnt helping. My mom tried to take my sisters bedding off the bed, but for some reason I dont remember, failed and left the room. We then found out my mom was taking porn pictures of herself and sending them to men. My sister and I started calling our dad for help, but all he did was talk to us and try to calm us down. We devised an escape plan and spent some time loading my car. She found out an chased us with an axe. Then we heard a heliocopter above us and someone from the heliocopter call out her name. My aunt and uncle appeared in the front yard but my moms favorite willow tree, which for some reason was in the dream even though the house in my dream wasnt our house in real life. They pointed and ran and then my mom followed them. There was the sound of machine guns and then three "henchmen" of my moms popped up and started attacking me. I told my sister to go back into the house and get the cats, while I fought off the henchmen. She got the cats and went into the car like I told her to. I killed two of the henchmen, which were more like huge monsters with big square faces, and the third was chasing me as I ran to my car and drove off. My sister and the cats were in the car with me along with a ton of other stuff. We were driving to my dads house when I woke up. I had this dream last night/early this morning and my roommate told me I was talking in my sleep but she didnt remember what I said. She also said I sat up for a couple seconds. This is such a disturbing dream it makes me think something has to be wrong with me. So my questions are: 1) What is the intrepretation of this dream? 2) What could be wrong with me that would result in me dreaming something horrible like this? Sorry this was long and thanks for reading it.

I think that your dream is letting you know that you've got unresolved issues regarding your family. Your parents are divorcing and that is always a terrible time emotionally. There's a great deal of feelings involved and these feelings at times can make us feel fearful - maybe not consciously some of the time, but the subconscious (the internal real 'self') can sometimes be greatly affected. Hense the dream.

You might consider going to visit a councellor that is trained in family break-ups. But whatever happens, I feel you need an outlet to express how you really are feeling inside about what's currently taking place in your family situation. It Always Helps to talk and to talk things through thoroughly. Divorce is a process of various feelings, ie; sometimes guilt, fear, depression, anger. All these things might manifest in you and you might think that strange, but these feelings are not strange, but part of the process involved with the changes that family breakups bring.

So, don't bottle it up. See someone qualified. I can recommend that strategy highly.

Example: Do I have an addiction or is it just a dream?

I wake up everynight asking myself if I'm pregnant...after having this horrible night mare of playing scrabble with a big hairy beaver in some dark basement somewhere AND braiding some big hairy guys back hair. Two "Mean Girls" are standing in the middle...taking tequilla shots...all the while there's this very obsese lady in the corner; who keeps MOOing brushing some girls hair with a fork who is claiming to be very normal and they are eating hot dogs and beans. There are several men named, Sean, Chester and this scary clown guy playing naked twister with pink cowboy hats on. There's this pregnant darkhaired lady ringing a cowbell and in a human sized cage in the way back theres this girl with the initials AM around her neck who keeps changing her appearance begging and crying for anyone to let her out. And we all keep laughing at her. And then...at the top of the stairs all you can see are these really sexy boots and a lady with a whip and she's making us stay there.
And I keep seeing this man named Mongo-lia (or something like that)who is very at peace and is trying to talk the mean girls into meditating.

Do you have any idea what could be wrong with me?

Example: What does thos dream mean?

I had a dream where i was at work with some random woman when we stumbled upon a large pile of gems and treasure. The woman grabbed an oddly shaped bottle esque gem. Upon doing so a tornado of buzzing bees came out. I shouted RUN and bolted. She was a deer caught in headlights. I ran towards the basement to escape, when she caught up she was covered in bees. The bees started to swarm me, and the more i brushed them off the more appeared. Next thing i lnew we were both in the hospital in gurneys with ivs. She slowly died before my eyes as the strongarm treasure bee venom obliterared her life, then my alarm went off.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay I dreamt that it was late at night, on a summer night. It was around 11.30 and me and my family were getting ready to go to bed. My Mum was propped up in bed reading a book, I was in the bathroom cleansing my face and brushing my teeth, my grandmother was in bed, asleep on the other side of the house and my brother was in the kitchen filling up this water bottle he drinks from. Suddenly I started hearing these sounds of people running in from the front door and somewhere near my grandmother's room. There were three of them they were all wearing black and had balaclavas on. I ran into my brothers room and hid under his bed. I could hear them talking loudly and things smashing like they were ransacking the place. I ran up the hall then stopped near the hall that has the laundry in it (it's a tiny passage, not very long) that leads to the family room and my grandmother's room. I dropped to my knees (I was wearing my cookie monster pajamas that have mini-shorts. In this dream my thighs actually looked okay in them. They had this huge box and was emptying it all over the floor. I could see one of our cats cowering under one of the chairs. I knew I couldn't get him without them noticing me so when I was sure they weren't looking I snuck to the front door and ran out of the house and down the road crying and screaming. Some people down the road called the police and they came but by the time they got there the 3 men were gone along with a whole heap of our possessions.

The bodies of my grandmother, mother and brother were removed, died of gunshot wounds. I was going to be placed in the care of my Dad (my parents are separated in real life) but my Dad turned around and said "I don't want her". I was sent to live in foster home where I was loner dubbed as traumatized and depressed (what do you expect?) who kept to myself and barely spoke. The authorities tried to get me home at my paternal grandparents who also rejected having me. I wasn't allowed to go with my aunt and uncle because their house was dubbed too small to fit two more children in it (therefore the living conditions weren't fit enough). I was put up for adoption, the men who killed my family were never caught and because of this the authorities decided to send me off to be adopted by people in America, for my own protection. I was sent to a foster home somewhere in America where (this is where it gets weird)

I was adopted my Johnny Depp and his wife. (I know it's weird). They put me in this public high school. I made a lot of friends but was still depressed and blaming myself for the incident. I met this guy called Trey or Trent or something who was like 20 and worked as a janitor and had grown up in foster care too (I never dreamt being told what happened to his family). We really connected and I felt he was the only one who understood me. I also became really close friends with this girl called Courtney. I told T (we'll just call him T because I can't remember his exact name) how I felt, I felt depressed, guilty and like I didn't belong in the family I had been adopted into. He said he could help me run away with him (I like him and he liked me a little). Courtney agreed to help and said she'd email me the work set so I'd be able to continue doing school work.

Over a week and a half I slowly took things from my room (books, clothing, DVDs etc) and emptied out my locker slowly so no-one would notice anything. T drove a combie van or whatever it's called, with a few bed like things and some shelving and a small cupboard. He allowed me to fill the cupboard with my things and he took some shelving. One day after school I pawned a ring my Dad had given me when I was like 4 and got $500 dollars for it. I gave $350 to Trent who stocked up the remaining cupboards with food and some medications I have to take, shampoos etc and with the money remaining put it towards gas. I bought hair die, coloured contacts, a new outfit, clip on hair extensions, some credit for my phone and one of those internet usb things that plug into your laptop.

The next day after school I put the new outfit, contacts etc in my bag along with a few school things, said goodbye to Courtney who said she'd email me soon and got into the van with T who came to pick me up. We drove for ages and dyed my hair a darker brown in the kitchen sink lol, put in the contacts which were hazel and put on a whole heap of make up on to cover my really rosy cheeks and changed into the new outfit. I got into the passenger seat and looked in the mirror, I was completely unrecognizable and fell asleep. When I woke up it was dark and we were still driving. T said that people had been on the radio appealing for info about my disappearance. Saying they'd never stop searching and blah blah blah. I got really worried. We kept driving, well he kept driving till morning we stopped at a caravan park and we paid the guy in the front office money to use the shower block. I showered, washed my hair (s

Example: What does my dream mean? please answer!?

Well, I was at my old house with my grandpa, cousin, uncle and my grandma left to Europe. My uncle and cousin told me that my uncle died (my uncle told me that he died) yeah, I don't know why they said he died, even though hes still there. I started crying and screaming at them because they were so calm. Me and my uncle are really close, I can still kinda feel how bad I felt in my dream. Well I was screaming and screaming then they told me to be quiet. And my uncle who was "dead" took me downstairs and got out a bottle of vodka...and he put garlic in it? He said I have to drink it but he said I cant drink the whole thing, so he poured it on me and I tasted it and it tasted really good, but I was thinking of brushing my teeth...that's all I remember..

Example: What that dream means?

I had that weird dream last night. I saw that i was living in an apartment and in the same building was living Pablo Picasso and he was painting and i took the brush and i started painting his paint with red color and he was kinda angry with me because he didn't like it. And then he was sad and he started drinking alcohol , he had 5 bottles of alcohol and i remember that i was holding him and that he kept drinking.What that dream means?I didn't saw or read anything about Pablo Picasso , why i saw him on my dream?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a dream that my mom enrolled mr in a beauty pagent. there was little girls there like more then 6 years younger then me. and so i was loseing like every part of it. then i got this hot outfit. it was like a white jumpsuit with chains in the back (it wasn't weird looking) and my moms friends daughter gave it too me (she's a model) and it took me an hour to get it on. and then i looked at my hair in the mirror brushing it. and it was ugly. you could tell it was blow-dryed straight (i have curly hair) it was big and poofy. and i couldn't get my bangs right then i looked closer in the mirror and my part was like 2 inches wide of baldness. (i have a lot of hair, in real life) an my hair started to thin out. and i looked underneath and i was going bald, and i was sad. so i put my hair in a poney-tail and went on the catwalk thingy.

i herd from somewhere to have a dream about hair means difficultys ahead. i've been having weird dreams lately could it becuz my dads in the hospital?

Example: What does these dreams of mine mean?

(if u can't be bothered to read all my dreams at least answer the ones u will bother to read please.)

Well latley I always have dreams that I have bfs in them, some I don't know, one is about my ex, some I do know but have never been out with...

(PS: You know dreams are weird and u'll meet some weirdnesses in my dreams now so don't start what a silly dream and stuff please.)

Dream 1

so I was out with this guy but he was a spirit, a dead person, but he was not diffarant from an alive one, he took me in Heaven but couldn't take me inside too far cus I wasn't dead, also we had children, one was ill and I dunno but it was normal that I shouldn't keep them, but if I wanted I could, there were many of them and all newborn and I decided that I would keep the ill one and he told me like smirking:" Heh, but why? " But he mean in a good way, like why do u bother to take care of my ill child(Dunno if he forgot that it was mine too) Also in that dream I was cheating on my bf with him (real bf I mean, we broke up in reality by the way and I would never cheat on my bf) and my real bf was agressive in that dream like weirdly agressive, since in reality hes not at all agressive and hot-headed. I know it's a little silly dream but I'm verry curious who was that guy and how was he in my dream if I do NOT know him and what does this weird dream of mine mean?.

Dream 2

I was loved by this guy, who was like verry mad at me, I do NOT know him in reality but I kind of remember his apparance, he had long(I'm not sure it was long but I think it was) grey or grey-white or like yellow-white or yellow-grey hair (more yellow-white or yellow-grey) (he was not old though, he was like 16-17) I remember this moment well: he was sitting verry sad and madly angry with a little red eyes full of tears, (God I forgot his name, I even remembered it) I slowly came closer to him calling his name automatically, he looked at me with his angry and misarable eyes, he told me what did I want, he was angry at me cus I didn't go out with him or dumped him I don't remember. I was a little afraid even but I trusted him so I sat down next to him, I tryed to talk to him but soon he started to shout at me about a silly detail (as I expected) All the time I felt sorry for him so I never argued back, I just tried to calm him down but he couldn't he just continiued yelling at me, soon my mom opened the door, a little listened to us saying on a slow and quite voice:" Omg.. How he's shouting at you Miley..(That's my name)) Soon she left. I only remember in his shouting that he wanted me back (Or was asking me out) I think in the end I agreed or was going to agree but I woke up..

Dream 3

I know this guy he's name is Danny (we were out as I remember, I think yes for 99%.), I think he likes me in reality and not only I think so but some of my friends and my mom say he does. I had a dream that me and Danny were in a dark yard, a garden, it was night and he was sitting in a um how's it called, well people hand it between 2 trees and sit and/or lay in it, so he was sitting there drinking a wine from a bottle, I had a bottle of wine too, I mean there were many of tham, as I don't love drinking I think I just drank a little or not at all since I was not drank,but Danny drank alot lot and I remember we heared older ones (parents probably) coming and we hid the bottles, some under stools, some under tables some he even spilled in pepsi lol... I don't know why he was so keen of wine when in reality he isn't verry much, well at least I don't think he'd get so super drunk. I don't remember how we ended up later and other I don't remember too..

Dream 4

I was with my ex bf,(My real ex bf) his nake is Charlie. in this dream and I think for 70% we didnt make up we were just buddies. We were camping together in one camp shelter (Or whatever it's called) and our beds were close (I know it's a little gross to hear but it's what I dreamed and NO we didnt do anything) me and Charlie were laying in them and he was hugging me not like a buddie... No nothing bad heppend in that dream just hugging and I would not lay in the same bed with a boy in reality... Latley I've had many dreams about Charlie, I still love him... Dreams like we're just talking, or we made up, or something like that.

Please, oh please, if u can tell me what my dreams mean, and the reason I'm so interested is that latley my dreams come true, like I dreamed that my parrot flew away and my cat killed it :(( I was feeling something would heppen to my poor parrot and one day when I woke up my stupid cat had killed it :((

Some of my dreams latley really do come true... Hope these dreams mean I'll find a good guy to forget Charlie (Though I think it's impossible) I love and adore him.. :(( Or hopefully I'll

Example: Messed up dream what could is mean?

My parents are out and its night. We are ending a band practice and my guitarist is leaving.I tell him jokingly I have to go kill some time.

So I get back in my house and go into the kitchen and grab a large knife. I go upstairs into my sisters bedroom and there is a woman sitting there doing her nails. Apparently she lives here. I stab her brutally and the blood goes everywhere. I walk away from that room and downstairs.I kill her husband and go into the bathroom. Here is where it gets sicker.

There is a small girl,Brushing her hair and teeth. She sees my (now not bloody) knife and asks whati m doing. I tell her im "painting". I slice her viciously and throw her across the room. Walk across and stab into her multiple times. I look at the knife and fold it around inside of her until it is fully red. I laughed "see...painting...".I then hide the bodies and clean the blood. The police soon arive. I then say "a..****" they ask me to take them around the place and I do. Then we go outside.My moms home as I leave towards the woods. Standing,Watching. When they arent looking I throw my murder weapon into the woods.

I look at them and say,where do you want to go? They lead the way with me tagging along. When one of them has their back turned I pick up a glass bottle that was broken (me and a friend in real life had broke bottles over near where I picked it up) And stab the nearest officer in the back of the neck.As he falls I grab his pistol and kill the other two.

Leaving the woods I get into my moms car and begin driving. Police sirens whirl around me and they close in...

Flashback to the bathroom. The little girl is looking at me. I ask her if she wants to see something funny. I carry her into the room with her dead parents. Then tell her to close her eyes and count to ten. I leave face her to the bodies then leave the room and lock the door.
I hear her scream and the dream ends with me cleaning the bloody knife smiling,and putting the knife back into the knife holder thingy in the kitchen.

Example: Dreams help. i have done dream interpritation and dream meaning and i can't find anything. help?

Your dream: the last 3 days i have had dreams that are bothering me. my husband and i don't have any children. and we are still trying. (8 years of trying) but i don't know that we can. i have a rare disease and i have polycystic ovaries. the first dream i had a baby on our bed. a little girl. who i gave a name to. i was holding her and feeding her a bottle and something made the lights flicker and when i looked down her eyes were missing. the lights flickered again i looked down and her lips and nose were missing. the lights flickered again and her arms and legs were missing. and the last time the lights flickered she was gone completely. i woke up crying. the next night i was holding a baby boy a few months old maybe. and again the lights flickered and he was gone completely. but the other flickering lights and other things never happened. and then the 3rd one my husband and i adopted a 5 month old baby girl with a lot of hair her mother had been killed she was a drug user and alcoholic. and i was holding her and some one kept asking me if they could hold her and i kept saying no she is mine. she is all mine. you can't hold her. and every time i would look at her she was smiling and i would brush her hair and change her diapers and she was just the cutest. but after all 3 dreams when i would wake i would wake to an upset stomach. could i be pregnant?

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