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Dream About Bottomless Pit meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What did my dream mean? I don't get it.?

Okay so there are actually two dreams.

1. OK i had this dream when i was like, 6.
So was at my house, and we had an elevator to my basement/laundry room. There were dinosaurs attacking! One of my uncles and my parents and sisters were there. we went in the car and locked in the door and the dinosaur didn't get us.

Here's the Second one, i had it a few nights ago:

2. I was in a car with my mom, me, and my dad's girlfriend's daughters (my parents are divorced.) I Have no idea why they were there. So we picked up some guy, like a hitchhiker, he actually sorta forced us to let him in the car. he was behind a bush and we drove past him and we saw him. then my dad's girlfriend's daughters disappeared and it was me my mom and him. we drove onto like an empty pool that had a water slide attached to another pool with a thing you stand on in the middle, decorated with like pirates of the Caribbean stuff. the pool was filling up. under this water slide/pool thing was nothing. it was basically a bottomless pit but you could see like wallpaper to make it look like a city was far away. the guy pushed me and i landed on the slide and climbed back up. then i pushed him off and he fell in the bottomless pit.

What did these dreams mean?

I Appreciate Your Help A Lot =) Thank You.

You have presented with interesting symbology in your dreams. The representation of the hitchhiker as a person you don't know or have had contact with as the antagonist so to speak. This a representation of personal fear and anxiety in your day to day life of the unknown, eg what will happen in the future. This means that personal struggles in you day time life are following you into your sleep. You may find as you find tools to cope with your fears you will have less dreams like the above.

As far as the first dream its hard to tell. With children's concept of reality often much stranger events, and or characters are quite normal in their dreams.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I had 2 dreams that followed each other the other night. There was a pure white horse that kind of looked like Chiron. and the other animal was a golden eagle. They where fighting, and I ran between them and yelled,"STOP!" and them everything when black and I woke up. I went back to sleep but then I had another. It was a stormy night and I saw a bottomless pit. I was inside a cave, a few feet away from the pit. Laughter came from the bottom and wind came from nowhere. I looked inside and there was a golden shimmering coffen. My friend appered from behind me and said," What are you waiting for?" and open the coffen. Then a bright light appered and my friend said, " It cant be!" and then verything went black.

What do you think they mean?

Example: Dead body?dream?

what does it mean to dream of dead bloody flies turning into dead male bodies..that drop from a spiral staircase and into a bottomless pit that suppose to be a train platform?

Example: What do you think this strange dream means?

Hi, My name is Sarah. First off let me tell you whats going on in my life. I really want a cell phone (I'm 11, lol) and I've been bugging my father about it constantly. I really want one, but I would say I'm obsessing over getting one. I recently signed up for softball for the fourth year in a row, the season will start in spring. My friend recently had a party but I couldn't go because of family reasons (nothing sad). I've signed up to do the science fair with my friend Dana and we just decided which project we will do. I'm in gymnastics and I've been working very hard to get my back tuck. I haven't been very stressed lately, as you can see. My life is pretty normal right now.

So, about my dream. It was a friday night and I stayed up till one o clock reading a book. I was reading the fourth book of the Warriors saga, my latest obsession XD. I finished the book and fell asleep thinking about it. I slept pretty well, I got up at around two o clock to use the rest room and stayed up for a about a half hour and then fell back asleep. Now I had the dream.

In the dream I was forced to go to some weird fair. It was some kind of show. My family was there and so were a few of my friends. Everything was really bright colored, circus tents and what not. I didn't want to be there and it was extremely crowded. We went inside one of the circus tents and we were having dinner in a huge formal dining room. The walls were a burgundy and the table was long and old fashioned like, there was a lot of gold in the room too. There was a comedian and his daughter doing an act. I remember them from old dreams. The daughter looked like Maddison Pettis, which is a young actress from a movie called "the game plan". She's around my age, and she was in my dream. They told strange, twisted jokes about dark things like murder. The audience laughed sometimes at the jokes, but everyone was bored. I forgot what hap pend after the comedian left. Now, I had to leave this fest thing. It was urgent, I don't remember why I had to go but I was scared in my dream. I pulled my friend Dana aside and told her we had to go right now. Something bad would happen if we didn't. It's really cold out now where I live so I had to get our coats. It was broad daylight as we ran through the fest. Everyone was out of the way now. I was running very hard. I could hear Dana struggling behind me. We reached a big wall with a huge door on it. It was high up. I stopped and asked if Dana could reach it because shes taller than me. She tried but couldn't. I leaped into the air and some how managed to reach the door and open it with ease, I was surprised with my superb jump and climbed up. I told her to wait outside. Inside it seemed like a bottomless pit of coats. I was looking through them and finally found my dark brown coat. Now I was looking for Dana's coat. In the dream she had a bright blue plaid coat. But in real life she has a gold jacket. Anyway, so i was looking for her coat. I was sweating and tried to get her coat, I had to find it. Suddenly, everything went black. I was alone in the pit, trapped. I felt around and found a lamp and turned it on. It shone so brightly it burned. It was like a big square of brightness, it stung my eyes because it was so bright. I kept on staring at it. Then it looked like a window with its blinds opened, then switched back. I opened my eyes and woke up. It was eight thirty in the morning and light outside. My blinds were shut though.

What does this dream mean? Please tell me, because it was very strange. Thanks :)

Example: What does my dream mean?

recently, I had an odd dream. I'm not sure what it meant but i guess that's why i'm here.

first i was with on old friend, and an older version of my younger brother. we all seemed to be aged to about twenty years of age. we appeared to be in some kind of a pyramid, constructed of sand. but upon contact, the sand remained it's texture, but seemed to become as hard as concrete. there were floating sections of floor above a bottomless pit, made of the same sandy material. apparantly i had the aide of a sword. and so did my friend and brother. my sword appeared to be built for tricks and slashing. my friends for defense, and my brother's was a wooden training sword. then the dream jumped forward and i was outside, again flanked by my comrades. in front of us was a five or six foot pyramid of the sand substance. on it were our swords, so i reached for mine and my partners for theirs. then the dream jumped again, and i was fighting the devil. alone. eventually after several prince of persia style moves, mixed with a dash of assasin's creed, i won. his carcass began to spew green mist. then i was back to the pyramid room. but the floor was rearanged. again, the dreams jumps forward and once again i fight the devil. again i win. and once more im in the pyramid room. the floor is again different. then when the dream jumps again, instead of a sowrd battle, i face the devil in a guitar battle. however i was holdiing a guitar, but i was holding it as if playing a violin. then as we played, yellow and red circles came forth at me, realizing it was like rock band i played the corresponding notes. finally, i win. he spews out a ton of green smoke. and then i awake to my dad hoisting my little brother out of my bed.

please don't judge me on the game/movie references, it just seemed as if they fit this dream's description. also, i rarely dream. when i do, they are always weird and i wake up thinking they have some sort of meaning but i've never been able to understand it. after some research i think i found out the meaning to this dream but i don't think i used a reputable source.

Example: Oftentimes i dreamt of falling into the "bottomless pit". what does it mean?

black background and i only see myself falling.

Example: What does this reoccurring dream mean?

In this dream, I am attending church with my family in some sort of 19th century town and the church is located on the edge of this tall cliff. It's dark and rainy while we are in church and the pastor starts to preach about repenting and asking god for forgiveness. He also says that heaven is actually different from how the bible explains it. People start to get angry at him for saying that and he says in reaction to that, "i only know because i have been there (in heaven)." Then the church grows silent then all of the sudden the preacher starts to levitate in the high part of the sanctuary and starts to scream at people. Then he turns in to an extra terrestrial being. After the preacher turns in to his alien form, the ground breaks apart and turns in to a bottomless pit and all the people in the sanctuary fall, but for some reason i am levitating up there with the alien, and he grabs me by the neck and precedes to choke me. Then he throws me out of the church then the dream ends.
I know it sounds very bizarre and long, but is there a reason for the preacher turning in to an alien? I am not a christian nor do i go to church.

Example: I see bottomless pits in my dreams and I need to know why?

everywhere I go there's a strange room in my dreams always placed at a point where I can find them and when dreams are either boring or not going my way I seek these pits out and throw myself into them on purpose. There are always behind strange doors or with my last dream 6 push doors you see in public restrooms like a casino where I have to push on the door to open it. Im wondering what this means?

Example: A reocurring dream, I am falling down a bottomless pit, what does this mean?

I am not scared during the dream and I notice people living in the sides of the pit as I fall past them downward.

Example: What could this dream mean?

i used to have this re-occuring dream where i would be walking through my house and then all of this sudden i would come to this huge hole lined with steel that appeared to be a bottomless pit. a really deep loud noise would be emmitted from it and i would always look down and feel frightened of it, im not sure why but it scared the crap out of me. in a few of the dreams this guy with crazy hair would be standing on the ledge next to me just looking at me, once i think he told me to jump in, i didnt but a few times i ended up falling into the hole and just falling until i woke up. it hasnt happened in years but when i was around 10 it reoccured at least 4 times a maximum of maybe 15 times but could this mean anything?

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