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Dream About Boy meanings

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Example: What that dream means ? dreaming about a boy u love?

my friend used to love a boy ,really , big love , i,m almost surprised of it , but i think he likes her too but he is too shy , any ways he goes in summer to somewhere out of the state . so she misses him...this is a brief description before starting the dream ... ^^she dreamt of him with somebody else in a beautiful place ,sord of paradise, but she sawed him young like in grade 3 , or sth. but his actuall grade is grade 8 , but there was a person whith him , but she couldnt remember him . any ways he told her give me a hug , come sit beside me , and tell me what you think about me. than he told her want to be my girl friend ... thats it , but the place was about , water , water, walking om water , sitting on water , and happiness... please help, please help ... she misses him very much , but all i know about that dream that hugging someone means that you missed him or youwill be seperated away , help help..

Wow, that was a sad dream. But i think it means that she is going to be asked out by the guy. The moment he said "Will you be my girlfriend" Maybe a touch of magic surrounded her. Hugging might mean that they love each other. And it might be separating away. Which is very painful to say good-bye to someone you love. But, if they get separated from him, remember to keep in touch! :)

Example: What does this dream mean? Twin Boys?

I don't remember what was said in my dream just what I saw and felt. It felt so incredibly real. (My dream) I was sitting on the bathroom floor in a house that was unfamiliar to me clenching my abdomen in unbearable pain and I started bleeding almost as if it were the beginning of a period. Laying on the floor crying in pain I felt something coming out of my vagina and panicking I yelled out. I thought I was having a miscarriage which was odd because I wasn't even pregnant but that's what the pain felt like. My aunt came in the bathroom and picked up what had slipped out off the rug, a baby boy. He was so tiny and pink and warm. He felt so right in my arms. My dream felt sooo real. I felt incredibly at peace. Then my aunt with a shocked me even more by handing me another baby boy. I felt so much love for those babies.

*I am not pregnant or trying to conceive. This month last year I had a miscarriage and I didn't even know I was pregnant untill I went to the hospital very frightened because I had been bleeding profusely that morning and some pieces of light colored "stuff" was coming out of me. I almost didn't go because I am very afraid of doctors and hospitals make me feel nervous and anxious. The doctor did a sonogram and told me he had to do a D&C. It was very frightening for me and it almost felt surreal as if I was hovering a little bit out of my body peering down at the scene and it wasn't really happening to me. The doctor told me I was at least 2 months along.

Example: What does it mean to dream about having a baby boy?

I've had several dreams that I will be the mother of a baby boy. I believe that I may be 8 weeks pregnant as of today. I haven't had a PT that says BFP but I've been feeling pregnant for the entire month of April. One dream in particular is very strange to me. I've had one dream I can remember clearly and it is that I am bathing my newborn in the sink, when he slips down into the water and has this look of holding is breath but looking at me. What could that possibly mean and could the dream be telling me I am pregnant with a boy?

Example: What does it mean dreaming of a baby boy dying?

I woke up today crying. My hubby and I are planning to have children . I had a dream last night that I was feeling very ill and on my way back from a trip we somehow ended up in the hospital with my hubby. I was in severe abdominal pain and the doctor said they had to do emergency surgery because my baby boy didn't make it. He was a beautiful baby boy but somehow his body became unattached.. imy husband was next to me and I couldn't stop crying. What does this mean?

Example: Help? dream meaning? about a boy?

Can you help interoperate my dream- i'll be fairly concise:

Me and the boy i like were sitting on the floor, backs to the radiator in the kitchen, he pulled out his phone to show me a picture, it was just a general one of him and friends...then i go through his pictures in front of him, i stop suddenly when i see he has a picture of me on there, we look at each other gazing for ages. Next thing i know, i was speaking to a classmate at the stables who confirmed that he liked me - i woke up feeling calm and peaceful and smiled a lot

Example: What does it mean to dream about boys eh help?

Hi (:

this will sound like a silly question or what but i just kept dreaming about them yesterday usually i don't and it's quite odd for me because one i was flirting with a boy that i knew and then there was others trying to impress me,i also kissed one LOL so what do you think it means?

i don't usually dream about them and i thought it was odd anyone who could give me a meanning !,without saying its growing up or something.

Example: What does it mean when dream about this boy?

Well, I like this guy that I met online but never seen face to face (we do have a plan to see each other soon). We've been constantly texting each other for almost 5 monthes and we tallked online for about 2 before that. A little while back I had a dream about kissing, cuddllng and texting (he said he couldnt wait to see me again) and last night I dreamed of him textin me again this time saying he had something to show me. Before I started dreaming about him he told me he dreamed about me (we cuddled and had $ex and just chilled around his house). What does all this mean? Are we just going crazy?

Example: What does it mean if you dream about boy?

ive been trying to figure out this dream... im in the middle of a inside basketball court at a dance, then this boy comes out (i know the boy in real life... i think he likes me too :)) and he starts to dance with me and after awhile i start to get sad... i know tht the song is almost over, thn the DJ says "this is our last song for the night, so grab ur sweetheart" so we start to dance agian only this time i put my head in his shoulder, and he starts whispering to me (bt i couldnt understand) then he kisses me...

any ideas what it means?
plz help...

Example: What are some Japanese boy names that mean dream?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about boy?

My friend has told me that she has been dreaming about her ex. They still talk on the phone and txt but they have nothing to talk about. She says that she wants to be done with him but she also says that she wants to fix it and get back to how they used to be. She has so much to ask and tell him but when their on the phone she gets nervous. So she wants to know do these dreams have anything to do with how he feels about her. The dreams aren't sexual, he is just telling her how he feels and in the dreams he is more likeable than he is in real life. She says in the dreams is how she wants him to be forreal. So do these dreams mean anything or is it just a dream.

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