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Dream About Breast Pump meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Can someone help identify language, meaning and structural techniques for this poem?

Our Town with the Whole of India! (By Daljit Nagra)

Our town in England with the whole of India sundering
out of its temples, mandirs and mosques for the customised
streets. Our parade, clad in cloak-orange with banners
and tridents, chanting from station to station for Vaisakhi
over Easter. Our full-moon madness for Eidh with free
pavement tandooris and legless dancing to boostered
cars. Our Guy Fawkes' Diwali - a kingdom of rockets
for the Odysseus-trials of Rama who arrowed the jungle
foe to re-palace the Penelope-faith of his Sita.

Our Sunrise Radio with its lip sync of Bollywood lovers
pumping through the rows of emporium cubby holes
whilst bhangra beats slam where the hagglers roar
at the pulled-up-back-of-the-lorry cut-price stalls.
Sitar shimmerings drip down the furbishly columned
gold store. Askance is the peaceful Pizza Hut...
A Somali cab joint, been there for ever, with smiley
guitar licks where reggae played before Caribbeans
disappeared, where years before Teddy Boys jived.

Our cafes with the brickwork trays of saffron sweets,
brass woks frying flamingo-pink-syrup-tunnelled
jalebis networking crustily into their familied clumps.
Reveries of inscence scent the beefless counter where
bloodied men sling out skinned legs and breasts
into thin bags topped with the proof of giblets.
Stepped road displays - chock-full of ripe karela,
okra, aubergine - sunshined with mango, pineapple,
lychee. Factory walkers prayer-toss the river of
sponging swans with chapattis. A posse brightens
on park-shots of Bacardi - waxing for the bronze
eyeful of girls. The girls slim their skirts after college
blowing dreams into pink bubble gum at neck-
descending and tight-neck sari-mannequins. Their grannies
point for poled yards of silk for own-made styles.
The mother of the runaway daughter, in the marriage
bureau, weeps over the plush-back catalogues glossed
with tuxedo-boys from the whole of our India!

Daljit Nagra is an Indian living in London. He currently teaches English at Jewish Free School, Kenton. He writes about both London and India. He compares India to his now hometown London.

Para 1- City has many temples and religious places of Hindu, Sikh, Muslims, etc. Hindu and Sikh parade for their festival of Vaisakhi near you Easter holidays, while at certain full-moons there are parties for Muslims for Eidh. At end of October or start of November we celebrate Diwali (Hindu festival of lights) with fireworks that light up the sky. Diwali commemorates the return of Lord Rama, along with Sita and Lakshmana, from his 14-year-long exile and vanquishing the demon-king Ravana. In joyous celebration of the return of their king, the people of Ayodhya, the Capital of Rama, illuminated the kingdom with earthen diyas and by bursting firecrackers.

Para 2- The poet says that the Radio beats with the Bollywood (Indian Films) Music, and every house and car rocks with Bangra Dhols (Another popular form of music of North India, mainly Punjab). the gold stores shimmer with Sitar music (A traditional Indian instrument). Indian food restaurant is their Pizza Hut. The Somali joints and other restaurants are still there from the years before they were liberated.

Para 3- Our cafes are with saffron sweets in shape of bricks and jalebis that look like pink tunneled syrup, counters with bees all over to taste the sweets, where fat men sling out their huge arms to fetch money from very small wallets may be small sling bags.Roadside display of fruits and vegetables to attract customers. while nearby factory worker feed Indian bread to ducks. Girls shortening their skirts and others wearing tight neck but open back blouses to look more attractive. While mothers are always in marriage bureau to find suitable match of Indian boy from India for her daughter.

In short he is describing how London much the same as India. And how whole of India lives there.

Example: I had a dream my breasts were leaking milk?

I wasn't pregnant in the dream and what's weird is I had a baby a couple months ago. My breast was pouring out milk, I felt the hotness . . . it was so real! I'm a single mom, could that mean anything? I also don't have my baby at the moment, but am getting him soon. Please help! And please don't respond with "dreams mean nothing" because to me, they do. Thanks!

Example: What's the meaning of this dream?

I had a dream i was sitting at my kitchen sink switching between breast milk leaking out and pumping it into bottles...i am not pregnant or anything so any ideas loll i Hyatt thought it was weird and what some thoughts

Example: I had a Dream, I was Lactating my breasts in dream for a woman in need?

I had a dream that I was asleep and a chinese man had stuck a needle in my nipple and when I woke up I was?
sitting in front of his wife and lactating my breasts through a small tube because his wife needed milk to breast feed. What does this mean?


i had this dream a few nights ago and it was me, in a hospital bed where
there were two hospital beds in the room. anyways i was in one of them
and the other one was empty. the other bed beside me had a dark blue
breast pump on it and my suit case.
my mom was in the room with me and we started
to argue because i told her i hadn't had my period in 5 weeks. she don't want
me to be prego. we argued and she told me that your 21 and she don't want another
one right now. anyways i asked the nurse for a urine and blood test and the
urine test came up negative but didnt get the results for the blood test in
time. i was suppose to be going into surgery for my eyes. ( my dads mom has
maculate degeneration in her eyes) anyways my husband was in the waiting
room with are daughter playing and my dad was in a chair when you first
got in there with his head down. i did get to go out and tell them
good bye before i left for my surgery. my grandma ( my mom's mom) told me
that she was going to be leaving first cause she met me when i first got
into the waiting room. strange huh why would someone leave when you are going
to have surgery. anyways said the goodbyes to my family and husband and
daugher and a car came and took me over to the other building for my surgery
( a tanish orange color pt cruiser).

been ttc for 11 months. no period as of yet. have had uti and got it cleared up.
and been constipated also and boobs sore and swollen and off and on cramps.
currently 7 days late. not stressed at all. not even thinking about it at all.
i put it in the hands of the lord. so im not worried.
no i haven't taken a test yet. gonna wait a few more days. last month late
by 8 days. have a 39 day cycle. last period sept 15th.

what could this dream mean? please help.

thanks so much

Example: What does my dream mean?

i'm 15 and last night i had this dream:

My boyfriend got me pregnant, and i had a baby. In my dream, I chose to breastfeed it. Well i did it once, but in my dream, my breasts hurt badly afterwards, so I decided to pump my milk and bottle feed the baby. I kept pumping and i would fill a bottle and set it on the table and go to find a top for it. Everytime i would come back with a top, the bottle would be empty. Eventually, my baby hadn't eaten but once, so i decided to deal with the pain and breast feed it. (this was a strange dream for me, considering i was myself, at the age I am now. and I was wondering if you could help me decipher the dream. Thank you)

Example: Dream meaning about sister-in-law?

I had a strange dream about my sister-in-law. Can someone explain? She is sitting at a jewelry dept. in a retail store with one of her breast exposed and pumping breast milk. The strange thing is that in real life she is in her 60's and never had children. She strictly professional. What is the interpretation?

Example: Dreamt my breast milk healed my aunt of cancer?

My aunt is dying in real life of cancer. I dreamt I saw her lying in bed and she told me she wanted a glass of breast milk. So I got a pump and pumped her a glass. After drinking it she felt better. That same night, my husband also had a dream about women pumping breast milk and giving it to sick people to cure them. Any ideas what this means?

Side note: I am a mom and am a lactation educator

Example: What does it mean to see your self breastfeeding, also to see copious amounts of breast milk spilling all over

So there I was, and there was so much milk pouring all over the place I had to pump it. Then I need to go get bottles that were more like a breast nipples. So I put my baby in the car carriere and I watched myself buckel the baby in the New Ford Edge. I currently do not own this type of vehicle. And off Iwent to the store to get the new bottles. I need them to feed the baby my pumped breastmilk when I am not there.

Example: Weird dream! please help interpret my dream!?

I'm 15 weeks pregnant in real life and a few days ago I had this really weird dream! Please read carefully and tell me what this means. No stupid comment or I will report you! Okay so I was dreaming that I had 3 sons, two were twins and I was goin into the room when it all of a sudden flooded with water. We almost drowned but then the water just went down and then there was none. I was pumping my breasts for milk and the bottles overflowed! But on one of them blood began to come out instead of breast milk. Then I couldn't find any clean bottles! When I tried to cleaned them it didn't work! One had hair in it that never came out and the other had chocolate stuck at the bottom. I was crying in the dream saying that I didn't even know how to put a nipple and bottle together! The place was also a mess. Well that was most of my dream, what does this mean?!

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