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Dream About Breastfeeding meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dreamt about breastfeeding?

I dreamt that I was breastfeeding my baby. The baby latched on very quickly without any problem. When it finished I had milk running down my breast and abdomen. It was a mess. Could this mean anything? I haven't had my baby yet and I am only 17 weeks.

Trust me...your dreams will get weirder and wackier. Breast feeding can be a messy process in the first few months until it is established. I am sure it is just a dream about you breastfeeding your baby, nothing else.

Example: Wat does it mean to dream with breastfeeding a baby?

So lately I been having dreams with babies. But I was dreaming I had to kids a girl n a boy n I was breastfeeding one of them wath does this mean.

Example: What does this dream mean:/:(:/?

I had a dream that I was breastfeeding a baby last night and it felt real:/ what does this dream mean so weird?

Example: Dreaming about breastfeeding** dream?

what does it mean to dream about breastfeeding a baby. The baby would feed everytime I offered and seemed happy and smiled. in my dream I felt so connected to the baby ad loved it.In my dream also, I remember people asking where I got the baby and if it was ours.(husbands and mine) and my husband answered that it was on clearance...

Example: What would dream about breastfeeding a midget mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of breastfeeding a baby?

So lately I been having dreams with babies. But I was dreaming I had to kids a girl n a boy but one of the was like a year I just use to see I had to kids n I was breastfeeding one of them wath does this mean.

Example: What does my dream mean? being attacked, fire, breastfeeding?

Hi Everyone,

I always have lots of dreams, sometimes they can be funny, a bit strange, a bit scary and even nice... However, i had a dream last night that has just really disturbed me, i cannot stop thinking about it and couldn't sleep again after... this is what i can remember...
I was in my home with my boyfriend and best friend and everyone from the town we lived in were outside banging on all the doors and windows with bats, they were all screaming and shouting and smashing things, it was like everyone hated us, i didn't know why. They lit fire to all of our cars. After this it sort of went into a dream where i was in this massive house but it seemed very familiar and i was just walking around it remembering what it was like. I found a baby in a room on its own and i knew the mother was around somewhere but knew didn't want him and that's why she had shut him in this room. I started breastfeeding him but the milk was all lumpy! i put him down and continued walking around the house then i was in some sort of games room, i remember a pool table and some other sort of long bench and i was moving the furniture around. Then there was a young girl who just kept shouting 'ye-ah, ye-ah...' and then i woke up!
I know it sounds really stupid but it was all so vivid and real and i just wanted to know if there was any meaning to it?! xx

Example: What does my breastfeeding dream mean?

I had a dream that I was breastfeeding a baby. In the dream the baby was mine, yet I have never been pregnant. The baby in the dream keeps on eating alot. I have no idea why I am having this dream seeing as Im not even a mom at all. Any ideas would be helpful thnx. ; >

Example: Weird breastfeeding dream what does it mean?

In my dream,I have a baby,and keep leaving it on its own,and when i come back it looks dead and blue,I panic and smack it on its butt and try to make it breath again,it starts crying,and it turns from blue to white,i hold it in my arms and it looks weak and frail,i try to breast feed and milk starts pouring from my breast and it wont stop,it just keeps shooting out,finnally it stops and i put the baby to my breast.

I keep getting these dreams,even though ive never been pregnant.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of breastfeeding a baby?

i'm not pregnant now.i had a miscarriage in august of last year. In the dream i was on the bus i sat next to a lady who had a baby she started crying hard and she was reaching for me when the lady gave her to me she latch on to my breast and the lady says she is hungry.when i woke up my chest was wet.

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