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Dream About Breasts meanings

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Example: What Does This Dreams Means?

Ok Last Night...This Is So WEIRD...
I Dreamed About Having A D!ck Down There Other Then My Vagina.
I Don't Remember Much Except That It Was Long, Up To My Knee When I Sit Down, Felt Hard (A Hard On), And Was Ready To Get It On With A Girl From Behind.
But Still Had My Breast And Long Hair Like A Girl.

This Is Too Weird For Me And I Wanna Know..."What The Hell Is Going On And Why Am I Dreaming Like That"?

Once Before Say...3Months Ago, I Dreamed About Being A Lesbian (Not That I Am) But I Did Dream About Getting It On With A Girl And Woke Up By My Hips Moving Up And Down.

This Is Too Weird And Freaking Out On It, Any Ideas Why This Is Happening? Serious Answers Is Greatly Appreciated!

It is widely speculated that men and women sometimes wonder what it would be like to be the opposite sex. You must have great self esteem b/c in your dream you did not manifest into a full male version of yourself. I had a few friends say they had similar dreams except they had completely converted to the opposite sex. Don't stress b/c this dream does not mean you are gay, just curious.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Someone dreamed that I told them that I made some food and they said they wanted some. I said that I would bring them some. The person said that I would split the food between them and my boyfriend. When I got there the person said that I took off my shirt and gave them my brest which was covered in the food. (Which was pasta.) I don't know what the hell to think. Someone help me and please be serious.

Example: What does this dream mean?

so i had this dream last night and i found it really disturbing to me.
i was at my childhood home with my father and i walked into the house and people were living there but i didn't care i just walked in.
there were a few people sitting around in different places but it was empty(no furniture, or anything like that)
i started crying hysterically as we took a tour of the house.
i was thinking about my mother (who had lived in the house with us and died of breast cancer when i was 8, we moved out shortly after that happened).
i was looking at where her bed used to be and just other memories.
then we walked out of the house and i turned around at the front window of the house and my mom was staring back at me.
i woke up from this very sad.

does it have any hidden meaning?

thanks for all answers!:]

Example: What does this dream means?

I got dream my uncle, aunt, cousins, parents were there we all were talking n laughing and suddenly I realise that I was nude only breast part I saw in dreams, as soon as I realise my breast is nude quickly I covered it with my hands and looked around n was very surprised too see everyone was talking laughing normally like before I realised that I was nude and then I was also laughing n talking normally but I was still covering my breasts with my palms placed on them n was very nervous n checking out whether someone has noticed or not, please guys tell me why such bad dream came to me, I need serious answers no abusive language n answers please

Example: What do ghosts mean in dreams?

I started having horror dreams again.. This time there was some ghost girl that looked like the one from the ring that wanted to kill me. It's not the first time I dream of ghosts that attack me, I used to dream of invisible ghosts that chased me and grabbed me in strange unknown places. dream-of says ghosts mean repressed feelings etc but it doesn't say what it means when one attacks you? Also this is weird.. it went a bit sexual, the ghost grabbed my breasts in the dream.
p.s. I am scared of ghosts in waking life.

Example: Breast feeding dream. Meaning?

Had a drean of feeding a newborn that I given birth to. I had a miscarriage months ago. I was only 8wks but I don't think it's related. What could this dream mean?

Example: What does a certain dream mean?

How do I analyze my dreams?

Example: Bull, bird and stairs Dream Meaning?

Last night I had a series of different dreams.

Dream 1 - I was running down a street and a stampede of raging bulls were chasing me.

Dream 2 - I had stairs leading into my bedroom (which I don't have in reality) I was preoccupied with all of the stairs in my house (there seemed to be a fair few) and I wanted to count them all!

Dream 3 - A bird flew into my house, first I thought it was a robin red breast, but then it was a pigeon sized bird and pink. As we tried to catch it, it was shedding all of it's feathers and when we caugh it, it was tiny.

Any knowledge from dream interpreters will be appreciated :)


Example: Dream about raw chicken breasts?

Hello I had 2 dreams in a row about raw chicken breasts. I saw someone else asked this same question before but mine's a little different so asking it again.

In the first one, there was this doll (that i used to be afraid of when i was a little girl) that was chasing me so my friends gave me packaged chicken breast to throw at the doll to lure her away.

then the 2nd dream, my stepsister (whom i don't speak to anymore in real life because i cut her out) was at the hospital, near-dying, and her entire body was covered in raw chicken breast. i was telling her that i forgive her and that i'm not mad at her anymore.

why do you think these 2 very different dreams had chicken breast in them? and what do they mean

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a dream last night that i was playing hockey in a league with my brother on my team(something normal considering he played hockey for a long time and i played for a few years as well).the weird thing is though we were both 100 percent barefoot,and didnt have sticks. and half way through the game he removed part of his equipment and exposed his penis to everybody and started masturbating. then i exposed my breasts. we were both given a minor and 10 minute misconduct for this but not kicked out of the game or arrested. then later on in the dream we were both diagnosed with cancer,him testicalaur,myself breast cancer, he had to get one testicle removed,and i lost both breasts.

this dream is very random i know that,but what does all of this mean,getting sick,public exposure. playing hockey without a stick,barefoot. it makes no sense

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