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Dream About Bright meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Whats the meaning to see 2 full bright Moons shining in your dream?

I dreamed of 2 bright shining Moons they were close and one was bigger than the other.Then a little while after seeing them in my dream the biggest one turned into a white pigeon and flyed around me and took of to the sky.The small one (which had an inch difference between both of the Moons) it became a plane and then from a plane into a ship cloud. What does it mean because im kinda afraid what my mother told me a week ago she told me that she had this feeling that she's gonna die in this month and if its not this month she'll die this year so im kinda afraid of that happening and i wish it doesnt happen

Dreams are a fragment of your imagination, experience, fear or desire and usually don't mean anything. There are all sorts of claims and conjectures about what dreams mean, mostly based on wish-fulfillment or fears. It's intriguing to think about because the events of our recent lives seem to play out in our dreams in odd ways, but the "theories" of interpretation are merely someone's opinion and not based on anything substantial or objective or scientific.

Example: What does bright yellow mean in a dream?

I had a dream of my ex girfriend laying next to me and her head was a sea shell. She started to bite the sea shell off with her mouth from inside the shell and the dream ended. The dream was very vivid and bright yellow especially the sea shell was very yellow..
Or what does this dream mean? not just the yellow part..

Example: What does a dream of for bright red apples mean?

i dreamed of me holding four bright red apples on a gold platter. i was trying to find a good place to store them, and put them in a refrigerator.
i know this dream means something because ive had it several times, and my life is changing at the moment.

Example: What does bright lights in dream mean?

A good friend of mine passed away earlier this week and it has been really tough for me to deal with. The night before his funeral, I had a dream consisting only of bright light. Light so birth it woke me up in the middle of the night and then when I would fall back asleep I would see the same bright light. After I woke up I did feel more at peace and more calm about the whole situation.
What does this mean?

Example: What is the meaning of dreaming with bright, beautiful waters, with beautiful fishes swimming in it?

A while ago I dreamt that inside my house there was some sort of fiming going on, with lots of famous celebrities there. But I didn't care for it, I would go and stay in my backyard where there was some sort of lake or nice tank with different levels. The water was blue,so clear and beautiful in all levels, and the sunshine gave it beautiful sparkles, like jewels. In the water there were fishes of all colors, beautiful indeed swimming in it. There was a feeling of peace and serenity all around.
Can somebody tell me the meaning of this dream? Thank you for your time :)

Example: Bright light dream?what does it mean?

What does it mean to run toward a bright white light in your dream I was running feeling free?does that mean God is telling me something I overlooked?please help me no rude or dumb answers thanks

Example: What do dreams about bright colourd snakes mean?

i had a dream about a large green an yellow snake about the size of a boa but im not sure what breed it was, it was dead an we was emptying all the stuff it had ate out, and it woke up and was very aggressive, it was trying to bite my mum and eat my chickens, so i asked my partner to o an get something big enough to put the snake in so we could take it so the local zoo but he took to long and the snake started to get very angry and i had to wrestle it to the floor.

Example: What do dreams with bright red in them mean?

In my dream my fiance had a bright fire engine red on his lips. One second there was nothing there and the next he had traces of this red substance on his lips. i asked him what is it and he would not answer me, then i woke up...any idea what this dream and color could mean or represent?

Example: Dream with a bright green iguana meaning..?

In the dream I received a call from a lady that she had her apartment broken into and someone ran toilet paper though out her apartment. I asked her if anything was stollen and she said it was an iguana in there so I went over to get it. When I got there I saw a bright green small iguana it looked similar to the geico lizard to me and it ran to the room. I then opened a hall closet to let it in there and then woke up.

Example: What do it mean when you dream of a bright light over your bed?

I did not think I was sleeping, I call out to my husband do you see that light He did not answer Me. The light was very bright I was saying to Him there is know way you can't see that light then it went away.

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