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Dream About Broom meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean? Please help!?

Okay, last night I had this dream where I was spending the night with my boyfriend, but when I woke up, my parents were in the house also, as well as my boyfriend's (b/c he lives with them). But when I woke up, I had to ask my parents where my bf was b/c he wasn't there and he hadn't texted me. Apparently, his real dad (who is not his real dad in reality) died and he had told my parents instead of me and had rushed off. When we were at school, we had this big argument during lunch, but then my dream skipped and we were at a BurgerKing/McDonalds type of place and were getting lunch. They got my order wrong, but apparently I didn't care and I ended up giving half of it to my boyfriend, who gave it to his friend in my dream (who in reality we both dislike). Then, it skipped to school again and and I was helping the janitors clean the floors, only this was in the summer (like now) before school was in session. This is the second time I have had this part of the dream. I was sweeping/mopping the wet floors and would continue to do so until I came to an area that was about theigh-high in water, which I would wade through. In these areas I would see kids and their parents and I would have the urge to buy and give them stuffed animals, but only some of them at a time. Then, I would continue on with the janitor work. I was finished when I reached the cafeteria and the woman janitor was there working and we were talking about how dirty the floors were and she made some comment that I disagreed with and when she wouldn't accept my differing opinion, I went to put my broom away, took off my cleaning gloves, sanitized my hands, and sat beside my football player bf and he put his arm around me. Then I woke up. Could someone please tell me what this dream means? I am very anxious to know. Oh, and you should know that in reality, my boyfriend is never the mean type he was in the first two parts of the dream, its hard to explain, but ya. Thanks for your help!

Dreams are a fragment of your imagination, experiences, fears or desires and usually don't mean anything. There are all sorts of claims and conjectures about what dreams mean, mostly based on wish-fulfillment or fears. It's intriguing to think about because the events of our recent lives seem to play out in our dreams in odd ways, but the "theories" of interpretation are merely someone's opinion and not based on anything substantial or objective or scientific.

Your particular dream you are scared that your boyfriend would become mean and not care. Since in reality he's nothing like that, you don't have anything to worry about.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Hi guys! I have been having weird dreams & feelings. I just want to know what it al means? The first dream was like a forest full of pine & oak trees I've dreamt this more then once. & the other one is I'm flying on a Broom for some reason? Another one is about my body being covered with thousands of spiders? & is there a reason why ever night when I'm just about to go to sleep my body feels like it's falling and wakes me up again? Plz help thanks!
Ps. U don't have to tell what they al mean- if they mean anything- cuz it's kind of alot. (I've just been having weird dreams lately) thanks

Example: I dreamt seeinf frogs in my house and my mother was trying to kill them with a broom?

what does my dream mean

Example: In my dream there were frogs in my house and my mother was trying to kill them with a broom?

what does my dream mean?

Example: Green Parrot Dream Meaning?

I had a dream there was a hole in the wall of my kitchen. A bright green parrot flew in. We tried to shoo it with a broom. I remember it was the brightest green I have ever seen. While I was dreaming I was also thinking I def. need to look this up when I wake up. Wierd.

Example: Dream meaning question?

first off sorry for my english its not my native language,if you don't understand something tell me
I had this dream today,it was really intense and adventurous
I'll try to remember most of things and write them down here from beginning to the end
-First I was in my home but it felt weird its hard to remember this but iI remember that some objects were on other places than they normally are
-then it was really strange I don't know why but I packed my clothes to 1 bag and I left my house
-I was in location similar to city (maybe in future Im not really sure about this one)
-I had nowhere to go so I went to some building by back doors(these doors are there again later)and I left my bag there I think
-Then I remember going on public restrooms and washing hands I think(I think that's because I was really thirsty when I woke up)
-When I was about to leave it some girl/woman opened the door(I think she was like 18-26 and I told her this is men's rooms (I know weird lol) and she was like stopped and talking to me maybe blushing I'm not exactly sure
-It was like I had nowhere to go and then we went somewhere to some store or something and she had her own bodyguard or something meant she was rich and I think she wanted me to fight for her like some underground fights I don't know lol
-Then we went outside that building and on the street was 2 or 3 "police men" which was clearly after me so I tried to run off(they had weird weapons which are hard to describe but they looked like some broom shaped vibrant maces (I know hard to imagine I guess lol)
-Weird was their clothes were similar to french police men(blue shirts and that symbolic hat and it was in not too distant future I think because I looked bit older (now im 17 and i looked like 20-25)
-Ok so they chased me really hard and I they were really pain in a** they were shooting at me with some kind of pistols that shot acorns I think but I managed to run but then they chased me from all sides and I climbed on wall/pillar or something and they were hitting my legs with their strange vibrant weapons lol then I woke up
-Notable information,before I entered the restrooms I undressed my t-shirt and I had larger muscles(Not extremely but maybe twice as,I think it was because I was older but don't know
that is all,thank you all who read it and answer

Example: What does this dream mean!?

i had a dream about my frend bein a bridesmaid, and i was eating ice cream with a guy. and then there was toilet paper and i was brooming the toilet paper?

Example: Wat does my dream means?

I had a dream dat I was chasin a mouse with a broom and in da middle of the chase the mouse turned into a dog so I started chasing the dog out of the house and wen i managed to get the dog out to the street it turned into a beautiful woman. It was wierd but cool. Wat does dis mean?

Example: Meaning of "Broom" in dream? Pleas help interprete?

I had a dream that i swept a particular corner almost like a room form very well and tidy (That wasn't looking that clean) and i even raised up things to sweep under them.

After i finished sweeping the place clean, i later was beating someone with the same broom i swept with, but this person was twice taller than the normal average human being in reality. So i broke the person's leg and beat the person down to the floor with all my strenght.

Please help me interprete the dream if you are into dreams, thanks.

Example: In the day time I dreamt about avery big house and my mom was brooming that house,.what does it mean?

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