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Dream About Brother meanings

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Example: What does my brothers dream mean?

i was in a wheelchair and i couldnt move a bone in my body, my dad had to move them all for me. and loads of poeple were crying for me, and my brother said he felt really upset.
when he told me about it i laughed and he was sooo serious and he said, 'dont laugh it was awful!'
does this have any meaning to it, or is it just a random dream?

Hi Pinklaydee... well, it has meaning to it, it's symbolic, so tell your brother not to worry that you're going to wind up paralyzed or something. Your brother worries about you, though. There are a number of things it could be.

In this dream you are helpless, so he could be worried that you are in a situation of some kind that you need to do something about, but you can't for some reason.

In this dream you are dependent on everybody around you for everything you need, so he could be worried that you're too dependent on others, and need to learn to "stand up for yourself" better.

In a wheelchair people push you where you need to go. Your brother may be afraid that someone is "pushing you around"...Is there a bully in your life?

Whatever the situation is, you're very lucky to have a brother who watches over you, and cares if you're ok...Good luck

Example: What could my brother's dream mean?

Corbin my brother just told me this today." last night I had a dream about this sex demon that had eight arms and a dot on her forehead that was blowing me and using all her hands to jerk me. And her tongue went into my dick and injected meth into it. And it felt so great I was just overcomed with delight I wished it never ended." Could this have some freaky meaning

Example: What does it mean to dream about my dead brother?

I'm 17, and he passed away in December (20). I've had multiple dreams of him as a ghost trying to talk to me. Today, I've had two dreams in one night of him slowly dying, and talking to him just before he does. I did not get to see or talk to him before his ACTUAL death, so could this mean I feel guilty or sad? I really miss him.

Example: What does it mean to dream about my brother committing suicide?

I had this dream where my older brother committed suicide. What does this mean? We used to get along really well, but we've drifted apart in the past 4 years. He's 20 and I'm 16. Plus, he's a a******. We used to be like best friends as kids, but then he got into highschool, where he got into drugs, which got him into gangs, which got him into a juvinile correction facility. He's been out for 3 years, and has a kid. I haven't seen him in a year. And all of a sudden, I had this dream where he killed himself.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about your brother dying...?

He's in the army, but just as a base engineer...He hasn't contacted us in about 3 days, and he's stationed in Iraq...but I had a dream about my family getting a letter from the mail that stated that he passed away...what does it mean?

Example: What does this Jonas Brothers dream mean?

okay I had this really weird dream where I was at this really fancy restaurant with the Jonas Brothers and I was trying to get Nick to like me (cos I love Nick) but he was really really deeply engrossed in this conversation with Kevin and didn't seem to notice anything. So I started to talk to Joe instead. He had cut his hair way shorter and dyed it blond and his eye color was blue now. We were just talking away for a while and then next thing Joe was trying to like stare deeply into my eyes and I said "No Joe, you're not allowed do that!" But I said it as if he was a dog or something! Then I said "No wait, that's what Ill do to get Nick to like me! Thanks Joe!" Joe looked kina confused and was like "Umm. . okay?" Then I woke up. Can anyone tell me what this means?

Example: What does it mean to dream about your brother dying?

i don't exactly remember what happened in my dream, but overall i remember that he was dead and everyone knew and acted like he was dead, but he was alive in my dream somehow and was like laughing and i was crying in my dream...then suddenly i woke up and i was crying in real life...
we both love each other, but we have our fights sometimes like any other brother and sisters...
what does this dream mean? i'm so scared...

Example: What does this jonas brother dream mean?

Alright so i had a dream last night where i went to the dressing room of the jonas brothers and met them, i suddenly became friends with them & i was with them while they rehearsed and when they preformed i was good friends with little frankie (bonus jonas) & there parents oh and maya too , me & nick started getting really close like he would hug me & wouldn't let go when i was cold he would be there and we went out to eat once and we were holding hands and there was a lot of fans outside he would let go to sign autographs but then grab my hand right away again. we would go walking around holding hands and hugging. Joe & me became like Best friends where we did almost every crazy thing together & would laugh a lot and told each other everything. Kevin became like my big brother he was very over protective even with nick cause i guess me & nick were dating. The last thing i remember of the dream was that i looked at mine & nicks hands then i woke up,

does any one know what this means? and please no rude answers i just wanna know what this means.

Example: What does it mean to dream about your dead brother?

Well in my dream I was at my house with my brother and i remember him giving me juice to drink but it was in a big long cup and i had to drink out of a big tube.

Example: Dream Meaning-Abusive Brother?

For several years now, when my brother appears in my dream he is always verbally and physically abusive to me. There was never a peaceful interaction. He is stronger than me so I cannot make him stop. What does this mean?

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