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Dream About Brown Skin meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

So i have been going all overload with dreams and been having like 5 different dreams a night but one night i had this really strange dream. So there was this cave or tunnel underground that only opened at night and I was curious so i went inside of it and there were like 3 guys there asking who I was and we just started talking and then it turned to 4:22 am and the older guy said "in 8 minutes they will be coming so you better leave" so i was one my way out and this guy who looks all business manish said "wait let me put your name on the list so we will know it okay for you to come into here" so i wrote down my name and I looked at the clock and it was 4:25 am then i heard people coming in and the old guy said "Wow your all here 5 minutes early" and on my way out there was this guy..pale skin.. brown hair.. dressing in black. Kinda his shirt was a pin strip dress top and he just looked gorgeous. He said hi and i said hi back then left. The next night i came back the guards asked for my name and let me in it was weird because there was no guards there the other night and once i came in the old guy was reading a book then he looked up at me and said slowly "that guy.is looking for you." i felt so weird after he said that and i woke up feeling confused and I felt like i was being watched. What does this mean?

It could mean a lot of things, but basically there is a lot going on in your head which is being manifested in the form of dreams. The fact that you have many dreams in one night and that your dream is confusing with so many mind baffling things, tells that your mind is kinda stormy these days.

The things that you see and experience in your dreams are definitely related to what's in your subconscious, which you have picked from your everyday experiences in the past -- they can be real life experiences or something that your mind has picked up from movies, tv, books etc.

The REM part of your sleep is more prominent and longer than the non-REM part (REM = Rapid Eye Movement).

Instead of thinking about what the dream means, I'd suggest relaxing you mind, getting fresh air out in the open and the likes. You can even try yoga, meditation, workout, sports -- those things can also help in relaxing the mind and balancing the REM and non-REM parts of the sleep.

Example: What does dream mean...?

i had a dream tht i woke up on the moon with humanoid aliens and i saw the Earth getting Bombed everywhere on the planet...i turn n i see some ppl i Know...i asked out loud wheres my Mom!...and i just started freakin out then out of nowhere this light skinned girl with brown long hair just hugs mee..(she was alien) then this guy says uu might have to go back to earth...thenn i wake upp...can someone tell me what this meanss?!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed that my family and I were at this weird bridge that was high above a park. The park was supposedly infested with "tics" so we had to watch our step. So naturally, cuz i'm a klutz, I stepped in a big pile of them. But they weren't normal tics either, they were really small and square and they were a pale icky brown. Like 5 or 6 of them got on each of my feet and burrowed into my skin(icky!). They made shallow holes and we had to carefully take them all out with tweezers that my gramps pulled out of nowhere. My brother got what looked like a bunch of mosquito bites on his feet, so we went home. I noticed that when we got home my brother's bites were quivering. He put pressure on one and it swelled up like a balloon, and so he ripped a hole in the white part of his skin and the tics there were an ugly orange with wings. We put them in jars but some got loose in the house and attacked my cats. I didn't like that, and ignoring the bug that came at me, I got my cats safely away from the bugs. I felt a pain on my breast and looked down just as a bug bit me. The bite turned black in a spot the size of a thumb print, and the skin about an inch around it turned dark gray. When I went at it with tweezers, there was nothing there. Then I woke up.
- Does it have a meaning, or was it one of those weird dreams people get sometimes? Sorry it was so long.

Example: What does it mean to dream of dark skin?

i have dreams
well its lots now
where a person in my dream has dark skin
they're not super dark
but more brown
like a tan
but not that orange or yellow tan
like genuine brown tan
that light dark tan!

well anyways
i dream of dark skin
does this mean anything?

and no
i dont base my life off of these dream interpretations

Example: Skin disease dream meaning?

Hi. So yesterday, a friend of mine bought me some lady's purse flowers- You know, the ones that are yellow and have little dots on them. Well, at first I thought nothing of it, but then last night, I dreamt that I touched the plant, and suddenly, my skin turned into that same shade of yellow with the creepy little brown dots as the flowers! I scratched it in my dream, but it only made a crackling sound and came off. A few seconds later, I checked and it was there again: in fact, it was spread all over my body! I was horrified when I woke up, being extremely wary of those flowers. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this odd dream last night. Afterwards once I woke up, I was sweating and my throat was burning, and my body hurt. I sat up but I got really light headed. This is my dream.
I was standing on a stage in front of a small crowd. I had to wrap my hands around these metal rods. They started to shock me but I had to hold on, then a something started to burn into my hands. I finally let go and looked down at my hands, to see them glowing a bright blue and there was a tattoo on my left hand. My mom looked at my hands and said my name in a surprised tone. I was talking to one of my friends, who I didn't even know. He was my friend in the dream. And he said that when I was holding onto the rods, my muscles tensed and my veins bulged from beneath my skin. He said I had thrown my head back and my eyes started to glow a bright blue, even though they are the darkest of browns. Apparently I was very powerful and everyone was scared. What could this mean? Sorry for asking twice, but no one said anything the first time.


OK adding more details my mom was telling me that she had a dream about me wearing a wig that looked like my grandma's wig which is like blondish or like a orangish color she was light skinned so it look rather decent on her I have light brown skin and she said I had the wig on kinda lop-sided like the bangs was suppose to be on the front but it was on the side and you can kinda see the naps in the back which means the back of my hair was sticking out and all she saw was my face and that it pleaseand thank please help me tried to be detailed ask possible

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a black and brown snake in a swamp. I kept stepping on them?

Example: What dose my dream mean ?

I having the same dream for cople of days in the dream I am with this young woman. She has sholder long dark brown hair blue eyes pale skin and about 5,10 tall. She is the most butieful woman i have ever seen. We are in a park that I have not been to in years and in the dream it's a worm sunny day and I am pushing her on a swing and she is laughing and smileing and then she get off the swing and turns to me and put a hand on my check and say I'm sorry I have to go now and then she starts to fade and I shout for her to cone back the it starts to snow and then she is gone. Next thing I no is that I waking up shouting at the top of my voice NO COME BACK! And I am sitting bolt up right and covered in swet

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was at a party and there were two of my asian coworkers (I don't talk to them in real life at work as we're not friends but they are best friends with one another) who were sitting on a couch, then I was searching for a bathroom but they were all out of order, so I got frustrated and then told them I was leaving the party.

I some how was at girlfriends' house and I started to feel weird and I told some guys that I think something is wrong with me, then this caucatian male (he also works at my work place but I only talk to him sometimes because he is crazy and takes every drug in the book in real life, so I keep my distance) comes and tells me to lie down on the floor because the baby might be coming, so I lied down in labour but the labour was only three minutes, he tried to get the abulance but the baby was pushing out head first and then hands. The baby came out with some teeth and a full head of hair, and could even crawl a bit as well. The baby was biracial because strangely that weird caucasion coworker was the dad! the baby was well advance and able to say mommy, and had a nice caramel skin and light brown eyes. The dream felt sooooo real, and I felt the maternal instincts as well. Wow what a dream... What does it mean someone please tell me?

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