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Dream About Brushing Hair meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had dream last night that felt important:- I was driving along the coast road bettween Bridport and weymouth it is a road i use alot in the real world and i know well. My wife is in the car and we are going to colect the children, we are late and my wife is telling me we are going the wrong way. the road starts to rise in a steep hill and the ground falls away either side of the road, there is only 1-2 inces either side of the car and a shear drop both sides. We reach the top of the hill and start to decend when my hair falls over my eyes, i brush the hair away but i am blind!
I woke up at this point and felt so strongly that it was important that i got up and wrote it down. I split up with my wife recently and the children live with me. i know this dream is about the colaps of my marage but i dont know what it maens. Do you?

It means that you're understandably preoccupied with your recent split, and you're interpreting your nightly random neuron firings in ways that relate to that preoccupation.

When others tell you that it means X or Y based on the content of the dream, you'll be seeing a reflection of their own preoccupations.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamed that I was dying my hair roots, I was just looking at the instructions and then as I opened the box to get the brush and went to start dying them, I saw pink on my scalp. I was confused, went to touch my head, which sort of had a comb over(?) so it looked like I had hair. But I ended up feeling scalp, finding I lost most of my hair I screamed traumatically and was thinking to myself in the dream, I hope this is a dream. Please help!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamed that I got was having dinner with my friend in this unknown place and we were laughing and having a good time then all of a sudden a gunman came into the room and started shooting people at the front of us. Then he shot my friend twice and she fell to the ground and i got shot once in a place that wasn't so critical but i faked it and pretended i was dead. I threw myself to the ground and slowed my breathing so that he wud think im dead. He came up to me and brushed my hair aside as he suspected something but i gave no response i just kept pretending i was dead. Then i woke up, thanks to my stupid morning alarm. What does this mean? Please

Example: What does it mean to have a dream in which somebody is brushing your hair?

Example: What does it mean when a person dreams of BUGS, Someone brushing my hair, and pulling a lot of hair from brush?

What do these things mean? Thanks.

Example: Whats does it mean when i have a dream i was brushing my hair, with a raizor?

I thought the raizor was a hair brush..but ended up actually cutting my hair instead of brushing it

Example: Should I pay attention to the person in my dream...who was brushing my hair? Does it mean something maybe?

I had a dream last night about bugs and someone brushing my hair. Should I pay attention to the person or is the meaning more behind the brush and hair? Or both?

Example: Dreaming of hair in my toothpaste?

i had a weird dream. i was brushing my teeth and realized there was a short strand of hair. i squeezed the toothpaste and saw another hair. with every squeeze of the toothpaste, there was a short strand of hair. what can this mean?

Example: Dream interpretation?

Last night I dreamed I was surrounded by hair brushes, all kinds and I couldn't decide which one to get. Can you tell me what this means?

Example: I had a dream my hair was falling out? What does this mean?

I have long hair, lol. Well, in my dream I brushed it and a whole chunk fell out. If I even touched it a bunch would fall out. Thanks in advance! :)

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