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Dream About Bubble Bath meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean? Please don't laugh...?

Okay so I had this dream that I was with my best friend, and we were connected by these harnesses, like I would be in one, then on the side of the harness would be like a rope or something, and it would connect to her harness, then there was one connected to our guy friends harness, then his was connected to one of our other guy friends harness. We were floating around different places, and I guess one of the guys were "driving" us? Well, you know what I mean. And we just kept floating around random places. We were mini sized, and from what I can remember, we were in a house. Like we were bug sized. Then we were on one of those playgrounds like they have at McDonald's or something, the indoor ones, and from what it seemed, we were in a line in one of the tunnels. Then I say "Okay just let me drive." We were all still connected. So then I tried "driving" or floating the way or whatever, but I was really out of control and couldn't do it. So then the guys left, and me and my friend...

i had a dream like that a while back couldnt under stand what it was ment to mean love to no what other poeple say about the dream would help me to good luck with it

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a dream last night that the world was being taken over by something. some sort of terrorism. and everyone was getting killed. i was trapt in some small town that was getting destroyed quickly from a war of some kind and i had to hide in like a basement of a destroyed building w/ a bunch of people and a small tv to watch the news. and didn't know where anyone i knew was...i just knew that everyone was getting killed. and i was crying in my dream because of it. but then i woke up after that.

Example: What does this dream mean?

okay i had this really wierd dream I'm in this house but all the pipes are hooked up like at an RV park. I'm in the bath relaxing like i enjoy. the hot water is filling up and theres bubbles then it wonts stop the water starts getting really high I stand up and its above my knees turn off the water and when i look down it looks gross like sewer water i open the door and water goes everywheretheres all this stuff is floating in it the walls suddenly are made of cardboard and start to fall im totally freaked out in the dream and grossed out. I beleive dreams are symbolic but what does this one mean it was weird

Example: Do lucid dreams mean anything?

When I was younger I used to have a lot of lucid dreams, but now as I became more depressed I haven't had one in maybe a year, and I've gradually stopped dreaming, or at least i can't remember them. I think it might be because before I slept more, but now I'm just cranky and tired all the time. But do you think this means anything?

Example: What's with the incredibly odd dreams I've been having? And what does stealing mean in a dream?

I was at some amusement park in one dream and there was a feeble old guy and I was running through a bunch of tube like things and walking on one of those suspended paths that have wood planks connected to each other to create the path. I saw a lot of red and black. In this one, I stole two long Twix bars by peeling off the bar code stickers and the alarm went off, but I got away with it. For some reason, they ended up being Reese's pieces O.o The other one was where I was taking a bubble bath and a squirrel kept walking alongside the edges of the tub numerous times and then proceeded to rest its chin in his hands while his elbows were rested on a shampoo bottle.. weird. Any insight?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was going home from one of my evening classes at college. But in this dream, it is not the college I go to now. It is different and much further away. I have never been there before. But in my dream, that is where I go to school. It is raining really hard. The rain is pouring and it is really windy. I am on my 10 speed bike. I don't have an umbrella, and I have to take the freeway home. I am riding my bike on the freeway with all of these other cars! I am trying to keep up. It is hard to ride my bike fast in the pouring rain! Somehow, I am back at the college campus. I told the college employees in administration that there is lightening, and might be a storm. I ask" Are there any busses leaving at this time?" The lady says the last one left some time ago. The next thing I remember, I am getting on a bus. The bus is not going to take me home. It is going to a camp for kids, and I have to be a counselor for the weekend. But, I didn't pack anything to take.

Example: What does my dream mean?

its my dream house:
the walls are dark purple and all the furniture and carpet is white.
its huge and spacious.
im sitting on my couch shaped like an egg when suddenly i have the urge to shower
i get up walk into my bathroom and am taking a bubble bath when all of a sudden a lot of people from the paparatzzi open the door and make all this loud noise
and then i close the door and there is no noise at all again.
but then i open the door and i see myself laying on the ground of an open meadow holding what used to be a daisy but there is only the middle part left
and then i close the door
and i realize that i am about to die from drowning
and i wake up...
what does this mean?

Example: Poll: What would it mean if you always dreamed you were trying to make a huge bubble bath, but the bubbles...?

always disappeared, what would it mean?

BQ: If you always dreamed you were in a jacuzzi bubble bath with way more bubbles you can handle, what would that mean?

Example: What do the dreams mean PLEASE ANSWER?

okay i've had some really distrubing dreams recently and i was wandering if anybody would know what they could mean.

dream 1: i was walking home from town completely naked and like i'd just got out of the bath, then i saw my ex and i had a bag with clothes in so i went into a corner and put em on, then his dad came with a silver car & put my stuff in the boot

dream 2: i had a dream where i had killed my ex, i didbnt kill him in my dream but i knew i had for some reason and there was someone having a go at me for killing him. i know weird

dream 3: there was this girl that was burning people to death, and the bit i remember more vividly was this man was in this pot of boiling hot, bubbling oil and there were patches of skin that was bright red & bubbling, he put his hand out which was all blistered and said help me but i ran away, not wanting to have it happen to me, then i got to a road crossing and i copuldbnt open my eyes, then i opened them a little bit and it was like the filming of some boys watching a school play or something, then i woke up,

what the heck do you think these dreams mean? because i cant get them out of my head, especially the last one, please answer

Example: My weird dream can anyone tell me what it means?

My dream goes like this. I was in the home of my aunt who passed away many yrs ago. All my family was there and were visiting it felt like a holiday. It then switches to I find my cousin in a bathtub taking a bubble bath then I noticed a blow dryer sitting on the side of the tub, as soon as I saw it, it fell in and started to electrocute her. I was screaming for help in my dream and frozen at first. Then I ran over and flipped the tub over and saved her. The tub became very light like plastic. This dream was so realistic and it freaked me out. My cousin and I live in diff states and don't see each other very often, but we were kinda close as teens.

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