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Dream About Bull'S Eye meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had this dream last night, I don't really remember all of it. But it doesn't make any sense...
I was with my dad and we were by the train tracks, my uncle's dead dog was there, along with my own... my uncle's dog was already standing by my dad on the safe side of the tracks. My dog was over walking on the north side (i think?) and the arms of the tracks were down. I knew a train was coming. So I ran after my dog trying to get him to come back and when I finally got him to go to my dad I turned around and the train was only a few yards away. I saw the light and closed my eyes tightly then I remember the impact and I fell onto the side of the tracks. I felt like I was hit by a car...
I don't understand what happened or what the dream meant.

If anyone thinks they have an idea or they know, plz let me know.

Some people say that if you are in your own body durning a dream, and you die, that it means you will be killed in real life. However, I find this to be bull_______.
Though I am inexperienced in matters such as these, I heard once that dreams are simply results of random impulses from the most primitive part of your brain. So it may mean absolutely nothing.
However I also believe in some people being gifted with limited sight into the future, so if you are near train tracks and develop an EXTREME case of Deja vu, run away as fast as you can.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was home alone with my labrador retriever. Then a grizzly bear showed up outside of my house (I live in the city) he was trying to get in and kill us. When he finally got in He came after us, so I quickly picked up this tube (that you would pull behind a ski boat). The tube had a target design on it and the bear was afraid of the black bulls eye. I would hold it up and he would quickly back off. My dog and I made it into my room but the bear was waiting for us outside my door. Leaving the tube on top of my dog to hide her I left out of my window and came back through another window that lead to a different part of my house. I quietly without the bear hearing me made it into my gun closet to grab a rifle and kill the bear. Then I woke up right before I grabbed my rifle.

Example: What does my zodiac dream mean?

I had a dream i was walking on a path of stars, and then i was stopped by a lion (i'm a Leo). I was surrounded by a big fish, a seahorse, a goat, a horse/person, a scorpion, a dragon, a spider, a crab, a dog, a bull, and a ram. a different person rode each animal except the lion. I looked into the lion's eye's and he looked sad. I looked down and then grabbed a single star. it glowed white and then i woke up. what does this mean?

Example: Reoccurring dream about Bulls in a field?

Okay, I need help solving this 'mystery' lol
Recently, I've been having dreams based aroound the same ideas.
Basically, I'm either walking to school or home from school and I have to walk through this field of Bulls, but if I draw their attention, by looking at them or walking fast they attack me. Sometimes in my dream I even refuse to go that way and walk a really long way home. (Note: I don't walk through fields in real life) once, I was in a pet shop (but it was more like an obstacle course) sort of thing and I met my friend and she helped me get through this barn of monkeys that bite you if you look at them or anything. (Yes, a barn with hay and stuff) and then theirs the ending section of the shop...yep you guessed it...a barn of bulls. But this time I look into their eyes and they look back at me with really angryy eyes that turn red. They can't attack because they are in pens, but I still freak out.
Heh-heh, I'm seriously confused about this, it's actually quite funny. But if anyone knows what this means then thanks! lol

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I had a few dreams about my crush . . . what do they mean?

I had my first dream about my crush a few days ago. In my dream i was sitting in one of the scenes from my video game that took place a a beach. I was crying against a wall which immediatly struck me as odd because i'm not a crier. Then two of my pretty good guy friends came in and asked me what was wrong. I explained to them that i told my crush i liked him and he said he didnt like me back. My friends looked at eachother and started laughing and said "Bull crap. He does to likes you. All he talks about is your shoes and how clean they are" And for no apparent reason this made me cry harder.

My next dream is very simple because nothing happened. All it was was that my crush was driving me home in my sister's car. From the school to my house is a fifteen minute drive and we didnt say a word, or make eye contact that whole time.

And the final dream is the one that gives me butterflies. In the dream, we were at a basketball game. I was standing by my crush outside of the door to the gym. Then my crushed older brother, whom i find attractive also walked by. I dont remember for sure but i think i tried to go up and talk to him, but my crush grabbed my hand, he wouldnt let me go, but it's not like i was struggling. I was enjoying it.

That's all. I would like a few different opinions. Please and thank you very very much!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was watching Law and order downstairs and the hallway light was on, when i turned it off I saw the reflection of a hooded figure standing at the doorway. I turned around to see what it was and there was nothing there. I turned back around to see if i could still see what was reflecting and it was standing right there face to face to me. This thing had white hair, pale skin, and black eyes (that's what scared me the most) I woke up and my heart was racing. I'm afraid to go downstairs now...

Example: Can anyone tell me what this dream means?

well for the past month ive been having dreams that im pregnant and they keep happening.

basically it shows me on a bus and im about nine months pregnant, and then the bus pulls up at my aunties house and im carrying around a baby thats about 4 months old, it has redish brown hair and has really blue eyes. i walk into the room and theres a sign that says my name then happy sixteenth and then i wake up.

it happens once or twice a week. i dont normally remember my dreams but this one is really really clear. i told my mate about it when they first started happening and i was going out with this guy with red hair and really blue eyes, we've broken up now [because of the distance], but were still really really good mates and we still do stuff. anyway my mate figured out that if i was to get pregnant by the time i had the baby it would be around 4 months old on my sixteenth birthday [im 15] and yea. is anyone able to tell me what it might mean? could i be seeing the future or something? im sorry if i didnt make any sense.

Example: What in the world does this dream mean ? ?

Last night I had a strange dream. This was after we had
a thunder storm, and the lights went out. The lights came
back on, then I went to bed. And guess what. I saw in
this dream, a beautiful black woman. Dressed in a brown
fancy dress. With a ton of makeup, and seashell shaped
earings, with green eye shadow. And dyed hair, gold.
She was in this old fashioned car. Like a Ford Fairlane,
or Chevy Impala, from the 60's. It was long like a limo.
With deep tented windows. Then this guy, her escort,
came out of the car. He walked around to get her. He
was dressed in a red suit. Red tie, red shoes, and all.
He had 2 red pit bulls, with chains around their neck.
They did nothing to me. And I did not stop or turn
around either. They looked at me strangely, and realized
I wasn't afraid. But the woman, look at me like a
sexy vixen. She wanted me... They kept walking into,
a huge church. What does this dream mean ? more
details later..

Example: (Hindus/Buddhists) What do these dreams mean?

I know that there are many of you who are well versed in dream interpretation at some point... so I'm asking your wise opinion on these dreams:

1) To kneel before the feet of Lord Krsna in his throne. Crying before him while in that kneeling position, looking only at his feet and listening to his sweet voice expounding the Dharma.

2) Becoming a Sadhu, alone in the forest... facing the four seasons and finding a great bull in the midst of the journey.

3) Opening a stupa to find Lord Buddha's relics and other Arahantas' relics manifesting before your eyes...

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok so in my dream, i die. my friend is sitting in a red car with leather interior on the side of a one way road. she is having someone kill her because she is so upset that i died. the person who is killing her is a middle aged man who is balding and smells strongly of alchohol. he is making marks on my friends head as to where hes going to shoot her. (btw all this is happening while shes sitting in the drivers seat of the car. the man is leaning in from outside the car.) so he gets his gun and points it at the mark witch is located at her left temple. in this dream i am some sort of spirit and i am sitting in the passenger seat. when he points the gun at the mark i scream (no one hears me) and put my hand over the mark. the man pulls the trigger but the gun sticks and doesnt fire...there the dream ends. Does anyone have any idea what this means? Thanks in advanced

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