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Dream About Bull meanings

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Example: What do my dreams mean?

I often have reoccurring dreams about having bulimia/anorexia and dreams about getting pregnant by my brand new boyfriend who I still barley know and sad dreams about when I moved away from my best friend last year and I commit suicide. What does this mean?

Well, there's a very small connection I can see. Perhaps it means that you may get pregnant by your new boyfriend. In the beginning stages of your pregnancy, you'll feel sick and puke / lose your appetite for a bit. As for your best friend, once you tell her about being pregnant, you realize that she doesn't approve. She might try to stay away from you (not necessarily move away), which makes you consider abortion (not suicide, but somewhat close to it).
^ but that sounds like a lot of bull from me.

Other than that, I don't think your dreams really mean anything. Like others, your mind just imagine things / explore when you sleep. So it shouldn't be anything to worry about. It's just your mind testing out your imagination, per se. c:

Example: What could this dream mean!?

Last night I had many dreams and this was one of them...

I was infront of my house in puerto rico and it looked like I was looking for something cuz I kept looking left and right. I decided to go to the pharmacy so I went up these steps near my house and I saw a big green lizard. I felt someone tap my back so I turned around and it was my ex boyfriend. He held my hand and said he needed to talk to me so we went and sat on this thing near my house. He didn't say anything but he kissed me and I said "I thought u wanted 2 talk not kiss" and he said "what u don't like my kissing?" and I said "no it's not that it's that you said u were going 2 talk to me" and he told me he still liked me and then he picked up a lizard and held it in his had then put it down. He said "come in sit front on my house" so I went and he sat on the bench and he told me to sit on his lap and I said "um...okay?" and I sat on him then he began to kiss me again and I got up and began to yell at him saying things like why do you keep on kissing me and you don't even talk to me and he said "I love you. Come sit on my lap again?" and I said "why!?" then he got up grabbed me and planted me on his lap I hit my head on the bench and I said "what the f*ck are you doing! Stop!" then he said (yelling) "listen to me! I love you! Why don't you love me!" and I said "no I love you but..." And then he kissed me and we began making out and then I heard my mom yell my name and I ran away.

What does that dream mean? Especially the lizard!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I keep having the same dream over and over again. I was recently laid off from my job in April. Since then I keep dreaming that my supervisor and manager approach me and tell me they made a huge mistake letting me go, and want me to work for them again! I also see employees I worked with tell me the same. So weird! Does anyone know why this dream keeps repeating? I know for a fact this would not happen in real life... why is my dream telling me otherwise? Anyone...please... help...its driving me crazy!


i have been thinking a lot about J lately. This is because i want to be friends with him again. It's hard because our friendship was complex and now he has started talking **** behind my back just because of my ex and what my ex has told J ( my ex and J are best friends and at one point me and J had crushes on eachother) well anyways my dream: well me and J were in the school in this room. My hands were tied up and he leaned in to kiss me he did at first i made a sound like nooo but i couldnt talk kiss he was kissing me then i got into the kiss and started to kiss him back we were frenching. Then my ex comes into my mind and i stop kissing J what does this mean? i used to love my ex a lot but i broke up with him he was abusive we are all teens what does my dream mean

Example: What does this dream mean ( SCARY ) ?

I had this dream where businesses were dying and historical buildings were being demolished. Then outside on the street , Samauel L. Jackson was stalking his ex and he kidnapped their baby and took it to a church parking lot . Inside that church , there were cokeheads breaking things and lighting off cherry bombs . The cokeheads had a couple of bull dykes tied to chairs and they were torturing them with drills . The bull dykes tried not to scream , but when they did, I got freaked out and woke up.

Example: What could this dream mean? ):?

I had a dream that I was in a trailer in my room, and then when you left the trailer there was a hallway and stairs going downstairs it looked like my house. I had my cats with me. I love them so much. And they're was this dog, a black pit bull and it was on the staircase and down stairs but there was a small gate in the way blocking the dog from getting up stairs. I was trying to pretect my cats from the dog. And I was in the trailer doing something I don't quiet remember. But one of my cats, his name is Felix and in real life he currently has kidney disease. In the dream I was busy trying to keep ocscar(my other cat) inside and while I was doing that Felix on out and he was on the other side of the gate and I heard a "crunch" sound and I ammeiditly knew something was wrong and I looked outside to see the dog had jumpe the gate and had Felix in his mouth and I ran down and keep chasing him and trying to grabb him and when he finnally drop him it was too late and he was dead. And i woke up right after. )':I love my kitties. I don't want anything to happen to them! Could this mean anything? Or is it just because I'm worried.

Example: What do these this dream mean?

I know some people have a gift for interpreting dreams, so i would appreciate any help.

first dream:

i was in the military
people were sleeping outside
i was inside a building where an air conditioning or heating unit is a bomb
we were all crowded around the bomb
( someone said no wonder you were sleeping comfortable the heating element was set on 450 degrees)
someone ( Sargent or someone higher up ) saying get down.
i take off running and another guy takes off running
running down a hall
turn left run a little farther
then tun right run a few steps
then hit the floor and cover head
looked ad saw the explosion and flames in the hall i was just on
me and the guy where safe
i go and tell momma and no one really listens

second dream next night:

me momma corey in car trying to get somewhere but we are blocked by a long pipe that is standing straight up and i shooting pee out of the top and it is coming down like rain. there is a guy walking through it with a umbrella. i pulled my umbrella through the sun roof and closed it and the sunroof. i think it had like a flower on the umbrella. we turned around and went home. our house is surrounded by water (like in Louisiana swap lands) as we were driving on the deck i saw an alligator or a (crocodile). when we pulled up momma went in to get something. i saw 2 big bull frogs. i tried to show corey but by the time he looked the frogs were gone and there was 1 medium sized and one baby crocodile. momma came out and went to wash her feet in the green swamp water and i said no there is a crocodile. momma said **** and washed her feet quickly. i tried to shew the crocodile and corey said that will only provoke him.

last night dream:

all night i dreamed about the number 666

Example: Dream of animal attacking me, what does it mean?

first my mom dram a snake attacked me and then ive dram that my iguana ran after me and attacked me as i was trying to fight her but she wouldnt let me go, then last night i dram some sorta cow/bull was attacking me as i screamed "help" in italian.

ahh im confused of what this means, i have been goin on a downpoint bc me and my long-term bf have broken up for the millioneth and last time 3 weeks ago, could this have anything to do with it

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was living in a large house in the middle of the wilderness with some nameless roommates. I was about to leave the house when I saw a ram and a bull (astrology maybe?) at the door. I quickly ran back into the house and locked both doors. My roommate opened the door and the two animals charged in. She got on the kitchen table with me and we began to throw items from the overhead cabinets at the animals

Example: What does it mean to dream with bulls?

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