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Dream About Bullet Proof Jacket meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream means?

My friend told me that she dreamed of me and my crush wich i really love, in a wedding, h was very cute and good looking and i was wearing red dress and white jacket, and i looked at him and he wasn't looking at me at all and wasn't interested in me, so i became sad, but my friend said : hey, he's looking at you every time but just he doesn't show it, so what does this dream means, i hope it's good lol

idk what your dream means but, you obviously don't understand the male brain, more specifically the teenage male brain... seriously just walk up to the poor bastard (make sure you look good, but don't over do it) grab him by his collar with your right hand, look him in the eyes for a second and say something in your most sudctive voice like "you belong to me now" and then grab the back of his head with your left hand (grabing a little bit or hair at the same time) and ram your tongue so far down his throat he chokes, if he kisses you back then you're sweet. to seal the deal after the kiss say something still using a seductive voice like "unless you want me to belong to you" ... and what do you know, you have won the game of high school, congratulations!

100% bullet proof plan, I swear!

Example: Sad Songs Help Help Help!?

So i've been in this really weird depressed mood lately and i've been looking for some really good sad songs. It doesn't matter what genre cause i love them all. So make sure they are really really really really really super sad and emotional. and i mean the kind that really tug on your heart strings. Hmmmmm i wonder if i made it clear enough that i wanted sad songs? Hahahaha just playin with ya! Thanks soo much! :) :)

Example: Does anyone know some good sad songs?

i'm having one of those days where i'm in the mood to cry. i'm probably PMSing, lmao.

anyway, i like bands like secondhand serenade, jumpsuit aparatus, blink 182, dashboard confessional. "the whiney bands" haha any good songs to do the trick? [=

Example: What are some really sad songs about...?

times when u had 2 brake up w/ someone
times when u lost ur GF by suicide
or any other sad songs i could listen to

Example: When you are sad, is their a particular song you listen to?

"Someday you will be loved" by death cab for cutie
"your guardian angel" by the red jumpsuit apparatus

Example: What is the most depressing song/music video you know of?

It can be about anything, and in any genre of music. I just want to see what you guys will come up with.

Example: What is saddest song you ever heard?

it can be about anything love, life, depression, etc.

Example: Does anyone know of a song thats sad?

I need a song thats sad, and that talks about dads not being there.
Im not emo or some stuff like that this is for my friend...

Example: What are some sad songs?

im looking for a sad song to put over a video preferably with piano or something not to bothered if it has lyrics or not and could you give me a link to there myspace so i can download it

Example: Soft Sad Songs?

Does anybody know any soft songs that you can sulk to that are performed by pop punk bands? ...please include title and band ... thanks

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