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Dream About Bullets meanings

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Example: What does my Dream Mean?

What does my Dream Mean?
i just recently broke up with my girlfriend about a couple months ago and last night i saw a dream where i was with her and someone started shooting at her but i jumped in front and took all the shots for her, like about 10 shots, in the act of protecting her...then i woke up...what does this dream mean...

thanks. :o)

The stuff we dream about rarely come true. I dreamed about swimming in a murky pool filled with sharks, and thank heavens that hasn't happened yet. But, since you're after the meaning...

Seeing that there are bullets and gunfire involved in the dream, your girlfriend appears to be in a bad position in life right now. Think about what she's been doing ever since you broke up. Maybe she's been into things that we'll just say "aren't good for her health" at all, and the dream seems to be saying that you'll be the one who saves her from these bad things. It doesn't necessarily have to be a gunman.

There is another way to interpret it, though. Seeing as this is a product of your subconscious mind, don't you think you are unconsciously making up fantasies in your head that you and your girlfriend still have a chance? I mean, imagine what the consequence in the dream would be if you survived. She'd totally dig your performance.

Either way, I think you still love her.

Example: What does it mean to dream about having a bullet stuck in ur foot?

This happend to me last night! Please help i really want to know the meaning of it!

Example: Dreams meaning?

ok I have a ? this is a weird one.. anyway, in real life my soon to be ex husband was pretty violent the last time I saw him he threatened to kill me several times, put a gun to my head hit me in my face, choked me almost killed me ect... anyway I kicked him out and we are getting divorced. last night I went camping and had a dream in my dream I was on a boat, all of a sudden tornados were popping up all around the boat and there was no where to excape (I'm afraid of tornados) right at the same time there was a man and he looked seriously like bin ladin, he was walking around killing everyone.. I started praying in my dream for god to send me to a safe place.. in my dream god told me to go to a certain room. the room was like a small church.. I started praying and all of a sudden this guy that was killing everyone found me.. he put his finger to my head, starting writing stuff on my forehead and then said "I'm sorry" as he shot me in my stomach. I felt the bullet go through and then I fell, all of a sudden my mother appeared and everything was going white while she was yelling for me to not leave her... then I woke up from my dream (I am also afraid of death) anyone have any ideas why I would have such a dream like this?!


Had a dream that the GF put out a hit out on me, but I got away because apparently I can dodge bullets. What does the dream mean?

Example: What do bullets mean in a dream?

I saw three of them.

Example: What does being hit by a bullet in a dream mean?

I got a dream, in which i was sitting in my house, on the dining table. I usually sit opposite to my brother on the dining table and it was same in the dream.
The dream showed two of my close friends also at my house but not on the dining table but standing near a passage close to my brother's chair. My brother got up from the dining table and a bullet was shot from his chair. I could see the bullet coming towards me. But i didn't move. I saw my friends with horrified expressions and the last thing i thought in the dream before the bullet came too close to me was my boyfriend's name.
Can anyone please explain to me what this whole dream really means? Thank you :)

Example: What does this dream mean? Jumping infront of a bullet?

I dreamt that this guy i have gotten close to was in my house. And there was a man outside the house trying to shoot him through the window. I saw the bullet coming and rushed infront of this guy to protect him and i got shot in the leg and actually felt pain in my dream.
What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean if i dreamed that someone took a bullet for me?

I was going to get killed and then someone jumped in front of me and took the bullet for me and died in front of me...I have dreamed this repeatedly...What does it mean?

Example: What does it mean when you are dodging bullets in a dream?

I had this dream that i was at a certain function in a stadium setting all of a sudden some people started shooting.we all went under the chairs until they ceased fire.i wasnt hit by any bullets

Example: When you dreamed of a bullet, what does it mean?

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