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Dream About Bungee Jumping meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does dreaming about bungee jumping, jumping over a balcony and losing consciousness means?

About two nights ago I dreamed about bungee jumping over a swimming pool, but I didn't hit the water. Then I was in a house (that wasn't my house) and there was a guy with a gun and he told me that he was looking for the homeowner. I saw the man who owned the house ironing his clothes or something and he seemed unaware that an intruder with a gun was in his house, so through the balcony connected to the master bedroom, I jumped because I was trying to get help, but I lost consciousness while jumping over and then I opened my eyes still in the dream and found myself caught in tree branches with open cuts on my body. Then I actually woke up. I also recall the walls of the bedroom were blue and the sheets were white.

There is something in your life that you feel is a risk, And the pool represents a precaution or a "safty net" in a way, and the bungee cord also means taking a precaution. But by you waking up in the trees and bushes with open wounds, you feel like this risk or "jump" in your life isnt worth it or could end up hurting you in the long run, even though you were extra careful. You lookins consciousness means your loosing the bright side of things, something has you confused and you cant see through it or your not in your right mind. I'm guessing you have alot going on right now and you have life changing decisions to make, but your scared of the outcome, furthermore causing stress on your life... just relax, and rule out all of the possible outcomes!

Example: What does my dream mean?

alright last night i had a dream, it started out as me having a vision that id die bungee jumping. so when the vision ending, i was getting ready to bungee jump, we and my mom. so i put on the gear and for some odd reason there was a silver ball in the middle of my gear that in the vision, it would unlock and send me crashing down into the ground (well in the dream there was this huge white blanket thingy). so my mom said "be careful alright." and i said "mom i know what im doing!" and so i went first, i dangled from the wire in stead of falling then coming right back up. my mom did the same. so i looked down without noticing this was exactly what had happened in my vision except now i saw a man, standing by the door. i feel like i know him but i have no idea who he is. so as soon as i saw him, the silver ball un-clipped and sent me falling to the middle of the huge blanket that was stories below me and fell and landed on my neck which looked really gross, and in my mind i said "so that was a vision!?" so then my dream skipped. i was in school. it was time for recess, it was like either way late at night or really early in the morning, either way the sun should not of been up but it was completely out. the whole place seemed gray and dark and mysterious. all my friends were running and laughing but i felt like they didnt even know i was there. like they were all different people. so then i walked up to my friend and his friend. we were talking. i said "you know what...i think my life started messing up when-" but i was cut off cuz i saw the words "love" in the sky. so then me him and his friend were looking at a plain that wrote words in the sky that said "I LOVE YOU!" then i said "awwww!" but then it said "CONGRATULATIONS ON THE HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPION! I LOVE YOU! MI BEBE MI NENE!" or something like that. then suddenly i was chasing after the silver ball, but i stopped and looked around. then it was like the kids running in front of me were repeating themselves, running the same way. and next to the lady that watches us during recess, was the man from before. they were talking. and the lady said "yea theyre gonna go back inside as soon as the sun come out" or "yea theyre gonna go back inside as soon as the bell rings" (theres a bell that tells us when school starts and ends)then the bell rang and i got in line and he was like standing by the door trying to tell me something but i couldnt hear him. he said it with a very worried face i think and then i woke up

Example: Dream interpretation about bungee jumping?

Had a dream I was at some kind of park with a whole bunch of family and friends. I dont talk to my biological family in real life. So there was my sister and cousins and friends ; and they all bungeed jumped. Then they asked me to go and I refused ; I didnt want to bungee jump. I ended up leaving because they tried to force me. what could this mean ?

Example: Dream of jumping off a cliff?

Okay so this is my dream:
Me, my friend, and the boy I like were at the library and him and her went outside because they were done doing whatever they were doing at the library. Then I came out and they were talking under a big tree. Outside it looked like a park a little bit. So I came out and my friend Jana was like come on Sara! So we all started running towards the cliff. My friend Jana didn't jump she stopped but I think me and my crushed jumped off together. It was beautiful like it was grassy and it was slightly foggy( like forest you would see on a pale tumblr blog) and the hills had flowers it was pretty. I saw my face and I closed my eyes(in the dream) and when I about to hit the floor I woke up. What does that mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamed I jumped off a bridge - no bungee - no rope! What does this mean?

Example: What Do My Dreams Mean?

Dreams i Have Had Can Anyone Tell Me What Some Of Them Mean?

ok so everywhere around the town is infected with cat people and zombies so im on the side walk to a shop and this
lady comes up to me and askes *can You watch my children?* *suer* i tell her she leaves a 5 and a 12 old near me and i do watch them and
then my sister comes out with a random saying *you Die By Car* then i look back at the children and the little one is there
but the older one is in the street so i run and grab her and go back to the little one and by the time i let the older one
down she is gone the mother comes rushing up to me *WHERES MY BABY* She asks i look across the street and there she is with a
cat face so i grab my sister and we go down into the sewers and we run a cuple of other people start to follow usand then we
see it zombies everywhere ahead of us and cat people filling in behind us and dj and the group of people deide they whould
rather charge throw the group of cat people and for som reason i just sat down well they run away the zombies come towrds me
and i blank out and i awake in a bathroom i stand up to come face to face with a cat person then he starts bleeding from the
mouth and i looki behind him and there is a zombie cutting throw the cat and the cat drops to the floor and i back away
agenst a wall where the zombie cant see me and i guessed wrong i look ahed of me and there is a camra on him and me he is in
a towle ready for a shower and im in a lace bra and really tiny underwere and for some reason for this next part i lost
controll i walked over to him and he wraped his arms around me and i awoke out of my dream feeling fantastic all i know is i
want to have that dream again!

I Had A Drean Where I Was An Actor It wstill Is Blurry But All I can remember talking to a fat kit and tossing him in the
street it seemed like we are at grams house but there was inground swimming pool and hot boys and me yelling at the derector =
and i woke up feeling ok

so it started with me and destinny in a crapy house and on the back of it was a lake and we went for a swim and i remember swimming back to the dock and telling destinny "we need to get out of this crap hole i have not changed my sheets in a week" she just agreed withme and when we got dressed and went in there was all my friends watching movies so i sat down its a little fuzzy when it comes to this part but the boys took something from me and we all ran after each other and stoped suddinly and i looked to my left and there was this beautiful girl looking at me not your kind of fashon modle beautiful but in an artsy way she had dark clothes on and a cap that coverd her hair so i got up and walked to her "hi" "hi" and it all went by so fast she was asking me to be her gf and soon me and darlene wer at her appartment and she left but we wer on the phone with her and we looked around and fount out she makes her oun tee shirts and she was awesome at it and we went back to the place with the movie and sat down and for some reason zack was staring at me and then the girl came to sit besides me and she cuddled up in my arms and zack was giving me death stares and i woke up

ok this is not a dream but it was strange it was when we were going to maine and we went to a rest stop in total darkness and i diddent want my shoes on i took them off and started to walk to the bathroom dj and destinny were already ahead of me and mom and k were in the car but as i was walking this woman with red beautiful hair started to walk next to me and without moving her mouth she called me her *little Buddy* and we walked to the bathroom togeather and wheni was done i walked out with my sisters and the girl never came out!

ok so im in this abandon house and me and my family are ghoust hunting and we hear giggles and its not us so we all run out and i run on the lawn and i feel this sudden chill and then two freezing cold hands on my arms and i felt her mouth breathing near my ear and i was lifted off the ground and she whisperd in my ear *tell the children they will always have money in there birthday cards* and i awoke shivering her voice was so chilling

ok so im in the kitchen looking at pa sort his things near the door and i get this vibrating feeling all throw my body i look in the living room and its yellow like im looking into an old camra like its 1970 well maybenot that far back but there was a brown haired girl wearing a green sweater and she looked back at me and then she whisperd look out for the green sweater and i awoke with a shiver

Example: What does my dream mean?

Well some people were staying over, a guy my age (i'm 13), a little girl, and I think my sister. I don't remember too much of the dream, but I remember that we were all sleeping on the same bed, which was on my bed... And then it was getting too hot in the room so I opened the window a bit, and it was snowing and I kept opening it a bit, closing a bit. And then my parents (who didn't look anything like my parents, and it was weird, because my parents are divorced. well not really, but it's kind of complicated.) and my mom just opened the window a bit, and then I kept closing it and opening it a bit... And the guy my age, the little girl, and my sister groaned. My window doesn't happen to have a screen, so my mom and dad walked out of the window and then started like bungee jumping... On the house? I don't know, they were like getting ready to launch to fly or something o_o

Then I forgot some things, and I'm the stairs, and the guy my age (let's just call him Bob from now.) puts his arm around me. And about 2 people were around us, and we were all wearing these shirts that were pink and blue, from my church when we had an event and had to help out.

Then I forgot a bit more... And I saw a guy from my old church, who had blonde hair now, and then I had to go through this machine thing and he took my belt and gave it to the guy and I took my belt back.. I don't know man, it was weird. And in a way the guy from my old church, was teasing me...

Afterwards, I walked straight, and then I was carrying a hanger for clothes, and there was this rack full of hangers on it, so I just hung it there... Then, my friend Jina (who was wearing a blue shirt from the church) was across the street so I walked over to her, then we walked down the street, and there was a trash can. I was carrying two blue books, and I put a book down in the trash can, and then another thick one. Then I started freaking out because it was an important book (I think this has something to do with the fact I was watching Jane By Design) and there's a building by the trash can and it's a mall I believe..

Then some stuff blurs, and I'm like a spa or something, and some guy tells me to get the others so I go to the elevators, and there's a guy who is much older than me, and I try using one elevator but the floor isn't on there, and the other one behind doesn't either, so the guy says something like "Floor one for me and my friend" so I go into the elevator, and there's a screen and we have to beat this pokemon, then I'm not in the elevator anymore, and I just see an email with a comic about the pokemon.

And my dream ends. I am 13, and I'm a girl. I am NOT joking about this dream. Does anyone know what this could mean?

Example: What does this dream means?

i was gonna bungee jump off a building and then all of a sudden my ex boyfriend and my husband was fighting over me they both were tugging on each arm and said they loved me and that they wanted to be with me and i was just like wtf and then my husband let go and said you know what go ahead and go with him i don't care and i was shocked at the fact that he did that and then my ex boyfriend was all smiles but i looked at him with a disgusted face and pulled away from him and went running after my husband i was like so you don't care about me? you don't love me any more? he said but why im not going to fight over you , you can choose who you want to be with and im like obviously i want to be with you but you know what why am i going to be with someone that wont fight for my love. he grabbed my hand and i stormed out the room. and then i never bungee jumped off the building.

Example: Dream about someone dreaming?

I had a dream, that my roommate was dreaming, about rock climbing and/or bungee jumping. what does that mean?

Example: Jumping off bridge with boyfriend dream?

Ok so we were on our mountain bikes riding fast we came to a bridge and we both just got off our bikes and jumped off. We were both very decided and not scared and didn't think twice and just jumped off this bridge. What does it mean?

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