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Dream About Bunjee Jumping meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: - does this simple dream mean anything?

Me and my family were on a new helicoper ride at an amusement park and my parents were in the line watching us and smiling. When me & my cousins/sisters got on the ride it was fun but the door opened to the helicopter and my sister fell out. It was sorta like a bunjee jump or somethin because it kept moving up and down but it was very high. . Sooo when my sister fell, I grabbed her and jumped down with her. . I basically saved her.. does this mean anything?

The helicopter is a symbol of the SELF and its whirling blade/rotors are a MANDALA - a symbol of wholeness/integrity. The whirling nature of the rotors could also be interpreted as the karmic cycles of life/death/rebirth/growth...the wheels of life. That your sister fell out of yourself and that you were both very high in the air going up and down<symbolic of the making of life> and that you were attached - or she was attached/both of you attached to a kind of bungee/umbilical chord - and fell from the air kinda saving your sister...simply shows that you are growing up<a new helicopter/self>and that as you have grown you now have a more mature concern for your sister and that you are now more protective of her...and your parents in line below smiling...validate this process and that you have pleased them by being more mature and protective of your sister.

Also the 'air' is a symbol of 'spirit' and 'being alive.'

Example: Dream interpretation?

i died in my dreams last night. i was in a bungeejumping harness thing in a theatre as we were rehearsing for a show and they kept bringing me closer and closer to the floor until i fell into it. and died.
what does it mean?

i really wanted to wake up as it felt so real and i was tossing and turning and by the time i had woke up, i'd taken my earings out of my ears!

Example: Whats this dream supposed to mean? I would have that dream occasionally..?

I dreamed that i was at my house on the front porch looking out when i see some dark figure a mile away approaching my road. im afraid so i try running into my house to lock the door (which is 4 steps away from me) but the figure catches up every step i take and i walk so slow & cant control myself like im vulnerable. when i reach in to the door the figure is already 2 feet away from me on the stairs. when i try closing the door its right at me and grabs me staring at me at the same time.
Then id wake up in the morning scared heart pounding..didnt want to go back to sleep from that happening.i dont know what that dark/black shadow figure was but it was the most frightening thing i experienced. i would have that same dream.. if it wasnt the next day maybe once in a week, or month or year! id have it once but i havent had it in a yr. and still when im in the front porch i think about it and i feel creeped out when i look down the road..what can i do to stop this if it happens again?plz

Example: Dream of sharks & sea?

i no dreams dont mean a thing blah blah, but i feel it means somthing.. anyways i was on a helicopter, and i was looking down at this clear blue sea, i was about to jump off, i cant tell if it was bunjee jump or just jump off.. and there were loads of sharks down there and i was just starring down breathing heavily.. asking the guy on the helicopter 'can we go to another sea/island' and then we just drove away, while i was really panicky but its like i saw myself jumping in there, then i was back in the helicopter.. and the sharks where just everywhere.. almost following us, and it was huge, it was practically carribean clear blue sea!.. thanks.

Example: Do people get addicted to ''extreme'' sports?

Like the people who are always skydiving or bunjee jumping or riding super fast roller coasters. I heard that many (but not all by any means) of these people are addicted to the adrenaline rush that is the result of such activities.

Example: Ramadan-should I just marry someone rich?

Thanks guys that's the problem I don't believe in myself and i don't have that much confidence. Plus I never want to be one of those women who cook, clean and look after kids...I just can't...it's not me. I want to graduate uni with a 2:2, travel the world, do bunjee jumping and so voluntary work in Africa, I want a well paid job here in London and my own place...I have dreams and stuff I'd like to do befor I marry.

But yeah I ain't gonna give up.

Example: Anybody just need out?

I do. And by 'out' I mean away. I'm sitting here on the couch in my living room, a place I've been so many times, all alone. Such a familiar place, and it depresses me to think that in all the places I could be right now, it's here. In this same place.

I was bored, so I went on facebook, and looked through some of my sibling's pictures of their recent adventure in the Dominican. It wasn't the first time I saw them. It makes me angry to look at them, but it also gives me a sense of excitement. Pictures of them all in crystal clear blue waters, pictures of them 4-wheeling through some of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. Pictures of them at their resort getting dresses up going out for dinner. I want to do that someday. But, in my eyes, that's nothing!

I want to see the wonders of the world, I want to walk the most deserted places in all the Earth, I want to visit such landmarks like the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, Rio de Jeneiro, Sydney Opera House, the Grand Canyon. I want to go bunjee jumping in New Zealand, see a baobob tree in Madagascar, look at Mt. Everest, walk through Times Square, ride a gondola through Venice, step foot on the deserts in Jordan. EVERYTHING. I'm only thirteen and still have a lot of life to live. But I'm hoping that I can do some of these things in this life because I feel like my life wouldn't be complete if I didn't travel. It is my passion and I know that for a fact.

All my life, since I knew that these things existed, I've wanted to experience them so badly, I can hardly describe it. I flew on an airplane for the first time a couple years ago, and honestly, it's one of my favorite things ever. I can't wait to go on a plane again. Just looking down at the Earth and trying to imagine how big it really is. Just seeing planes land and take off excite me.

There's a television show on OLN called Departures. My brother discovered it and got me hooked on it. It's about two Canadian guys who decide to drop everything, and just travel the world. I don't know how they did it, where the got the money or anything, but they did. They took a year and just traveled. I wish it was that simple.

If I was capable (and allowed of course), I would jump on a plane right now and go...anywhere. I wouldn't think twice, because I've wanted to travel for all my life. And it's frustrating because the only thing holding me back from that, is something as simple as a piece of paper. Money.

I've always dreamed of growing up, getting married, having kids, being successful in a job. I have no idea what that job is yet, and I have lots of time to figure it out, but I need to travel. I don't understand how anyone could not enjoy it.

I mean, I love my life now, I love my family, friends, my home, my community, my country! But I think sometime in my life I'm going to need to say goodbye to these things for a little while. It'll be hard, but it'll be worth it.

I don't even know what I'm trying to say. This isn't even a question, I'm just going on about my future, my passion, my dreams. All i know is, I just got bitten. I got bitten by the travel bug.

Example: I have 2 weeks'' holiday in Thailand... but where''s best to go?


I know this is such a broad question with too many possibilities... but it's my first time in Thailand and I'm just going for a couple of weeks at the start of May. I know it's meant to be unbearably hot so I don't think I'm going to spend more than a couple of nights in Bangkok.

What I'm after... Island life, amazing beaches and isolated lagoons, also..being in my 20s... I want to know where to go and meet other young people and party! Ideally i would also like to stay away from package holiday type places... what is your favourite island etc? good bars? or any general advice! anyway if you've been and you had a good time, share what you know!
Many thanks indeed!


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