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Dream About Burrow meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Had a really strange dream what does it mean?

What happened first was i saw a well dressed man on a podium speaking to an audience of angry people And i saw myself in the audience. And then i saw a great white building with literally 10s of thousands of people surrounding it hating it and protesting it
I then saw other various rallies and protests but after that i saw a mountain with a crying face on an unrecognisable penninsula
After that i saw an army on a desert mountain and the dream closed with a scene of thousands of bodies. But the strangest part is i heard a voice that said

And what a sight it was to behold when out of the dens the burrows and the caverns arose the thousands to march upon the shining city with locked hands to form the world

But a sight it was in the days following when the heathens rose up in the thousands screaming with the voices of lions meeting deaf ears and roaring voices in return
War plague famine death
Trial by fire

After hearing the message i woke up and i couldn't stop thinking about it all day

dreams are merely our sub conscious brain trying to make sense of our day/life you seem to be of somewhat of a religious person so my guess is your mind is filled with the propaganda of the end of times and the book of revelations etc basically your dream is symbolism and metaphor exactly what it means to me may not be what it means to you
I'd say the man on the podium represents information a single source the internet perhaps and of course the internet and tv etc are all filled with angry violent mobs waiting to point fingers at anyone who disagrees and you see yourself as one of these people you see the flaw in it all but you don't think you can change anything
the great white building i'd say is some symbol of purity or hope for you but you see all these people protesting it your brain is having problems figuring out why everyone doesn't feel and believe what you believe
then you saw a mountain crying the metaphor of crying inanimate objects is like you see a future where the earth for example needs help but it cries out and no one hears or you see it as possibly a defilement of the sacred similar to the great white building
the desert is just empty a vast dead earth dead bodies it represents no life nothing you see us all as an army marching towards complete death desolation annihilation the end of all life the end of the world as we know it

now the voice people typically tend to not remember dreams in voices and this much detail but ill play along

your symbolism is of a time or place where after its all over or before the buildings etc people lived more simply and so they come out of these natural dwellings and marched towards a shiny pretty thing like a moth to the flame and your symbolism is that of the people being the actual world and technically we came from the basic minerals etc and we return to it but the "locked hands to form the world" could be purity and unity but it could be more literal or it could be that you want everyone to think the way you think
then you go on to say "heathens" rose up screaming you are mixing myths metaphors symbolism here your writing from an atheistic perspective but using religious symbolism i would have said early on you are religious and you see the heathens destroying the world but even though you are still saying that it could be seen as a turning point in you the heathens are trying to either drown out the righteous or they have the correct message but everyone else is deaf but still screaming "roaring voices in return" they don't hear what they're saying like the pink Floyd song comfortably numb anyway you continue with biblical symbolism 'trial by fire"

so I'd suggest of course it means nothing to me it's your life your subjective dream but I'd say it's a crossroads of sorts you've reached an impasse in your life a fork in the road and you have to choose a direction choose a side it's all left brain vs right brain so there are no sides both are equally needed

Example: I dreamt about my hamsters what could that mean?

I own two hamsters, a mother and her baby, I had a dream that I took them out of their cage put them in a cup and placed my hand over the cup. They kept trying to burrow their way through my hand. Eventually they escaped through a space between two of my fingers and ran away. I searched the house but couldn't find them so i accepted that they were gone. That evening I found them back in their cage. They couldn't see me but I saw one of them pull out a wrench and start to undo bolts in their cage.They were walking on their two legs and walking around the cage,and going in and out of the cage like they did it all the time. I don't remember some parts of the dream but there was a part when they were pretending to be dead and when i picked them up they ran off again. I don't remember anything else. I know its kind of specific but what could dreaming about hamsters even mean?

Oh and this morning when i woke up, there was something on TV about an experiment where they paralyze the legs of mice and then teach them to walk up right. I thought that was pretty weird.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was standing under a large dark pink leafed tree, in a scenery so surreal. The river running down the stream, a concrete fence boarding it from people, and fresh healthy green grass ran for miles. The tree was as big as a building. Then all of the sudden, my cousin runs out of a train station and comes up to me. And suddenly, everything turned gloomy and gray, except for the tree. She told me ”Don’t stand under that tree! You’ll get a spider bug!” And then she started to explain what a spider bug was. While she was explaining, the dream shows exactly what she was saying. The spider bug burrows into your skin, and everywhere it walks it leaves a thin trail of black ink, and the only way you can get it out is if you cut your skin open, and pick it out. That’s when I wake up. What does this dream mean?

I’ve had this dream for a while now.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok so I had this really messed up dream. In the dream I was living in a house that I lived in as a kid, but I was an adult and lived alone. I have 3 cats in real life (all males) and they were in the dream too. The house caught on fire while we were inside and just burned the outside walls making holes that went outside but I kept living there anyway without repairing it. My cats started bringing in these tiny newborn kittens and hiding them through the house. I found one and tried to feed it with a bottle and it exploded. When it exploded these white larvae things started burrowing in my skin. This guy came in and was trying to kill me so I injected him with a sedative (nothing I would have in real life) and was just taunting him because he was kinda crawling around trying to get me. I started slashing him and laughing and just torturing him and running off, coming back to torture again.. running off... then the house caught on fire again, The guy caught on fire and I ran outside and got away.. and I woke up. I am not a violent person in real life at all... what would this possibly mean? lol.. it was really really vivid and I felt like I was controlling myself in the dream and deciding to do everything even though I would not do any of that in real life.

Example: Can anyone tell me what my dream means?

i fell asleep today in the middle of the day and i had a dream.in the dream there was nothing it seemed to be a world of no life or matter but barren and blank..after viewing this blank existence for some time in which i dident even seem to have a body just my thoughts. i heard a voice and it yelled to me still showing nothing of itself and said "the worms will burrow into your eyes and your mind will be filled with parasites ,and your ears shall be plugged with tar and you will no longer listen to the words of your kings ,and masters ,and you will take a place in the earth.. hate will be spread like the ripples after a stone is cast into the water after all this death will fill the world and the smell of burning flesh will reign and your would will never be cleansed and neither will the pollution in your mind " after it said this the white would seemed as if it was being sucked down a sink and it was strewn about like a what i always pictured a black hole to look like ,and it turned to a world of pure blackness and i felt as if my soul was about to explode and than i was awoken.

Example: What does a dream about Eating disorders mean?

A couple nights ago I had a dream I can only remember brief parts of. I was eating something and my body was sickly skinny looking, While i was eating it this other girl appeared and started yelling at me and cursing me and being terrible until I was crying and purged all the food even though she was screaming at me it seeemed like no one else could see or hear her. I just wanna know what this means? Ive always had problems with my weight and body issues, when i was 10 i used to pinch the fat on my arms until it hurt and its gotten so bad that i dont wanna walk to the front of my class room or even wear good clothing

Example: I had 2 dreams about a puppy biting me, then i stopped it and it was nice again. what does it mean?

The first dream, i was bitten by a white puppy in a church or somewhere similar.
and the second time i was bitten by a black puppy in a garden or a park.
in both, i told them off and they stopped biting me and started to burrow into my hands.
anyone know what it means?

Example: Dream where an ant burrows under my skin?

I had a dream where an ant bit my hand and it burrowed under the skin and i couldn't get it out. I wasn't scared or really freaked out, just bothered by it and thinking how weird it was and how i could get it out...
There were several people in my dream, including family and friends, I can't recall what we were doing. It happened to my mother too. Weird! Anyone have any idea what that could possibly mean? Thanks.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that In my snakes tank, there was a second snake, and no one knows where it came from. The new one was smaller that the real one though. My mom (in the dream) told me that the second snake burrowed through a hole into the tank. In the dream, I was scared that my snake was going to kill the new snake, and the new snake was scared of it too.

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