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Dream About Business Trip meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok, so I dreamed my parents were gone like on this trip and I was home alone, and it was nighttime and I went out on the porch to get some fresh air. but when I did, some drunk guys started yelling at me to come over there, so I ran towards my friends house. only when i was running, the wind was slowing me down, so I couldn't run as fast as I usually do, but I got there. Only when I had got to her street, i heard someone getting raped. I hid in the bushes, and he didn't see me, but i got a good look at his face. I spend the night there in the bushes and when I woke up, I went to the nearest house, which was right across the street from my friends house. it ended up being my science teacher's house. I whet there and stayed with her for the day because I was scared to go home. but that night, I somehow got outside and the rapist turned into a tiger, and i turned into a mouse. He was throwing blades at me, But i caught them and threw them back. I killed him, and then I found this baby that was like making everything evil, and I had to like, take it apart. the only problem was everytime I took it apart, it came coming back together. So I took it apart, and I spread the parts out evenly. then Everything was ok. I walked home, My mom was home and we went for a car ride and out the window,I saw the rapist.
And I think I woke up after that.

In a dream, a moonless night represents lack of work, stagnation, or losing one's job. If one sees the whole world in the dark and the moon is still radiant in the skies in a dream, it means that the governor will temporarily relinquish his entire duties to his chief minister or secretary, and that thieves and robbers will cluster around them for business. If one then sees the daylight in his dream, it means that such an adversity will pass. If people are under siege in the dream and the daylight dawns after a long dark night in a dream, it means that their siege will be lifted. If people are suffering from high prices and someone sees that dream, it means that prices will go back to normal. If they are suffering from tyranny, it too will pass. The night in a dream also means marital relations, while the day means separation between them. In a dream, the darkness of night also represents heedlessness and particularly if one witnesses thunder and lightning in his dream. Seeing a complete darkness inside one's house in a dream means taking a long journey. The night and the day in a dream represent two adverse rulers, or two competitors or adversaries. The night in a dream also represents an atheist, while the day in a dream represents a believer. The night in a dream also signifies comfort and rest, while the day means toiling and hardships. In a dream, the night also means sexual pleasures, while the day means divorce or separation. The night in a dream signifies economic stagnation, while the day means business, travels and hypocrisy. If the night in a dream is interpreted to represent the ocean, then the day means land. The night in a dream also means death, while the day represents life and resurrection. The night and the day together may represent the two guardian angels who record each perbond deeds and who are Allah's witnesses. If a sick person sees the dawn in a dream, it means that he will recover from his illness, or die from it. If he is imprisoned, it means that he will be released. If he is a sinner, it means that he will repent for his sins. If he is a merchant and his business is not moving, it means that his merchandise will be finally sold. The nightfall at the end of the day in a dream also could mean the opposite. Seeing the night in a dream also denotes constant changes in one's life, poverty, hunger, starvation, or death. The night and the day in a dream also represent wisdom and protocols, or indulging in something one will regret. The nightfall in a dream also may denote changing times, or changing trends. The night in a dream also could represent an African woman, while the day may represent a Caucasian woman, or a pregnant woman. The night in a dream also represents the evening gown, while the day represents work. The night in a dream also means veiling one's difficulties and taking refuge in a safe place, except if the one seeing the dream is a traveller, then the night in his dream means injustice and ignorance. The night in a dream also denotes devotion, holding a night vigil, attaining one's goal, or meeting with one's beloved

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that my undercover lover Zack and I were married, about ten years from now. I left on business, and while I was gone, I couldn't remember how to do anything in my job. I'd get account numbers mixed up and I would forget to call people back ect. For some reason the housing my job provided me with was an actual house I had to share with my new co workers. My new coworkers would curse at the customers. I was carrying around a backpack, and some of the stuff fell out. I tried to stick it back in, but it wouldn't fit. After I was done on the business trip I went back home. I got into a big fight with my "husband" and our son crawled out the window onto the roof of our house. Zack went out to get him, and my son asked "why does mom have to be so stupid?"

And I woke up. WTF?

Example: What does this mean? (My dream)?

I had a weird dream. Just saying now to let you know now.
So I have a girlfriend that I love so so so much and in my dream I some how was in Africa on a Business trip for some reason, but their was a hot girl their that I got to know very good, if you know what I mean, then in my dream it was like I was in my girlfriends body back at my house in my bedroom for some reason and she was looking at a letter that said it was from me saying that I ways gay and that I couldn't love her anymore, but in my dream someone blackmailed me and sent the letter to my girlfriend, so they could be with her, but I don't know who it was, and in my dream I had a break down and didn't know what to do, then I woke up and I kinda thought it was real and I almost flipped out.

The dream is just bothering me A LOT, because I love my girlfriend soooo much and I wouldn't be able to lose her. I would probably go into a deeper depression than I have now.

Example: What does my dream mean?

What does it mean when I have a dream that my husband is laying next to me holding me and we are about to go to sleep... i woke up right after that. He is deployed right now.

Example: Could you tell me what this dream means?

Can you interpret the meaning behind this dream?

First of all I dreamt of someone who I liked so much and was interested in but now I'm not. We were never boyfriend/girlfriends but we liked each other a lot last year that everyone seemed to notice, but I decided to let go because it was always me who cared. He was cold as ice, and he rarely showed feelings, so I decided to move on..

Anyway, I dreamt of him today. We were in a field trip (which is weird because in my college we have no trips like highschool anymore) and in real life that guy has a phobia from heights... and in the dream we were climbing in some historic place that was high, and I don't talk to him anymore but I decided to go and ask him if he's okay or make fun of how his close friends were leaving him.. but then he was at the corner waiting to go down again but he was kind of trembling and he was losing his balance with his eyes closing and he was going to fall from the corner of that place. He was going to fall down but I saved him.
So I saved his life in the dream by grabbing him and the story of saving him was so detailed with me screaming to some guys to help me and to wake him up (because he fainted)
In the end they carried him downstairs and nobody knew him from those who helped except me and when he finally wakes up (also because of my help) he seems confused and then his phone which fell and I got it for him was ringing and he answered and it was his female friend whom I know and who decided to leave to climb upstairs.. And though I was planning to have fun upstairs like everyone else, I decided to help him .. and some doctor/teacher/grownup saw the whole thing and I told her I was sorry if I screamed at her when he fainted, and I told her to make sure he's okay since I was climbing with my friends again.
He didn't seem to notice me, and I seemed to care.. do you think this means I care in reality for him but he doesn't care for me? What about saving his life? What does that symbolize?

I will really really appreciate it if you read all this and answer me, and if you are good at interpreting dreams :) Thank you so muchh! xx
5 stars for the best answer..

and please be honest with me even if the truth behind this dream might hurt me! Thanks a lot

Example: What does it mean if my bofriend dumps me in my dream for another girl? ?

Dream: me and Anthony my boyfriend where some where I can't remember where and then we started talking to some random girl then somehow when I look again they were holding hands and then I went to my boy friend crying begging him to come with me and he said no that he fell in love with that girl so then he said the only way he will get back with me is if she dies so I thought about killing her but idk why I didnt and then I called this kid to try to get Anthony jealous and then I woke up... What does this mean? Lo
Ike you know when someone dies in your dream it means they are gonna live long?

Example: What does it mean when you dream that you're dad died?

I had a dream last night that my dad died and I saw his body. And I woke up crying. I asked my mom and she said that maybe it's because I miss him. He's on a business trip so I can't call him right now because of the time difference. Anyway I need to know what this dream means or if it has no meaning at all. Please help!

Example: What does this dream mean?!?!?

So, i like two guys. In my dream, I was dating one of them. But i liked them both. The one i was dating had to go away for business, and me and the other one were going on a trip with each others families. While I was with the one i WASNT dating, we kissed, and my boyfriend never found out. We snuck around all the time on the trip just to be with each other. I felt guilty for basically cheating b/c I really like my boyfriend. Bu tI like this guy too, and I really want to tell him.

P.S. Both of the people in my dream, I know in real life, and I like both of them ALOT.

Example: A strange dream-What does it mean?

Last night, I dreamed that my husband and I were leaving our home state to go back to where we live. I was seeing the places I used to live in. Anyways, we were really late and left our car for his dad to pick up later and threw some personal stuff in our backpack. It was really late by the time we got to the airport (I mean, 2 a.m.) but we didn't stress out. I went to the bathroom to check my make up and saw myself in the mirror. Then I woke up.

I should probably add what is going on in my life. My husband and I had a big fight and it was so bad that he suggested counseling so we can find better ways to communicate when we fight. The counselor wants to see me so we can discuss some things wrong with me such as my irrational fear of death and some issues I have in our marriage.

Example: What do you think this dream means?

Ok so in my dream I was on earth at first then I was on a spaceship there were several people with me that I don't know but I seemed really familiar with them in the dream they looked different somehow taller. We were going very fast and I remember watching the planets fly by then suddenly we were in space it was dark and we went into some sort of black hole type thing I saw us heading up towards what looked like light in the distance (I felt a feeling of doom like where are we going) I saw what looked then we came another solar system (going very fast) there was a huge blue planet on one part and one with a more purpleish hue, we went to one of the ones closer to the star. When we landed I kept looking at the sky fascinated with the fact that it was a more deep blue color (almost purplish) and the clouds looked different somehow. There were streets and businesses and houses there but they seemed very different from the ones here on earth. There seemed to be symbols and other things that I wasn't familiar with Also as it got dark I was watching facinated the sky and the clouds parted revealing a very different star formation it was much more bright and there were countless stars clustered together some blue some white some yellow I was looking at a far off galaxy and there was kind of these blue and green flashes in the sky as it got dark. Suddenly I felt a sense of urgency and people were leaving the streets going towards their homes and someone told me you got to go you can't survive how cold it gets here at night. Then I woke up.

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