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Dream About Butcher Knife meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that I had cancer in both feet. So I took a butcher knife and chopped them off myself at home. Then my ex husband said the meat in feet tastes delicious. He asked if he could cook my feet for us for dinner.

W.T.F? Anyone have ideas as to what that completely whacked out dream means? It really freaked me out!

Thanks for the help!

It could mean that, in your dream, you're faced with a crippling problem, one that's so bad, it would seriously change your lifestyle for the worse.

A person from your past is your knight in shining armor, helping you to get rid of your dilema once and for all. Because you two are the only people in the room, no one else knows or if they do, your ex husband is the only one who cared enough to stay.

The fact that you chopped off your own legs *shivers* probably means that you are ready to undergo anything to get rid of this impending danger. That you are ready to suffocate your life if it means controlling the spread of this disgusting occurrence.

This is by no means an expert opinion. I advise you to take one though, because by the looks of it, you have a problem on your hands and dreams are the products of our deepest thoughts. Your subconscious is trying to tell you something and you owe it to yourself to understand :D

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I've been having really weird dreams lately. my first one is dream A, the second one dream B.

Dream A: I went to wash my hair in the kitchen sink. There was a butcher knife in the sink, I didn't know it was there, yet I sensed that it was. I washed my hair and wrapped my hair in a white towel. Suddenly my towel turned bright red with blood and My mom started pressing her hand to my head and I started screaming. What does this mean?

Dream B: My most recent one. I've been talking to this guy I'll call Bob. My dream went like this. "Bob" and I were walking in this long hallway in a college. (Not our college) I was wearing these Pink bermuda shorts with orange and green plaid on them and "Bob" was like "Are those capri's?" and I was like "Bermuda shorts actually" (I NEVER wear anything like them.) But we met up with his friends and as Bob and I were talking they were making fun of my shorts! And then we went to this haunted house where they dressed us up in gone with the wind style dresses. I was just about to go in when I realized I had to go to work.I hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek (I'm not that close to him yet) Bob gave me the keys to this huge like 19 passenger van and I drove to work.

This is so confusing! Anyone who has an idea what either of these dreams mean please let me know! My dreams drive me crazy.

Example: What does my dream mean?(No skeptics please)?

I had a really weird dream that I was at my mom's clinic, alone. Then, this guy in a red shirt appeared from one of the rooms carrying a butcher knife and a pillow. What does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night that I was in a glass house on a peninsula over looking the ocean. During the day I was in school with people I didn't know and then I realized one of my good friends was there. During school we watched some sort of movie until someone noticed there were dolphins jumping and playing by the rocks in the water and everyone rushed over to see them playing. Then the sun started setting and we saw three black horses swimming trying to get away from a really old fashioni ship that had soldiers on it with metal hats, chest guards, and guns. They were shooting at the horses as they were swimming towards us. Some of the gun shots started hitting the glass hiting things inside but the Windows never shattered. One of the bullets grazed my scalp but I didn't bleed. Everyone dropped down and was screaming but we couldn't get out of the house. The door was on the side they were shooting at. Then the night fell and the moon was beautifully bright. The soldiers got on a paddle boat and came in the house. None of the soldiers had weapons at this point except the leader but everyone started fighting. The leader was this really tall huge dude! I tied to slice his arm off so he wouldn't shoot me because everyone was knocked out except me and my friend and a hand full of class mates. They watched me slice away but it would barely cut him. (It was almost like a razor cut.) He then grabbed the knife from me and cut me several times in my legs, arms, and ribs but he sliced me, no stabs. I got soo scared then I grabbed the butcher knife ran away hid it and ran out. I jumped in the water. Swam some distance and hid behind some rocks to see if he would find me. He sent his army out to catch me so I turned around thinking I was going to die now and one of the dolphins appeared and I grabbed on to his back and we swam away. I knew I would be safe and he was going to swim me to safety. He swam above the water so I could breath. I then passed out from the pain.

Example: What did my dream mean?!?

Well one dream one of my friends had a butter knie with a little bit of edge on it so it can cut. she was pressing REALLY hard into my hand and trying ot cut it. then my next dream she took a HUGE knife that was a liek a butchers but had a point on the end and she kept stabibng my finger and trying to cut me. but it would never cut. she also tried ot like stab me int he face with it. What do you think it ment? should i not trust her?

Example: What does it mean to dream of demon baby, whose head you have to cut off?

I have never this type of dream... well its a two parter. The first dream was that my cat gave me worms. (and in real life, i think she may have worms, but not sure... I know I need to take her to vet!) So then, the second dream was, I was at some sort of school. I found this this baby whose head looked reattached. I thought it was dead, but slowly it woke up and tried to bite me. I realized it was a demon baby and had to cut off it head. And I did! with a butcher knife a clean sweep. So afterwards I go into the next room congradulating my roomates cause they helped too. Then this man walks in, almost lecturing us about clean living. He seemed really intimidating but turns out he really liked us. I go back to the room where the demon baby was and find that it reattached its head to it body. So again, I had to fight to cut its head off, this time with a fork. And succeed, then the intimidating guy's wife (whose a psychic) comes to me, to help me keep the brain and head and other appendages from reattaching. wtf!? i'm pretty good at figuring out my dreams but this one is too much.
(i guess i should also mention i had a bite of a "brownie" and was baked all day... but umm... yeah, lay off the brownies is also a given)

Example: What don these dreams mean!?

Well I hate my science teacher A LOT! I have been having dreams with him in it. Here's the 1st dream...

I was in my elementary school's backyard. I was hangig out with my 2 bestfriends and he comes over and grabs us all and brings us to the corner of our school were no one was. He raped all three of us continually once at the same time and probably 8 times seperatly. He was a brutal rapist because he beat us if we tried to run away and punch us in the face if we cried or screamed. He treatened to kill us all if we told someone.

Here is the second dream...

I was in my middle school's lab room while my teacher was teaching. The bell rang so everyone left but I had to get a folder from the teacher. I went to get it and he gave me it. He asked me this "hey girl, do you wanna have sex?" I answered "Eww! Hells no!". Then he grabbed me by both of my arms and trew me on top of his desk. He trew me so hard I could've broke my back! He sat on top of me and started to take of his pants and shirt and he took off my pants shirt and underwear. I was screaming at the top of my lungs while this was happening. Then he started to kiss me and before I knew it I wasn't a virgina nymore because he raped me. He raped me for 14 hours straight. I started to punch his really hard then he finally let go of me and I ran like the wind and I finally got away.

Here's the last dream...

I was home alone taking a hot shower listening to some country music. All of a sudden my teacher breaks down my bathroom door and gets in the bath with me and starts to rape me once again for 6 hours straight. While he was raping me he had a sharp butcher's knife near by so if I tried to run he could kill me. I thought it was time to run so I ran. He was behind me with the knife in hand yelling things like "get your @ss over here" and "you b****! I will get you and kill your @ss!" I got in my room and locked it. He continued to yell and yell. I lived on the 6th floor in my building. He managed to open the door with his knife so I decided I wanted to get away so I jumped out the window. He jumped right out with me and we both died the moment we hit the floor.

I am really scared because I don't know what these dreams mean! Can you please help. I am terrified of him!

~Thanks, lexi

Example: What does my dream mean?

So I've been having another really weird dream I've had it about three times...in this dream I was back at my old house {my mum and my ex step-father had a divorce so we moved out} anyways I went into my parents bathroom and there is this ghost girl in there and she never says anythig but I knowthat she wants to hurt me I try to run away scream do anything but I'm stuck {sometimes this is when I wake up but other times the dream continues} if the dream continues then I finnaly manage to close the bathroom door and I turn around to see my parents bed and my mum is like torn from limb to limb and her head is disconnected from her body and her eyes are staring at me blinking but her eyes are a deep crystal blue {my mums eyes in real life are dark brown} anyways I run out of the room and I see my ex step father with a butchers knife and has one of thoes white things that butchers ussualy wear you know to keep the blood from getting on them, I forgot what its called but he looks at me and says "how are you sweetie?" then I wake up...I'm 16 year old if that help any? I'm just confused by this dream

Example: Whats my dream mean?

I saw these two guys fighting, which ended. The one guy wanted to fight me, I refused, so he left but I saw he was waiting for me out side the building i was in. I went out but he wasnt there, but in the parking lot. he had a butcher knife. I freaked at beat him over the head with a desk. I ran and turned going towards a stop sign. I went thought this wall of liquid which ripeled like waves when I entered. I apeared on a bridge surround by evergreen trees. I could feel the wind, and hear it. I walked inside the covered bridge, an saw two little girls, with pale skin, and dirt cloths. They look at me with scared looks, I said it will be ok. i walked out amd saw this cloaked being with its back turned. I taped him, he tunred around and screached at me. All I saw was a dark face, he had no face. I could see him following as I ran. I went up into the air, and went down. The dream ended. I remember waking, opening my eyes slowly. I felt wide awake like I never slept. Any ideas what happend?

Example: Very scary dream, what's it mean? What should I do?

Within the last couple of weeks i've had the same dream about 5 times. This is what happens...

It's always at night and it's raining. I always wake up at exactly 4:17 and go downstairs to the kitchen and grab a big butcher's knife. I quietly walk up the steps and go in my sisters room and cut her neck. Then, my dad's always standing in the doorway with his own knife and he always shouts "What have I done!? What have I done!?" and begins crying. He killed my mom as I was killing my sister. Then we get in the car and head north towards Canada. I keep telling my dad we should head towards Mexico (because there's a lot more countries down there and it will be harder to catch us). And then the dream stops.

It's really scary and I don't know what to do about it. I'm scared to talk to anybody about it because it makes me seem kind of crazy. Some info about me: I'm 18 and a freshman in college, I live in an apartment and have a girlfriend.

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