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Dream About Butter Knife meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my weird dreams mean?

hey my name is ayana and i been deamin some weird things 2 days now...well my boyfriend's grandma has pasted away some days ago and he been down and stressed ever since...well saturday night i had a dream that 2 demon lookin creatures was fightin and there was a swarm of huge bees killin people..so my mom,my boyfriend and my lil niece ran into a small abandon room away from the bees..then they all felll asleep but i couldnt sleep and i saw a hugee blue eye lookin through the key hole at me...and it appeared inside...but it didnt come to kill us..i had a blue necklace around my neck which belongs to him (idk how it reach there) then my phone ran n i woke up...then last night "sunday" i dream i was in the police (which is my dream to be) then i was a lady who was also in the police...she saw a nice shirt and hat she wanted an we went to get it...then she disappeared from my dream and my boyfriend appeared...we was on something like a hike going through bushes but we was tryin to get home...then i saw 3 ladies who live next to us dat we dont speak to (cause they deal up with obeah) and one strange girl..i cut my hair infront of them and walked off meetin my boyfriend..then we was on a bridge like thing with a brown trap door at the bottom and my left slipper fell on it...i was goin to jump for it but my bf stopped me tellin me i would fall into the river...(the river was low and flowin nice) then he went down standin on the edge of the door tryin to walk slowy for my slipper and it fell into the river...then i jumped into the river chasing after it on the side..then it flow away...soon waves of water started comin down..makin the river rise a little...then a bigger wave came and my bf pulled me out before it can carry me down and we was both scared...v.v then i woke up...

i been thinking maybe cause i cut my hair infront of my enemies (the ppl who do obeah) cause bad things to happen to me..

Idk what my dreams mean can someone help me? or at least try? i really wanna know what it means...if it have a meaning..=(

dreams are a combination of random things we see everyday. it probably has some meaning that you can only pick up. dissect it piece by piece. if you want bad dreams to stop, sleep with a butter knife under your pillow. (not a real knife or you might kill yourself ;) )

Example: What did my dream mean?!?

Well one dream one of my friends had a butter knie with a little bit of edge on it so it can cut. she was pressing REALLY hard into my hand and trying ot cut it. then my next dream she took a HUGE knife that was a liek a butchers but had a point on the end and she kept stabibng my finger and trying to cut me. but it would never cut. she also tried ot like stab me int he face with it. What do you think it ment? should i not trust her?

Example: I had a dream about a large many legged bug?

It looked like a centipede/millipede that was about 14 inches long and very big and fat. My cat came out of a little crevice in the wall at my kitchen, and also came out after it, seemed to be chasing it cause it could eat it was the bug. I tryed to kill it with a butter knife and that seemed to dis-able it but then it detached like a worm and kept moving so I kept mashing it up. My cat was very scared, I felt strange and bad through the whole thing.

Example: What does this dream mean?

A friend says I stuck a long knife through him in a dream, "like he was butter". I didn't care. Please help!

Example: Reallyyyy weird dream, what does it mean?

The dream is still so clear and it was so life like. Okay so it started out with me and my brother hiking through a canyon. He was way in front of me and I went to take a step on these rocks when I saw 2 whiteish ox with there baby and I immediately thought "Animals are protective of there kids, they're going to attack me". And I was right, the big "dad" ox jumped up, head butted me and I hit a rock wall behind me and fell down. The ox continued attacking me but everything was black to me and I tried throwing punches but I could barley move. Then my brother somehow scared it off and everything was still black, I couldn't move at all but I could hear and feel everything around me and doctors were talking about how I have a major concussion, a circulatory contusion and fell into a coma.

I wake up in a hospital room and see the same ox and it starts to charge at me and I start screaming and nurses run in. I tell them I can't be here alone so the put me in a room with another girl and I find out that I'm really in an insane asylum. I don't really remember the rest but several times I would see the ox begin to charge at me like in the hallways but it wasn't real, I was just crazy.

Then, I wake up in my living room and my friend is next to me. I tell her how I had the weirdest dream and I begin telling her, but she won't listen and I start getting really frustrated and I turn around and the ox is there, and starts charging and right before it gets to me, I black out.

I wake up in my living room again in a different spot and the same friend is next to me and I begin telling her my dream when my mom, little brother and his friend comes down. My mom is screaming and she takes us to another room where there's these to disgusting half alligator half ct like creatures. I don't even know but they try attacking us and we somehow trap them in my brothers room and his friend takes a butter knife and chops them up into little pieces. We put there remains in socks and throw it in the river. Freaking weird, I know.

All the sudden I'm at the canyon again. My brother is way ahead of me and I'm about to step on this rock thing when I see the 2 ox and there baby. I already know what's going to happen, and I'm right. The big ox jumps up to attack me.. then I wake up for real. I've never had a dream like this. What does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean? WARING: VERY ODD DREAM!?

I had this dream, and my whole grade 6 class was on my bus.(I dont know why it was grade 6!) Then my teacher, Mr. Meilko, was hiding under on of the bus seats wearing a tool belt full of knives. He said "im gonna kill you all and cut you up like squid strips!" So we all got out of the bus and ran to my house, and Mr. Meilko was throwing knives at me! They landed in me sooo deep, but it didnt hurt! I just took them out. Then Mr. Meilko was setting up tables with name cards of the people in my class. He was laying out strips of my classmates on the table! Then he gave me a huge knife, and my friend a plastic butter knife. He told us to go upstairs and cut off our heads! We went to the washroom where there was 2 sinks. I cut off my head very easily, but I was still alive and talking! My friend said "I can't cut off my head!" So I let her borrow mine. Then we gave our heads to Mr. Meilko. He kept on stabbing people and saying that we are gonna all be squid strips! Then I woke up screaming.

Example: What does this dream mean, please take the time to read it, its long.?

well, my mum asked me to go to Ohio, which at the tgime i thought was in japan, then i realised it was in america somewhere to fight these 40 things.
i didnt go to Ohio because i was scared, but then 1 group of these things came to my house.
they were 2 werewolves and 1 old lady.
I looked out the window and the werewolf was like, climbing on top of a pile of something.
and then it jumped on my house and crashed the roof down.
alost hitting me,
my friends just like disapeared, and i had to fight it, with like a friggen butter knife.
and then another werewolf came down.
and then the old lady was sitting on my couch.
I apprantly had to kill all of these so i went for the old lady first. (stupid i know.. why kill an old lady when 2 werewolves are chasing after you)
and suddenly i stabbed her, and the werewolves went really quiet and turned into the men again.
I sliced one of there faces and he laughed, and then suddenly died,
and so did the other one.
and i got some sort of small badge thing, it looked pretty stupid, nothing pretty.
so i got this feeling i shouldnt tell anybody, because they'd think im crazy
and then the next people were like,
Vikings, and they were at my school,
as i was being sent home because i had a fever, these five vikings stepped in.
they had black mustaches and wore like viking things.
and they had a daughter called Ashlea
( I knew that because i was talking to her before. )
and she was with them now, dressed in viking things.
so i ended up fighting them, (no with ashlea)
and somehow it just stopped.
and the next one was like this Elf family, but they were tall, and one of the guys was really cute.
so yeah, i fought them at someones house,
and they had a remote that could control what the outside would look like. (like snow, rain, sun, moon)
and as i was waiting for them to come, i changed it to snow.
then one of them came,
and it was the hot one,
and for some reason i kissed him.
and he got a blade, and i ran.
and then I went out of the glass window.
and then everything was normal (almost)
i had another badge in my hand.
and my 2 best friends, (that i never met until in my dream)
picked me up in a car.
and i saw on her dashboard,
were like 40 badges, (im estimating) in like a pretty glass jar.
so i asked her about it, she explained that her grandmother asked her too.
I asked her who was the hardest.
she said Dracula.
( before i had the dream, i was reading the book dracula, so maybe that has something to do with it)
and then i asked, how did you kill him.
and she said " i whacked him over the head with a skillet "
and then i sneezed and woke up. ( I have the flu )

Example: I dreamed my boss was a murderer and tried to kill me, and I begged him not to. What does it mean?

I dreamed that my boss (who I am also friends with outside of work), was a murderer. I found out about it, and so he was going to have to kill me. I witnessed him kill one person by stabbing them in the head with a butter knife, and then he started chasing me. I was walking backwards, facing him, begging him not to kill me. I was saying, "Please don't kill me, please don't kill me. I won't tell anyone!" I was also trying to tell him that we were friends and that I cared for him and trying to talk him out of killing me. I ended up breaking free from him somehow and then the rest of the dream I spent running through the woods, trying to decide whether I should hide in the woods or hitch hike, or go hide in a nearby house and try to get safe. I never felt safe in the dream and was terrified the whole time and was continually being chased. I woke up very afraid! Any insight?

Example: I feel no emotions when i dream i kill my family. What does it mean?

I dream i kill i kill my family and friends with a knife and then i watch their blood flow out. In my dream i feel no emotions when i do it. But when i wake up i feel dangerous (like i might actually hurt them in real life), sick (like about to barf sick), a cold sweat and a headache. its a repeating dream and its taking away my sleeping time. Sometimes a stay awake all night so i wont have that dream. I need to know what it means.

Example: Do you think our dreams mean something?

I had this dream where someone was trying to kill me, but it was like a game to him. A lot of really crazy things happened, but there are scenes that stick out to me. I was hiding in a cafeteria when the killer found me, and he had this huge needle filled with some type of poison, but he couldn't get to my vein because I had too many cuts there. Then, he had chosen this innocent young man to kill, and I told him to kill me instead. He took out a knife, and asked if I really wanted a death by a butter knife, and he pretended to stab me in the stomach. Before I could say anything, the killer already knew my answer and attacked the young man. As I ran away, I could hear him screaming. This dream has been haunting me all day. If you think dreams have meaning, what do you think this dream means?

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