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Dream About Button meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream meaning?

l had a dream the other night that made me shoot up in my bed, l was driving a bus(which l do for a living) and l pressed a button and this really fat spider shot out at me, thats when l shot up, can anyone say what this means.

It means that sometime soon you will face something scary to you and fail to overcome it, when it happens you will know and you must stay calm and everything will be fine.

The paths of life can be changed, don't give up hope!

Example: U kno what my dream means?

i fell asleep and i dreamt that i was in this abondedend circus with my dad. then comes this kid and tells us to follow him he takes us to a grave yard and he clicks this red button and ghosts (male and female) dressed in formal clothing start dancing den i wake up.
anyone know what this dream means?

Example: Dream interpretation- What does my dream mean?

I dreamt that I was standing inside the living room of an old, empty house. My ex husband was standing there also. Birds were happily playing, and flying around in the front yard. A red cardinal flew in one window, flew past us, and then flew out of another window. The cardinal appeared happy.

Example: Elevator dream meaning?

For two nights now I've had this dream that I am in a fancy hotel and I am getting into an elevator with my two dogs and one of my friends. Just as I'm about to push the button to go up I realize my friend walked off the elevator so I call out her name waiting for her as the doors keep trying to close to go up and then one of my dogs tries to jump out and I'm still just trying to keep the elevator from closing and going up. Eventually I get off, someone tells me my friend is in the restroom. I finally see here and we all get into the elevator with me annoyed and then I wake up. What is the meaning of this dream? Thanks for any input.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i was in an old theatre that was full of cobwebs and ready to collapse.
i sat down on a chair, and suddenly the lights came on, and on the stage there was this girl. she was dressed in gothic dresses and had long black hair. she was dancing over and over, just spinning and twirling.
then, dancers joined her- they were all creepy-looking. i kept watching. i felt happy because the show was all for me, as no-one else was there.
but then, suddenly, five men sat in the row behind me. they had gloved hands. before i could move, they reached over and pushed my into my seat, trapping me. then, then put thier hands across my face and pulled off a mask. it was white with golden swirls on it.
then, i looked down and a necklace was now on my chest. it had a silver button on the end.
i felt really happy, and wanted to stay, but then i woke up.

Example: What does it mean if u dream some1 is forcefully putting their finger in your belly button?

im female & the person was male

Example: I'm dreaming i have 3 belly buttons/navels, whats it mean?

I have googled and the explanations seems to just be very vague and for just seeing 'a' navel not multiple navels. Was rather weird.

Example: I dreamed that my navel(belly button) had some sort of infection, and it hurt. What can this mean?

Example: Dream Has Meaning?

In school I go to the cafe to buy a cookie. I am wearing a pink shirt and jeans. And the boy who I like (who I lik in reality and likes me) stares at me. He is wearing a white button down shirt and jeans. His friends tell me to come over. So I go. And he gives me the look he gives me eveyday. But then he wont say anything so I leave. On my way back out he says my name and gets up to speak to me, his friends are watching like hawks, but once again he is too shy to speak, so I offer to take a walk outside. We walk to the nearest staircase and sit on it. A teacher of ours walks down the stairs, interrupting us for a while. Giving us a knowing grin (she messed with us during class) So then he tells me that I am smart, pretty, amazing, funny, opinionated. And he would like to go out with me. I look at him for a moment and he is scared. And I say sure. So we pucker kiss. We hug.Then we take each others hands. Go get our backpacks and sit alone together. All our friends beaming nd excited. And the teacher knows it was happening. So after that I just catch a glimpse of prom. graduation. And getting married and having children.

Example: Dream Dictionary meaning?

what does it mean?:
To dream that you are hurt, signifies wounded emotions or feelings that you may have suppressed. You need to address these feelings in order to properly heal.

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