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Dream About Calendar Year meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night and it went like this:
I was applying for a job, and the manager lady had a list with 27 numbers on it and she said all positions were filled up. I noticed the last number, 27, was blank so I said that ones blank and she said, "no, jacquelyn luther has that position" right when she said that, i said "no...jacquelyn's been dead... (jacquelyn was a friend of mine who died in a car accident last august).
after I told her that, she didn't believe me. There was someone standing beside the manager lady and it was jacquelyn's sister, jessica. She started crying and then the manager asked me why she was so I told her again jacquelyn had been dead. Then I woke up.

It's weird how jacquelyn was number 27 on the list because there's a song that i listen to all the time called '27' and it's like, "i said your name 27 times, will that bring you back to life."
what could this mean?

Plato believed God created the soul of the universe using #27.
For Abellio, it is the number of the Holy Spirit.
J. Boehme calls this number "the death".
According to Alfred Weysen, twenty seven is a lunar symbol, indicating the light in darkness. It is the symbol of the divine light.
27 is the afterlife acording to Robert Monroe (the late).
27 is consider new life after death.

So, I have no idea if your religious or not, but this is a considered a strong religious number which just happens to be around the topic of death. Your dream is your sub-consisous resolving jacquelyn death. She has received the holy spirit and is booked into a better place. Mourn your lost but be at peace and be reassured.

Interestingly enough...

Genesis 1:27 "Man was created in the Image of God."

The moon takes 27 days to orbit the earth.

The sun revolves on its axis every 27 days .

It takes 27 days for a human cell to re-grow.

Mayan calendar:
60 X 60 X 24 X 364 = 31449600 = add em up = 27

The Antichrist / wars would end after 27 years.

Near End of American Civil War 1864 ---> 27 years later ---> END of Pine Ridge Massacre 1891
END of Pine Ridge Massacre 1891 ---> 27 years later ---> END of WWI 1918
END of WWI 1918 ---> 27 years later ---> END of WWII 1945
END of WWII 1945---> 27 years later ---> END of Vietnam War 1972

60 seconds/min X 60 minutes/hour X 24 hours/day X 365.25 days/year =
31557600 = add em up = 27

Pi = 3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 8(3279)
3279. the 27 is in the middle of these 4 digits. And 3 x 9 = 27

It is God's divine fingerprint to prove the Bible is the true and living Word of God. They appear after counting 27 places after the decimal, which is God's way of pointing us to the Trinity.
3 x 3 x 3 = 27

from the 3 27 9 you can see:
Old Testament = 39 books
New Testament = 27 books

There are 27 generations from David to the Christ according to the Gospel of Matthew.

To write twenty-seven in Hebrew, they wrote two Hebrew letters: kaph-zayin. These signify the open palm in the ministry of spiritual warfare. Twenty-seven is the number of the Ministry of Salvation and naturally follows 26, which is the Power of Salvation. We must first receive the Power of Salvation in order to do the work of the Ministry of Salvation.

The numeric value of “the gospel is the power of God” (Rom. 1:16) is 27 x 100. The essence of the gospel is about believing that Jesus is the Son of God. So in 1 John 4:15, “Jesus is the Son of God” has a numeric value of 27 x 111. Likewise, in Mark 3:11, “Thou art the Son of God” has a numeric value of 27 x 111. In Matt. 1:23, we read, “Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son,” which carries a numeric value of 27 x 111. Jesus is considered the bridge to cross over.

Let me guess, it's been around 11 months since her death?

The 27th time that Joshua’s name appear in Scripture is in Joshua 1:1, where God told him that now that Moses was dead, it was time to cross the Jordan into Canaan (accept and move on with life).

The Hebrew word for pure is zak, which has a numeric value of 27.

Jesus ascended at the age of 27 years and 9 days.

Example: I had the wierdest dream last night...what does it mean?

so here it goes...
i was in my school, with my cat. I went to math class where my cat sat right next to me the whole time. When the bell rang, i walked outside of the math class to go to my next class. But, there was an extremely long single file line leading up the stairs which was blocking my way. So, i went the back way. I put my cat down to walk next to me, and she ran into the bathroom and into one of the stalls. I followed her into the stall, and a young man a little older than myself offered to get her for me. I said no, and grabbed her myself. He quickly opened the stall door next to where my cat was and looked at me, then went back in. I walked out of the bathroom and ran down the stairs, he ran out of the bathroom to find me, and yelled down to me from the top of the stairs. He yelled down to me and asked me my name, and why i had my cat...he seemed to like me. He told me he had a goat. Then, my teacher showed up, and i left with her. As i was leaving, he yelled down the stairs to me and said "have a nice life" i giggled and said, i hope you have a nice life too.

please interpret. what does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean? Shaman draws calendar with white bird with long neck, beak pointing to July 7th?

The only significance of this date to me in the past is that this is my husband's little brother's birthday who is 1 year younger than me. I was born July 28th. Also the only connection I have to the Native American culture is that my husband's father was half indian or less...not sure exactly as his biological father is not really in his life?

Example: Alright so I had a super weird dream, and I really want to know what it means...?

Alright so i dreamt last night that my mom and I lived in a house, and we had an old lady that was our neighbor and my mom and I and her were friends (The old lady's house entrance door was mad of wood and had glass sidepanels which had roses on them sort of like climbing roses but not exactly and she always had her door open with incense.), and I walked home from school one day, and she told me to go over to her, so I did and when I did her eyes were only showing white (like the undertaker) and she tells me to tell my mom to burn it (I don't know what) while she can in the vase, I told her to come with me and tell my mom but then she looked outside looked at the roses on the door and told me that she couldn't go farther than where she was, so I ran home and I told my mom, apparently my mom knew what she had meant. In our house we had a room that was holy with a lot of bibles in it, she took a vase and went into that room with it I went with her, she put rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide in the vase and she put something else in it and she lit a lighter about 3 feet above and the fire lit the contents of the vase on fire it slowly went down and the sides where there was hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol were gone, there was only a panel of hydrogen peroxide and alcohol burning now, the smoke formed something behind the vase, and that thing started to smell the smoke. I fainted and when I woke up again my mom was waking me up and she took me to high school, I was a sophomore (right now I'm an 8th grader, 13 years old and I'm a guy, so 2 years had passed) then I was talking to all of my friends and they laughed at what I said and we all laughed at what we said, and then we all ate together, and I came home I did my homework and I fell asleep, then when I woke up again it was a week later (I looked at the calendar on the wall) but when I got to school everyone had changed but me, I had a little bit longer hair and I was skinnier but my personality and everything else hadn't changed about me, but everyone else had, I remember that my friend the week before when I had talked to her and eaten with her that she had her hair like shoulder length and it was completely blond and not very ... voluptuous and then the week later, she had her hair down to her elbows and it was blond and brown and super voluptuous.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I keep dreaming that I keeping loosing important things. In one dream I was in a fashion show and minutes before the show I could not find the skirt that I had to wear and I had seen it like minutes before right infront of me. For some reason my room mate from highschool was in my dream wearing one of my tshirts!The second dream I was in the tube station in London and I couldnt find my oyster card and the lady at the gates was very helpfull she just gave me an oyster with her picture on it! what does this mean? serious answers only

Example: Can you tell me what this dream might mean?

I had several dreams last night, but I don't really remember anything, except that they all seemed to be different, not one, and they all contained the number 12. I feel like I should know this number for some reason, or that someone is trying to speak to me (maybe God?) about this. I know 12 means spiritual strength, but I really don't think that's all of it. In one dream I know there was a poem, and in the other a riddle, and in another, someone said to me "because 12 is the number of disciples..." and I was like "Oh, now I get it!"... like a big realization happened.

Now I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but a lady I don't speak much to at work told me yesterday she had a dream I was preggers and that everyone at work was talking about it and my boss was interviewing for my maternity leave replacement... here's the kicker to that... hubby and I have been TTC for 5 months, but we haven't told anyone! I don't know if these are related or not...


Example: What does this mean? I dreamed I gave birth to kittens! ?

I LOVE all felines. I had one growing up, when it died, my step mom told my dad I could not have another cat. I was devastated, and put up cat posters, calendars, pictures of cats all over my room to make a point. Five years later, my boyfreind(now hubby), bought me 2 cats. I thought he was my night in shining armor! The dream occured at college, before I met my husband. The dream was totally peaceful, no fear, complete joy.

Example: Does anyone knows what it means to dream of a calendar date?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have had this dream for a couple of years now, and i feel it means something because i have had dreams that the next week i relive exactly the same.
Well the dream is that i'm with my "boyfriend" or sometimes even husband in the future, and well i cant really see his face so i'm not exactly sure who he is but i have a strong feeling that i know him. And i have this feeling that this is my future. Is it or am i just exaggerating?

Example: What does it mean to dream about a boyfriend you've never met at a state you're not at and his name?

background info: I went to a college in PA a little bit last semester then withdrew and came down to GA this semester.
I'm single right now. Last night, I had a vivid dream that I was back in the PA college and I had a boyfriend I never met in real life. his name and somehow we( me first) knew that it was a dream but we really loved each other so we wrote down each other's emails and names so we could look each other up on Facebook when we woke up. I looked up his first and last name (that's a weird name too bc I've never heard that last name and I've never thought anything about the name Phil) and their were 160 search results on Facebook.

What did the dream meant? What should I do now?
I'm not sure what I should do with this vivid dream.

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