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Dream About Call Display Caller Id meanings

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Example: Can a dead relative communicate with you in dreams?

A month ago my dad died of cancer. A week ago, i had a dream that he called me on my cell phone. The caller ID read "dad" so I answered it. I was crying and my mom asked me what was wrong, I hung up before I could hear anyone on the other line. Do you think it's my dad trying to reach and communicate with me? Do you think if I stayed on the phone that i would of heard him? What does this mean? By the way my mom and my sister have had a dream about him as well the following week. Help?!? 5 points to the best answer!

You have my condolences on the loss of your father… and my astonishment at the callous insensitivity of some of these answers.

First, you asked if the dead can contact us through dreams-- that’s a big YES. It *does* happen and as a professional medium, I could cite some incontestable examples. However, distinguishing which dreams are significant vs what's just our grieving is the difficult part. Someone you loved died and that has enormous psychological impact. Because there’s a deep desire to interact with them again, it’s all too easy to assess any dreams of them as mystical or spiritual in origin.

Your dream OTOH, doesn’t really reflect that situation and raises questions. To illustrate the difference (and please forgive the length of this), let me tell you about one of my client's stories of afterlife contact through a dream which has similarities.

Two yrs ago, I read for a lady whose father died several months prior. I emailed her my preliminary results, instructing her to contact me if she found it accurate. Being rushed at the time, she just briefly scanned the email & dismissed my attempt as unsuccessful. Despite my own belief that contact was valid, I had to accept her rejection and chalked it up as a failure. Three weeks later, the woman called me with a very interesting story.

She said she’d dreamed about her father being very upset with her. In the dream, he angrily demanded, “What’s the matter with you? Why aren’t you paying attention?” The woman had no idea why her dad was so miffed and asked him what was wrong. He responded by tossing a cell phone at her and glancing down at it, she saw MY number on the phone’s display.

When she awoke, the woman immediately searched through her old emails and reread what I’d sent weeks earlier. Only then did she see the connections, realize the significance of the references and acknowledged I had indeed contacted her father. That only happened because of Dad’s appearance in her dream. Admittedly, that’s an extreme & unusual example, but it illustrates purposeful dream contact.

Even as a medium, I can’t definitely judge which dreams are afterlife contact vs the mind & bereavement process. That must be YOUR decision based on how meaningful or significant the dream felt. I usually tell people to rely on their instinctual impressions- to carefully & rationally analyze that dream, but accept what their “gut feelings” tell them. Did the dream seem purposeful or intentional? Did you sense your father wanted to convey something of importance? (And I’m personally curious if you hung up the phone out of shock, fear, by mistake ?) Anyway those are the kinds of questions you should be asking yourself and I hope this has been helpful.

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