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Dream About Camouflage meanings

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Dreaming with Camouflage may be related to...

Dream Examples

Example: What does this recurring dream mean?

I am in a dark forest and am being chased by really mean midgit George Michaels. And their voices are squeeky like little midgits and they won't stop chasing me until I wake up! And when they take off their sunglasses, they have no eyeballs! Make it go away! Make it go awayyyy!

A dark forest means you are in a place in your life where you lack enlightenment, perhaps overwhelming and confusing and can't see a way out.

Being chased means there is a problem that either won't go away or keeps surfacing, it just keeps chasing you. So why a really mean midget, but they are all the English singer George Michael?

A midget being something small and something you should easily overcome, but this one is very mean and what might G.M. mean to you? Is there someone you know with one of those names who attacks you in some way? Homosexuality? The voice being squeaky does lead me to think it may be someone or a group of people who are flamboyantly homosexual.

Sunglasses are a sort of camouflage, you know how you sometimes don't recognize someone with them on, and they're meant to block the sun, so a sort of hiding. Well when they remove this camouflage, you see they have no eyeballs.

Eyeballs of course are the ability to see and understand, so you may feel that underneath there is an inability or unwillingness to see the truth.

Anything make sense to you?

Example: What does it mean if you dream of foxes attacking you?

Example: I had a dream last night and don't know what it means?

It starts out as me being a sniper. on a cliff overlooking a road. I realize that I forgot my camouflage suit so I am wearing a bunch of lettuce and my pink bunny slippers. I look around, grab my binoculars to look down and try and identify my target. It's a guy who looks like a foreigner of some sort. I find him and go to grab my rifle. but all I had in my rifle case was a few pieces of sticks, paper clips and some rubber bands. I quickly fashion a sling shot complete with laser guided sight. I get ready for the shot. I breath in... slowly exhale and shoot. and despite being 2 fields away got a head-shot. I start to pack up but my bunny slippers have attracted some local wildlife. I reach for my side arm, but it is just a taco. so we all sit down and eat lunch. I'm not quite sure as my husband rolled over in his cage next to the bed and woke me up. So I'm trying to write as much down as I can before the details become to lost. What does this mean? I'm also curious, do you think i could make this into a song?

Example: What does this Dream about jesus mean?

basically it was the end of the world and the world ended by a great black smoke and if you didnt by that youd die by water. but i ended up going to heaven and jesus was there, what could that mean

Example: What does my dream mean?

this is short i'm in a dark room i'm not sure why and suddenly i see a pair of glowing green eyes a few meters from where i'm standing. at first theres no movement at all then the person or thing with the green eyes attacked me and for some reason it looked kinda like it was wearing a ghillie suit
what could this possibly mean i'm completely confused on this one

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok so last night i had a dream my family (mom,step dad, and me) and a couple went on a vacation to a lake. when i got there a meet this HOT guy. the whole vacation they were all drunk. the next day we were swimming and he asked me if my coconut skin was cracked (if i was a virgin). i lie and said yes. that whole vacation we talked,made out, and did every thing together.one night everyone went out. he came over and we had sex protected. every night he spent the night and we had sex every night. the last night we laded in bed a talked for hours and had sex. that night we both learned the we live in the town, we were in the same grade, ans that we love each other.
then i woke up please help me

Example: What do my dreams mean?

My first dream was my running up the pathway to my house, it would only take around 5 seconds in real life but when this was happening it felt like forever. When i reached my door way i just curled up into a ball a screamed. I woke up in a cold sweat, cross eyed, and panting. the second one was kind of like a cameras point of view above im guessing was a window. It was and old, rotted attic and there were two people in it. An old woman and a young boy, the old woman was dragging the young boy and the young boy was holding a noose. She pushed the young boy down the stairs to the house but when she tried to go down she couldn't, it looked as if she were hit in the head. There was an outline of a man as if he had put on like active camouflage from halo. and he grabbed her, he started dragging he towards my point of view and i saw his features. he looked like a Jewish man or a pilgrim. He had rotted skin, tattered cloths and when he went under my point of view (the window i'm guessing) i woke up. What do my dreams mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Well, last night I had a very odd dream:

It began with me putting on camouflage uniform and then slowly making my way through this very large bush. I believe it was nighttime. Then, all of a sudden, people start yelling at me and shooting at me with AK-47's. Then a helicopter comes out of nowhere and starts fallowing me.

The next thing I know I'm jumping over barbed wire fences with a crazy Mexican man talking to me via radio. Pretty soon, I come into a clearing where I hide in an abandoned barn. When I reach the top of the barn, Chuck Norris comes out from the shadows and shoots me with his Smith and Wesson .500 magnum revolver.

I somehow manage to crawl out of the barn, severely bleeding, but I fall through the ground and land in some girls room, where I preceded to play Uno with her. I then woke up after I won the game.

Anyone know what the hell that dream is supposed to mean? Or am I just weird?

Example: What might this dream mean?

It was me, and my best friend in the dream ( not my best friend IRL, just my best friend in the dream.. that was the vibe I was getting) He actually looked, sounded and seemed like the rapper redman but anyways.. we were just walking around at night and we saw this scary looking mansion.. and I was like.. hey man let's go check out what's inside.. and he's like yeah I was thinking the same thing(again the vibe was like we were like brothers.. like twins..)

So we go inside and this place is dark, dirty, and scary and just somewhere you don't want to be.. we go inside a room and it was full of spider webs, and I started telling him a story about how I used to have spider webs like these in my garage.. and i had a short flashback in the dream where I was looking at spider webs and there were spider eggs inside hatching. Anyways back to the mansion.. there was a clap of thunder and the worst storm you could imagine was brewing outside.. thunder, lightning, wind, thick thick rain.. and we both had a thought like.. "maybe we should sleep in here until this rain goes away, but the fear of staying inside this place overcame that and we jumped out into the storm, trying to get home.. but there was this feeling that home was hundreds of miles away, and that we had no business being in this kind of storm.

So anyways we're running through the rain and wind, over puddles, jumping over fences and cars..and while we're running a cop car turns his siren on from behind us and we stopped because we thought he turned his siren on for us.. and the cop was like.. you boys better get home, you don't want to be out here right now.. and then he drove away..

We looked at each other and we were like.. yeah no sh*t pig, laughed, and ran into the storm, into the darkness

and that was the dream.

Example: What is the meaning of this dream?

I had a dream last night that I was with a bunch of guys around my age (I'm 17) and we all wore camouflage suits (if you ever played Act of War, the enemy known as the Consortium has a unit known as Optical Camo, allowing them to be stealthy) that allowed us to change color in a manner similar to a chameleon. Our mission was (strangely) to kidnap Beyonce at a concert, using explosives as a distraction while taking her in tow and (if you must know, I have always had a record of having crazy dreams, although not documented) ransoming her for $50,000,000. I do not know what the meaning of this dream is, nor do I know the significance of it. Can anyone explain to me the meaning, the relevance, and how will it correlate or at least predict some event in the future? Thanks!

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