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Dream About Can Opener meanings

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what does it mean when you dream that you and a friend are walking on some kind of river and you see a guy you know dressed in black? please answer!

Dreams can mean many things from person to person.
One person's interpretation may not suit another person's interpretation. This is also especially has to do with that person's culture that they are from.

What I think:
But what I can say would mean that the river would mean emotions. You and a friend walking and you guys share emotions. On the other side of that river or emotions lies a person who is in all black. That person is keeping some sort of secret. That person lives secluded and is not too open.

This might not be the case but don't read into things too much. It depends on what you were feeliing in the dream, your emotions, your anxieties, what you're going through at the moment, your background/culture. Don't freak out or read too much into things, only if they really seem to make sense to you. Always try to stay levelheaded and grounded.

Example: What a dream can mean?

i had a dream a few days ago, i don't really remember anything all i remember being in a dark place and picking up a lighter that was like a flip open reuse able lighter and it said WOV in like a cursive writ ting, do you know what WOV stands for, or what this dream can mean

also when i awoke i kinda had this scared, chill, filling,

Example: How can i tell what my dreams mean?

Just wondering what my dreams meant, any websites or something?

Example: What can my dream mean?

last night i had a dream of driving in the woods and in between the woods my brother bought a house and that i was his garner i was on my knees planing some flower i would see my self turning the dirt with my hand and looking threw alot of different seed envelopes and i would keep planting and then i would see some slimy liquid next to the dirt and there was a ugly creature it kinda look like a bat with a dragon tale and i would knock on my brothers door to let me in and they would ignore me so i would get on my truck and take off very scared what can this mean? weird...i know lol

Example: What can this dream mean?

i have had this dream multiple times throughout my life so far and it has become more frequent.

it starts out with me in a large marble/pearl staircase like a grand ballroom. and i am with my parents and one other person who always is different. then we buy a movie ticket from one of those automatic fortune teller boxes. we go up the staircase that turns blue as we ascend. it then leads to a red hallway with a door at each end. we enter the door on the right, and crawl through a small orange tunnel that gets smaller and smaller as we travel father into it. the we come to a small beat up metal hatch, when we open it we are thrown out the side of the wall into a large bowl. but to fall into the bwl we have to fall of the hatch through a giant blender and not be sliced to death. then the bowl carries us to a lake made of what looks to be blood. it gets deeper and deeper as we swim across, and dark jungle trees surround the lake so we cannot see what lurks around us. once we make it across the eerie lake, we must run down a rickity old dock made of several layers including salty ladders waiting to snap. then a creature with the skeleton of a human and the skull of a bull holding a long staff like dagger begins to chase us. if we make it to a safe golden dock, at the very bottom of the rickity dock layers, he cannot get us. but as we run i am behind everyone else and as they descend the last ladder to the safe dock, as i am climbing down that last ladder, it snaps and i am almost dropped to my death but i stay alive and drop down to the safe dock. then the bull skeleton guy looks at me for a while then turns and leaves. the safe dock connects to a small sandy shoal ad we walk across it to the other end of it where we exit out a large ornate gray door.

Example: What Does It Mean When You Can't Open Your Eyes In A Dream?

I kep having dreams and I can't open my eyes:/.

Example: What can this scary dream mean?

I had a very strange dream yesterday and I want to know what it means.

In the dream, my boyfriend was angry with me and I didn't know the reason. Then he got me drunk one night and he took me to an isolated place with his car.

There he put fire on my blouse and it was like many small sparks. He then gave me a gun and put me in a coffin, which he then closed and started a fire around it. He then left.

By then I was only dizzy and I put out the sparks on my blouse and then I tried to open the coffin lid. I somehow got it open with the gun and got out with steams all around. I went to a nearby pig farm and I killed one pig and I put it in my place in the coffin, so that my boyfriend saw the remains.

After that I wanted revenge, so I went to some friends which are professional actors to help me. They used make-up and other movie-stuff to make me look burnt, with sizzling hair and frightening red eyes. I looked like a zombie.

Then I went to my boyfriend's house and started scaring him. For example I hid in his closet and shrieked at him "Why? Why did you do that?" when he opened the door.

Finally, one time when he was looking in the mirror and combing his hair, I appeared in the reflection and he saw me suddenly and was really shocked. He had a heart attack and fell over and died.
That's about when I woke up. It seemed very real!

Can someone please explain this dream?
Note that I haven't seen any movies (scary or not) recently because of studying.

Thank you very much! :)

Example: Snakes in a dream, what can it mean?

Two nights in a row I have dreamt about snakes. I actually have a real bad phobia for them too... your help is appreciated, have a wonderful day! oops if i did not post this question in the right place!

Example: What can this dream mean?

The other night, I experienced a nightmare that woke me up in the middle of the night shaking with my adrenaline pumping.

Now, I've had this nightmare at least two times before since I was 8, and it's never really got to me until now when I've had it for the third time.

Basically, what happens is in the nightmare, I wake up in the middle of the night in my room to a tapping noise on my window. For some reason, I draw open the curtains and i'm always faced with a guy trying to break into my window with this EVIL smile on his face.

I'm not talking cliche-cartoon-villian evil smile, I'm talking evil, sadistic scary smile. Enough to send chills down your spine.

I want to know why I keep having this nightmare, or what it means. I mean, sure it's not recurrent every day, but one time is enough and I'm tired of having it.

If anybody can help or lead me to a place where they distinguish dreams, it will be most appreciated.

Example: What can this dream mean?

ok, so i dont remember all of my dream but ill try to make it as clear as possible, well me and a friend were walking down a street or pathway and two people dressed in a black robe (kinda like a magicians/wizards robe) came to us, and started talking to me that i had a gift (i think they meant i had a gift to become a wizard), then when they said that me and my friend started running away from them and they were chasing us, so me and my friend whent seperate directions but they only chased me, i ran into a mall were i meeted with someone i knew and she said she was running for the same reason as me, we ran into a small hallway (still in the mall) then came to the other side of the mall, when a girl said not to run but to walk, but when we walked the poeple in the black robes caught to us and they brought us to another hallway where there were stairs and up the stairs it was like a normal classroom for wizards, thats all i remember can anyone tell me what it means

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