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Dream About Can meanings

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Example: Where can you get the meaning of dreams?

i keep havning the same dream over and over its not a bad dream but i am not sure what it means . does anyone know where i can go on the web to interpret dreams?

Some people believe that there are "universal" symbolic meaning in dreams, but I'm not a proponent of this. I think you could post them here and get multiple interpretations of them, and you could get a more varied perspective. There are many perspectives on interpreting dreams (predictive, psychological, etc.). I tend to be fairly psychological in my dream interpretations, for example. Other people tend to be very concrete, others are more predictive, etc. Looking at a broad spectrum of interpretations gives you a variety of dream interpretations to consider, and some fresh perspectives.

Personally, I think the symbolic content is a mixed bag of some universal archetypes and more often, a personal symbolic language. If you really want accurate dream interpretation, you're not going to get it from dream books and websites, you're going to get it from interaction with a very good qualified analyst. Barring that, someone with some good skills and study in Jungian or Freudian dream interpretation might be an excellent choice for psychological dream interpretation.


what does it mean when you dream that you and a friend are walking on some kind of river and you see a guy you know dressed in black? please answer!

Example: What can this dream mean?

My sister's ex and I have always been friends. I live in the UK and they're all still in the US. *dream* - I went to visit my siblings and her ex and I made plans to hang out. We were talking for awhile when he got a message. He told me that he that he had to leave to do business. I was thinking, 'at 8PM?' Anyway, when he left, I followed him. He drove into an abandoned warehouse of some sort. I saw another vehicle there and a guy got out wearing all black. I thought it was a drug deal. Turned out to be my ex, who then dropped his pants and began having homo sex with my sister's ex. I was so disgusted, I ran away and threw up.

Any suggestions on what the dream could mean? I must say I woke up laughing when I realised that the dream must be shared with both guys.

Example: What a dream can mean?

i had a dream a few days ago, i don't really remember anything all i remember being in a dark place and picking up a lighter that was like a flip open reuse able lighter and it said WOV in like a cursive writ ting, do you know what WOV stands for, or what this dream can mean

also when i awoke i kinda had this scared, chill, filling,

Example: What can a teen pregnancy dream mean?

hey,last night i had a dream that i was like 14 and i was pregnant and was really confused cause i had not had sex,but for some reason my boyfriend wa moving in and my belly was growing and i was imbarresed and worried about the giving birth bit .

i must admit i do want to have a baby.and the boy n my dream was like a type of boy i would love.i have always wanted to have a kid i have watched like all the pregnancy movie there are.also i just got my period like 2-3 weeks ago.
so what can ths dream mean?

Example: How can you tell what dreams mean?

Dreams can mean a lot of things but what does it mean when you dream the same dream more the once? I have had this same dream over and over for a couple of years and nothing in it has changed, I even wake up from a dead sleep by talking. What does that mean?

Example: What can my dream mean?

So This is tge second time i dream that in terrified to go on a plane like it tries to flies up but it wint and at the end i wont get on cus im super scared what can this dream mean

Example: What can these dreams mean?

Ever since I was about 5 I have been having weird dreams, they don't happen every single night but when they do come they won't go away for about a week or so. I haven't had one of these dreams in three months but now they have come back. They're three dreams. By the way, sorry if they are long...

1. I'm tied to a wall, but the wall spins and there is a really bright light that's shining on me. I look straight ahead and there is just darkness, but there are dark figures just throwing knives at me, they never kill me but always come close. The dark figures just laugh evilly, I'm screaming and struggling to get out but it never works. And there is always a man's voice in the background yelling at me though I can't understand what he's saying.

2. There is this vampire trying to kill me. She tries poisoning me and stabbing me. She locks me into my old home that I used to live in. I manage to get out and when I run outside screaming there is just perfect silence. She tells me that we are in another world and that no one can hear my screams. I run to a nearby restaurant and find my cousins and best friends there I try to tell them that someone is trying to kill me and that there is a huge wound on the side of my body but they won't listen to me. This just goes on and on until I wake up

3. Someone tries to rob my house, but I'm with my mom. He kidnaps her and drugs her. He tries to kill her but somehow I manage to save her but then the whole setting changes and we are in a trailer, in Pakistan. We hear gun shots and I run outside, and find a man with a gun pointed to my head and then the dream rewinds to my mom and I in the trailer again, then instead she runs outside and yell after her. The man shoots her, I run to catch her before she falls and the man disappears. I tell her that she is shot and that I love her and then I start crying, she just laughs and says (slurring her words) "Is there a whole in my head?" then laughs again, and I'm like "MOM, YOU'RE GOING TO DIE AND YOU ARE LAUGHING?!" and then she just dies right there and I usually wake myself up crying.

So can you please tell me what these dreams could mean? Oh and I'm REALLY sorry if this is long :)

Example: What can this dream mean?

I have a recurring dream, although it has variations and I only have had it about 4 times in my life.

I am in my old home that I grew up in and I am in the basement where I am looking out the back window and I see several tornadoes headed my way. There are always more than one, at least two ot three. I am scared. The tornadoes make lots of noise and objects get imbedded in the walls of the house but I am not hurt. what can this mean? I worry about this because the last time i had this dream my father died. i had a similar dream when my mom passed away. can a tornado mean change is coming?

Example: Snakes in a dream, what can it mean?

Two nights in a row I have dreamt about snakes. I actually have a real bad phobia for them too... your help is appreciated, have a wonderful day! oops if i did not post this question in the right place!

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