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Dream About Cap meanings

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The other night I dreamed that I was at this concert where my two favorite singers were performing together and all the people there were up to there arms in water,including me, and then one of the performers came out into the water singing one of my favorite songs and he grabbed the brim of my baseball cap, pulled it down and asked what is said. And after he read it he laughed and kissed my forehead. At this point in my dream I started telling him what a HUGE fan I was of him and how much I LOVED him. Then he smiled and I kissed him on the cheek. That is where I woke up. But the wierdest thing was that I could feel him grab my cap, kiss my forehead, and I could feel my lips touch his cheek.


i read that dreaming of flood or some kind of water like that is a sign of an overflow of emotion and if the kiss was enjoyable a wish to be close to someone. So you probably have been thinking of this singer a lot, and maybe have developed a little crush on him. Dreams are said to reveal you deepest desire.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a really weird dream last night that somebody sawed my right leg off because i had broke my leg just below the knee cap and i was left with a stump they bandaged it up and there was blood coming threw the bandages, No body cared that this had happened to me and i just got on with life but i was asking for a wheel chair or crutches because i was still walking everywhere and it was painful lol What does it mean?

Example: What would this dream mean?

So I had this dream and it seemed so strange and random. Can someone tell me what it might mean?
So I was in this big purple maze, the maze walls were purple squares with rounded edges. As I was wandering through the maze I kept hearing laughing, a familiar laugh. After some more wandering this clown jumps out from around a corner and slices off my knee cap! And then just went away and I continued wandering till I woke up. One thing in particular is I was not seeing anything from my perception, it was like I was watching myself on TV or something. Also, there was no sound, like it was on mute.
I know VERY strange... Can someone tell me what it might mean?

Example: What does it mean when I dream about baseball caps?



Example: Do my dreams mean anything?

i have always had dreams but only rememberd them about once a week but recently i have had dreams each night. i have worken up screaming and talking. its really scared me. the dreams arnt specificially scary but somethings are weird and little frighning. in addition i have had dreams each night about this guy. do they mean anything?

Example: What does my dream of holes in my back mean? Quarter sized holes had screw caps when removed showed rice in me

I had the weirdest dream that is creeping me out. I've been thinking about it all day and it repulses me.
In the dream I noticed several 6-7 inch perfect circles of swollen skin on my upper back with a black flat plastic circular cap in the middle. I began to unscrew a cap and pull it off. It was connected to a short (1-2 inch) black tube. As I pulled it off some scalding water dripped out. When I looked inside the hole in my flesh I saw steamed rice in a uniform layer a couple of inches under my skin. I repeated this process for 4 more holes in my skin. All revealing cooked rice under my skin. Then I was woken up by someone.

Any ideas is appreciated. I've never had such an odd dream.


sorry for caps no ever answers my questions any ways i keep having this dream where im moving into a huge mansion and me and my family are putting furniture in it and in my dream its alway dark outside and i have a can of paint the color tangerine its very bright and im asking people to help but they say they are busy bad spelling sorry and it repeats over and over again til i wake up

Example: What does my dream mean (Key words)?

Last dream---a lot of people, door, raper, Boy, hazel eyes, cute, iHop, school, the mall, food, fork, knife, french toast

Middle dream---Hiding, blankets, someones house, afraid, drawings, sketchpad, pictures, person,

First dream---Bugs red & black, tub, hair cap, Sister,

Example: What does this dream mean?

last night, i had a strange dream. in my dream, i was pregnant, and i was in a place that was a mix of a delivery room and my cottage. the guy i like came to my "cottage" door, mumbled hi and left with my sister and his brother.

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