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Dream About Car Accident meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean about a car accident?

In my dream I lived in a forest, and I had a beautiful Guinea hen and rooster. They did not have ordinary feathers. Guinea hens are usually grey. But mine had red and yellow feathers, and they were absolutely beautiful!

Then I saw a car coming down the road slowly with an old man driving, and he was staring at my Guineas and just looking in amazement on how beautiful they are... and since he wasn't looking at the road, he hit a pine tree. Then he got out of his car and blamed me for it... And that's how the dream ended.

What could this mean?

You feel that you are being blamed for something that is not your fault.

The colorful feathers reflect the common expression, "birds of fine feather," "strutting like a rooster," and other expressions about wealth, style or ostentatious display. So the hen and rooster symbolize something about you - perhaps that you enjoy being the center of attention, or your appearance or style. It might be something entirely innocent and beyond your control, like naturally beautiful hair, or musical talent or something else outstanding. However the dream does give the sense that this special quality is being strutted and displayed openly - like that strutting rooster.

The man in the car could be "others" in general rather than any specific person. He could represent your parents or school authorities or anyone else from whom you feel criticism. Similarly, the auto crash should not be taken literally, but as a metaphor for the supposed harmful effects of your outstanding quality.

Superficially, the dream appears to justify your innocence, illustrating the absurdity of misplacing any blame onto you. But at a deeper level the stronger message of the dream shows the need for less prideful display. This dream is an effort of your own mind (soul) telling you to tone it down out of respect and courtesy.

Example: What does my car accident dream mean?

The other night I had a dream that I was in a bad car accident. I remember driving before the accident but I didn't see the car accident happen. It skipped to the ems crews trying to pull me out. I saw my bashed car and woundered what happend. They put me on the streacher and I heard one of them say "I dont know if they are going to be able to save that leg. Next thing I know I'm in the hospital and they are telling me that I broke my leg in 65 places and they won't be able to save it.
What does this dream mean it honestly freaked me out. You should also know I'm in real life pregnant so I dint know if that has something to do with it. Help!

Example: Meaning car accident dreams?

My bf had a dream I set someone up to die in a car accident then went home and took everything except a camera with a picture of us and left him. He was looking for me but couldn't find me. he said he was going crazy looking for me. Does anyone know what this mean?

Example: What does it mean when i dream of a car accident?

My parents were in the front seats my dad was driving and my mom was in the passenger side and i was in the backseat, and i knew we were going to crash before it happened, when we crashed i got mad and i left. So then i woke up. I think this is a strange dream to me i don't know why. Can someone interpret what it means? Or what or might mean.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a car accident?

ok last night i had a dream that me and my brother was driving in the back roads of my neighborhood. he was driving and i was in the passenger seat. we both had on our seats belts too. but he started swerving ang we were spinning outta control. i told him to stop but he exclaimed it wasnt him. so we hit a tree and the car was totalled. he crawled outta the car wit a hurt leg and i was hurting from head to toe. he dragged me outta the car and carried me all the way home. what does this mean?

Example: What do car accident dreams mean?

Oh man I just had the most realistic and scary dream of my life, i'm currently in high school, and the dream in full detail as I can remember: A friend and I were hanging out, talking, the usual, after school we start to leave in a car, My friend drives, and i'm passenger, we were searching for something, people who could see things the average people can't. That's when we are driving along, we come up to a stop sign with a car there, black(don't know if color matters) the stop was on a hill, kn our way to it we went up a small hill, then down a steeper one after that going up the hill where the stop sign and stopped car is, then wait, i notice hes not slowing down, i say "dude, slow down," he only goes a little faster, i then say "STOP WE ARE GOING TO CRASH!", no response the boom, we nail the back of the car, i am flung forward, stopped by the airbag, the window hasn't shattered, only bits of car metal lay, the all of a sudden something smashes through the window, baseball sized, going at speeds i couldn't tell what it was, then the dream faded out, and i'm awake, also, the dream was so realistic, sound and all, what does it mean? If didn't state any important info/details, because ik theres some small details i didn't mention,et me know.

Example: What does it mean to dream of car accidents?

I keep having dreams for the past 5 days that I'm either the driver or passenger in a car wreck but when the impact hits its like I'm watching it from the outside like a viewer watches a movie. And they're always at night. Can anyone tell me what my dreams mean?

Example: What does a car accident dream mean?

My boyfriend told me that he couldn't sleep last night because he dreamed that there was a car accident and someone died. Right after that he said he is so happy to be with me and know someone like me. What could the dream have meant?

Example: What do my car accident dreams mean?

about a week ago i had a dream that i lost control of my car and totalled it, it felt so real and i was surprised when i woke up and realized it was a dream. when i went back to sleep i had another completely different dream that i flipped my car and i remember thinking "this has to be real there's no way im dreaming again" i could feel myself being jerked around the car like it was really happening and i woke up literally crying

later that week my best friend got in a car accident on the way to school, shes not dead or anything but still.

last night i had a dream i was in the car with an 8 year old boy that i have never seen before and he was going at least 120 miles an hour and we totalled the car in the middle of the projects but we were completely fine

what could this mean?

**in real life, my first car was totalled about a month after i started driving it when someone slammed into me going 80mph and it was the first and only car accident i have ever been in

Example: Meaning of car accident dreams help?

I just had a dream that my best friend and I were driving together, and they were the one driving. The car smashed into another one and spun out of control and I dreamed that in the crash I died but my friend was alright! It was a really horrific dream and I'd appreciate any help on the meaning of it!

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