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Dream About Car Carrier meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Can anyone tell me what my dream means?!?

So last night i had 1 of thoz dreams where eveythin luks nd feels so real.Well heres wat hapnd.I had dis dream where i found out i was pregnant and when i told my mom ofcourse she was really pissed[im fifteen]. We went to my sonagram and the dr. said i was having twins. My mom said we wern't going 2 b able 2 support 2 babies in our household so i was going to have 2 do adoption. I didnt have any other options so i agreed. When my babies were born it was a boy and a girl and i named them Jeselle and Noah. My mom found a family that would adopt the twins and told me 2 go pack their stuff. As i was packing their blankets and toys and clothes I started 2 feel sick 2 my stomache. Then I had 2 bring the babies 2 the car and as i was walking w/ them I lookd @ them & dey wer lukin @ me & makin lil noises. I burst out crying wen i got 2 dha car and starting crying 2 my mom please dont make me do this! please dont make me do this! i'll do anything just please dont make me do this! My mom just picked up the carriers and shook her head and started walking 2 the building where we supposed to hand over the twins. At that point i lost it and started crying and blubbering. When i woke up from this dream i was crying and shaking and i had goose bumps. Please help if yuh can =]

Giving birth to twins represents the battle between the opposites of your psyche in order to become whole. Your dream may occur as a result of the inner conflict you are experiencing. It is doubtful that your dream means that you are having fears of getting pregnant.

The notion that the twins are fraternal symbolizes the union between the feminine and masculine aspects of yourself. This may also refer to the physical union between you and your boyfriend

Example: What does my dream mean?

Well apparently there was this robot war going on between two different robot armies. Red and blue. And my uncle, grandpa and me all got drafted for the blue military. And we were sent onto an aircraft carrier ship. And the three of us went into a tank/artillery and began to drive off into the ocean. But for some reason my one aunt who was pregnant ,in my dream, somehow got onto the aircraft carrier and she was completely oblivious to what was going on sat into the vehicle as we got off the base.

Then after a while we hit land and were under fire from an enemy tank. We began to return fire but missed. Both our tank and their tank moved up closer. We both fired and our tank hit and destroyed the red military tank. We began celebrating when the shell from the red tank fired before it was destroyed hit us. At first I thought I was dead but then after seeing my grandpa get up I suddenly almost like jumped up dizzy from our tank getting destroyed.

We look around and my grandpa and I were the only ones who survived the attack. With the red robot military base approaching my grandpa grabbed the last shreds of my aunt and uncle around us and we fled. We eventually made it back to our aircraft carrier. And I tried to phone home to allow my parents know of my aunt and uncle but kept getting no answer. And as a few days pass I somehow got onto the enemy aircraft carrier. I could hear the enemy admiral talking. (Also for some reason everyone was now human). He was close. Two doorways to the left. I turned left into the hallway and saw the left door. As I entered the door an enemy red person saw me and fired his gun but missed. I went into the doorway and saw the red leader, who was closer than expected. I pulled out a chinese sword I had on me and stabbed the man. I didn't even have time to realize what was going on it happened so fast. I quickly pulled out the sword from the admiral and fled.

As I fled I had several red military troops and as I was running one red soldier was faster than the others and caught up to me. He shot me in my right shoulder. Causing my to fall against the wall. He had thought I stopped and surrendered. And he approached me and told me how smart it was for me to surrender. But as he got to me I pulled out a pistol and shot him in the head. I began to continue my escape back to the aircraft carrier. But then the other red army troops caught up to me. They threw me down and were about to start beating me when someone who looked like wonder woman with a jet pack landed like 50 yards away from me. She pulled out two pistols and had perfect aim shooting down the red military men. When I got up she was gone. I began to continue my run. And as I was almost there I could see the ship more red military troops began throw me down and beat me up. The aircraft carrier opened fire on these men and killed them all allowing me to escape back to the aircraft carrier.

And once there I was debriefed on what all happened and my wound was somehow gone. While at the ship my uncle was rebuilt as a robot except he was made with car seats on top of each other like 3 of them. And my pregnant aunt who was killed was somehow brought back to life and was still herself.

As I waited in the ship I found that wonderwoman girl except for some reason she was tied up. I cut her free and she acted like she had never been tied up. She was apperently known as "Shrinking woman" who had the ability to shrink herself down to the size of a mouse. I told her thanks and she told me we still had a job to do to defeat the red army. As I waited around we got a report the the red military captain died from his wound I gave him. I began celebrating at the fact that I had not been there for even a month and killed their leader. But then our admiral of the ship told us that it would only slow them down slightly until they could build a new one.

And yeah, that was when I woke up. Can anyone make any sense of it?

Example: Weird repetitive dream meaning?

I have had this recurring dream for 2 weeks now that I am on an aircraft carrier by a beach and there is a huge storm and the ship is swaying and the sea is churning. Then it stops and a golden retriver walks up to the ship over the water which doesn't turn out to be deep at all and I see four people who take me to a house and no-one says anything but I know there is a zombie apocalypse (somehow). So I get to the house (Which is my house) and sleep in my bed and wake up with the other people in the house telling me to leave. BUT I don't want to leave because I have these bags of food and clothes which I want to take with me but before I can even pick it up two zombies are in my house and the people are gone. So it turns out that I have a knife and I walk out my room into the living room and stab one of the zombies in the head and it is just like stabbing an apple. I walk into the hall and the other zombie is facing away from me but turns and runs to me and I kill that too. Then I walk back to the living room and another zombie is breaking throught the window and as I grab it and stab it to death I see a zombie on the road outside drive past and look into its rear view mirror aand get out the car. So I go to my door with the knife and walk out knowing that they are going to keep coming.

ps the dream doesnt bother me but Its just strange it happpens over and over.

Example: Does anyone know what this dream means?

I dreamt last night that I had given birth to this baby and I had no idea who the father was. I told my boyfriend (who at the moment we are having relationship troubles) about it and I wanted him to raise the child as his own, and put his name on the birth certificate. We then spent ages deciding on a name for the baby, initially wanting to call it Reginauld Patrice Button (Button being the surname of my boyfriend) but then settled on George Button. In the dream I was carrying the baby round in a car baby carrier, around my college, and I was very excited about having the baby.

Anyone any ideas what this dream might mean?

Thank you.

Example: Dream: 2 headed snake, I killed 1 and babied the other, then they turned into babies?

I had a dream last night that I was next to this swimming pool and this snake crawled out. (i usually dream of water with snakes in it, so for it to come out of the water was not normal for me.) It had 2 heads, was blackish with red spots that were barely visible. I attacked it. (I usually run in fear) I smashed and strangled one of the heads to death, when the other bit me. I then picked it up and started to baby it. I held it like a baby and treated like a newborn (I am 23 weeks preg now). I ended up meeting some new women for lunch and while there one of the women asked about my children, saying that one looked like it stopped breathing. I looked down at the snake that I put in a car seat carrier and it was transforming into 2 babies conjoined beneath the head. I pull them apart to find 2 babies(twins) and started CPR on the baby that I had killed as a snake. I don't know if it survived, because during the CPR another woman started talking about how beautiful the living twin was. It was a girl (i am expecting a boy).
Can anyone tell me what this dream mean? I know that the pregnancy does affect dreams, but even so, I know they have to have some sort of meaning. Thank you.

Example: What do you think? I dream of the entertainment industry/videos/modeling. How can I balance w/ Air Force?

no rude answers (some people here are better off being quiet!)

but i'm just curious... is it possible

I just turned 20 and ever since I was little i dreamed of this ..

but now that im older I see how HARD it is

I have always been interested in the military too (my dad was in the army 20 years)...

but out of the two I know which one I want (in the end)

but right now... Im choosing the military (for stability, growing up and being on my own, experience, and a healthy lifestyle)

im thinking like maybe a year from now (i signed up for 6)

after things get settled (living,school,and work)

would it be POSSIBLE to work my in/do modeling portfolios etc.

nobody here like GETS it... so I cant like ask family/friends

i have no support really.. but i mean, im really curious...

does anyone know of someone who does/has done both

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was on a boat in a river, then the boat somehow sank and we all fell in the river. I was trying to get everyone out especially my two brothers and all the little kids and I was putting them on the river bank. Then I saw a whirlpool and got out and I just watched the people I couldn't save get sucked into it..It was really sad.
I have no idea what this means though? Someone helpppp! lol

Example: Weird dream.. anyone know what it means?

last night i had a dream that i was in aldi(supermarket) with my dad and my little sister and i went to go and get some carrier bags and and i walked back over to the till and the woman working there turned round and it was my mum! ( i havent seen my mum in 12 years and im 14 now) and i said 'hi' and she goes 'hi' awkwardy and i said 'omg its you!' And she goes 'yeah me, do i know you?' and i said 'yes its your daughter' and she goes 'no your not?' and i said ' yeh i am, your daughter alex?' and she goes 'oh yeah its you' and then me, my dad and sister walked out of aldi. then i woke u but fell back to sleep and went back into my dream, we was all at home (me,my dad and my sister) and then my ad went out and it was just me and my sister and we was in my sister bedroom. and then the door opened and my mum and she opped her head round the door and looked at me and it was really awkward. then next minuet me and my sister ended up in her car she was in the passenger seat, we were in the back and i think it was her husband who was driving and we went to mcdonalds then went to the farm and et place then me and my sister tried to run away but she wouldnt let us go. then we went to this park with her two dogs. then me and my sister tried to run away again with one of the dogs. and we ran across the park with the dog and my da was there and i et go of the dog and it ran into a parked car nd it fell over then got up and walked off we got in the car with our ad then he drove off and my mum ran off after my dads car. but we drove off. and then we realise she had the key to our house so we went home got some stuff then went to sty at our friends then we had the locks changed. then i woke up.

what could this mean?

i haavent seen my mum in 12 years because when i was two she didnt want me so i was going to go into care but my dad said no and i went to live with him. and i havnt seen her since. my little sister has a differant mum to me but the same dad. me,my dad and my sister live together in wales but my mum lives in manchester.

Example: What does my dream mean?

in my dream my boyfriend and i were laying in bed. when my relatives came over at 3 in the morning during the weekday. in this dream both me and him were supposed to get up super early to take him to work. well when my relatives showed up they started decorating one of our bedrooms into a baby bedroom, the walls were a off white and had pictures that said "baby girl" a collectors dollhouse a crib a baby carrier ect. in one of our other bedrooms were his cousin and her boyfriend sleeping.
Well after my relatives left we decided we had to leave. we started down the road and headed towards his work. we started going up a hill when a red truck with those old mirrors on it started over a hill and i look over and my boyfriends passed out and the cars moving towards the truck. i grabbed the wheel and pulled us towards our side. i couldnt get the car to slow down cuz he was sleeping this whole time i am screaming at him to wake up, but he wouldnt. finally we got to his work. i stopped the car and he woke up and acted as though nothing happend. he didnt even realize i was in the car. it was like i was watching this whole thing happen. the next day i woke up and told my boyfriend and he said he has been dreaming about crashin the car cuz hes falling asleep at the wheel. and almost fell asleep the other day while on his way to work? what does my dream mean. it was frightening and something thats been making me paranoid since..

Example: Weird dream, do you know what it means?

Ok, First off let me give you the facts. I am 24, married, have 3 boys ages 7, 2, and 15 months.

Ok last night I had this dream where me and a guy (could have been my hubby, never saw his face) went to Lowe's (where the food city in town is, looks just like food city, but in dream it is a Lowe's) to buy condoms...weird since he is snipped. We heard there was a police chase in this part of town, I scream, "Oh, no the baby!" and run out to my van. Sitting in my van in a child car carrier, in the front passenger seat no less is a newborn, asleep, strapped in, all of that. It is cold and winter outside, very late and dark. I had the interior lights on in my van and it was running with the heat on. I get in the van, shut and lock the doors, turn off the lights and the van iteself and pray like hell. I'm scared, hunched down in the seat, and looking around. Out of the corner of my left eye (driver's window) there is a guy in one of those big puffy parkas, it was dark brown. He shoots me in the neck. It doesn't hurt, I feel like I am falling down a bottomless hole. In my head I am thinking I am dying, please keep my baby safe, my baby, my baby, let my baby be ok. I fall over the center console and pass out. I wake up in the hospital and I am alive (obviously). I keep asking if my baby is alright and no one will tell me. At this point I force myself out of sleep and sit in bed awake for about an hour scared that if I fall back asleep the dream will continue (which happens to me a lot). I have weird dreams often, but this is one that takes the cake. Oddities in my dream are: I would NEVER under any circumstances leave one of my children in the car unattended, I would not let any of my children sit in the front seat since it has an air bag, Lowe's does not sell condoms, I would not need to buy them anyways since my hubby is fixed, Where the Lowe's was in my dream there is a Food City there in real life. It was really wee hours of the morning in my dream and we were the only car in the lot, so why was the store open? If you can interpret this for me I would be really greatful. Thanks.

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