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Dream About Carnal Self meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?

The past week I have been having a dream about a scorpion that I cannot kill. I try and try but to no avail. Everything around me in the dream is normal, but the people have just changed roles. (In my dream I still worked at a pharmacy, but instead of my boss, my fiancés dad was my boss etc.) I walk down these random stairs to find an abnormally large scorpion. cannot step on it to kill it or drop something on it. It just won't die. When I wake up I feel like I haven't slept in days, and just have a really scared, very sad feeling inside me. Can someone please help?


This is an interpretation from a Christian perspective.

Scorpion = venomous snake/serpent = Satan and his demons(=fallen angels).

For sinning(act of disobedience and disbelief), God cursed the serpent and humans to be arch enemies.(GENESIS.3:14) Hence, Satan constantly seeks to harm and kill humans by getting them to sin or do evil ... against others, self or God. For Satan and his demons feed on decaying dead human bodies or dust, spiritually or invisibly.

Adam's original sin had caused all his progeny to be born with sinfulness/evilness in their flesh or hearts n minds. They often hv evil/sinful thoughts in their hearts and minds, eg immoral lust, hate, anger, greed, jealousy/envy, selfishness, baseless fears/doubts, etc, ...which may lead to the commission of sins/evil-deeds, eg adultery, murder, stealing, bearing false witness/lying, phobias, unbelief, etc.(MARK.7:21)
...It is this inborn and involuntary sin of having evil thoughts that is causing all humans to be bound for hell when they die and leave this corrupted earth.
...It is not just the sinful/evil deeds which arose out of evil thoughts that will cause humans to be bound for hell.(MATT.5:17-48) Eg b4 someone commits adultery, he/she first lusted at another immorally. Sins/evil-deeds will only result in earthly curses/punishment from God or His agents(=police, govt, society, teachers, good parents, etc), resulting in a sad and short life on earth.(DEUT.28:15, GAL.6:7, ROM.6:23) Going to heaven to live with God eternally hangs on faith-in-Christ/Messiah/Savior.(JOHN.3:1...

Hence, bc of the mental influence of Satan, people can sometimes behave not like themselves, eg a boss may normally be nice like a father-figure but change into a monster one day, esp after a full moon.(moon=Satan; sun=God)

Humans can never kill off Satan and his demons(=cannot kill the big scorpion). But Satan has to receive permission from God b4 he could afflict humans.(JOB.2:5-6) When humans stubbornly sin/do-evil unrepentantly or ignorantly, God will give His permission.

Like they say, "The scarecrows can fly around yr head and squawk incessantly ...but never let them settle on yr head to build their nests." This analogy means that Satan may implant evil thoughts in our hearts n minds/carnal-flesh but we should ignore them, not entertain them or not fall into their temptations/threats/fears/scares.
...This should mostly be done by relying on the laws/Word of God.(MATT.4:4, EPH.6:17, HEB.4:12, EXO.20:1-17, etc) The Spirit of God helps people to avoid committing sins/evil-deeds thru the Word/Jesus.(JOHN.1:1 & 6:63, HEB.8:10)

Jesus Christ is God who came down to earth about 2,000 yrs ago, by manifesting Himself in the flesh or human-form(MATT.1:23, 1TIM.3:16, JOHN.1:14) ...for the specific purpose of saving fallen humans from hell when they die ...ie the resurrection, the Millenium, Judgment Day, etc.(JOHN.14:1-7)
...The blood of Jesus atones for Adam's original sin(ROM.5:12, LEV.17:11), qualifying believing humans(=Adam's progeny) for heaven and to be with God the Father.

The Holy Trinity means ...
God the Father in heaven = the invisible God the Spirit and the visible God the Son on earth.
...That is why EXO.33:20, JOHN.1:18 & 5:37 and 1JOHN.4:12 say no human on earth has seen the actual form of God, who art in heaven(MATT.6:9) bc of their inborn sinfulness/evilness. Humans should hope to go to heaven and see their God or Creator(eg EZE.1, REV.4) According to the Bible/Word of God, the ONLY way to reach heaven and God is thru Jesus(Jesus in Greek=Joshua in Hebrew, ...which means God is Salvation).

In heaven, believers will most probably take over the jobs/work previously done by Satan and his demons b4 their rebellion.(the story of Lucifer - EZE.28:17, ISA.14:12, REV.12:4-9, etc)


Example: What Do These Dreams Mean?


Yesterday night I had this dream I was climbing this huge ladder in order to get inside of this really nice room inside of a loft building. When I was climbing up the ladder, I kept looking down. I wasn't scared though. I finally made it inside the room.

The room was modest sized. It had a nice flat screen television, hardwood floors, a box of cookies, and a marble tiled bathroom (the floors were marble tiled green). I went inside the bathroom and washed my face. What does this mean?

I also had a dream similar to this today. I was crossing the bridge over a body of water. The water was black and I could fishes swimming around. The bridge was sinking every step I took and than it would go back up and than sink again (only my feet touched the black water). I wasn't scared though. Later into the dream I'm walking with a White girl and a Black guy. We're in New York City and the only ones walking around. We start talking about Lady GaGa.

The dream than cuts into me waiting for the Black guy at a gas station. It than cuts to me kissing his neck and than we talk to a movie theater.

Any one know what these dreams mean? Definitions? I haven't dreamt this much in a very long time.

Example: Is this whole life just a dream, people?

I feel that we live in a fantasy.

Our mundane existence serving only to distract us from embracing the reality,which is- death, to which we all are destined like a moth to fire.

The rogue clock, the ticking of which instigates us into living our lives as rivals ready to outrun our competition in order to accomplish some mysterious carnal gain, one which instead of fulfilling its original purpose- which is to quench our inner thirst for success, only serves to heighten it - leaving us rolling in a crazy never-ending circle for our entire lifetimes.

The human prestige and envy, humility and ambition, bravery and cowardice, integrity and devilry, morality and immorality, sexuality and self- importance, the entire range of emotions to which we are born as slaves but are expected to be masters of, serves no other purpose other than to make us a hypocritical society.

It is just hilarious to think that we know everything in this world and yet we acknowledge at the same time that we are very much a product of this world.
Does an atom of an element know that it is what it is?
No, but we feel that we do, because we define ourselves to be 'alive', whatever that is supposed to mean in this dead land made of dust and chemicals.

Alas our lives are a curse and a blessing at the same time.
And we are the wreck of our own creations.
We can see our own forthcoming extinction but are powerless to do anything about it, like a rabbit caught in the headlights.
I pity us humans.

I ask you people, is this life some joke that someone is playing on us?
A dream perhaps of someone or something in which our only part is to play the scapegoat?
If so are we all- from millionaires to paupers, just made to live it, made to participate in the rat-race due to our compulsion?.
I wonder whose dream this life is, I wonder whether they are enjoying it.

Do you ever question your life?

Example: Scary dream about snakes, being betrayed, murder, lightning and a prophecy?

Scary dream about snakes, being betrayed, murder, lightning and a prophecy?
okay i had such a bad dream last night,
basically i was in my garden and it sounds weird but in this dream it was perfectly normal to have garden snakes - a bit like how it is normal to have house spiders - you just have to deal with them. okay so me, my brother and my cousin are sitting on our swinging bench thing and all of a sudden we see a snake, and my cousin reaches for the broom (which is weid because i actually was looking for this broom yesterday - and we dont normally use it) and she kills the snake

so the dream goes on and everyone goes inside but for some reason im still outside, and i see this wierd creature - half goat and half woman, and i sit and talk to her although im feeling a bit suspicious of her for some reason.

anyway she somehow gains my trust and assures me that she is not a snake becuase she knows how scared i am of them. and suddenly theres a zap of lightening and at this point i know that i must run because she is a snake. and as i run she says these words: 'i will not rest until the murderer my son has been found' and she starts to slither/run after me

so i made a dash for the door, even though i know how fast snakes are (in this dream they are as fast as cheetahs for some reason) and i feel like i know its impossible to outrun this snake and that she is going to get me, but i try to run and i get to the garder door and i feel like it has got me but i still try to get inside. suprisingly i get inside and i slam the door, and when i look behind me i see that the snakes head has been slaughtered by the door. and when i look closely i see that this was the biggest snake ever, it was pure evil, green and had 10 heads.

anyway i pretty much wake up in shock and i was really scared. ive never had this kind of dream before, does anyone know what it could mean?

some extra things you may want to know:
1) ive been spending alot of time in my garden because the weather has been nice and we have had lots of bbqs
2) the cousin (who originally killed the first spider) used to be very close to me, until wehad a fmily row and i didnt talk to her for over a year, but now we do and she has started spending time with us again but we dont talk as much as we used to, but we are stil very close
3) yesterday i took out a spider before i went to sleep, and i always seem to have nightmares the night when i do this.
4) im currently very occupied with my gcse exams so ive been pretty stressed out!

please help if you can!


Example: What does this dream mean? (so weird) ?

I had a dream that i was taking a shower & my mom said "what is that?" then i said "what is what?" & she said "that mark on your face" & i got out looked in the mirror & i had a weird pattern on the right side of my face in a big dark circle on my face so this girl i know came into the shower (i dont even know her that much!) & i was trying to scrub it off my face but only a little came off & i was struggling to get it off while my mom kept asking me if it was off i said "no" with concern.. This dream weirded me out a little & i was just wondering what it could possibly mean.

Example: What are the major contrasts between Lucifarianism and Satanism?

Please, only list the facts and not opinions. I am also aware that Satanism is founded by Anton LaVey—which I have read the Satanic Bible among other pieces of his work—and that it’s not exactly religion and more of a philosophy, I’d prefer for you to firmly acess how they are alike and different. Similar to that of Christianity and Humanitarianism: they are very much alike in their virtues but they differ theologically. (P.S., I know Satanists don’t believe in a God or the devil.)

Example: Christians : Please need some help .. Christian relationships?

I'm 20 yr old single male and i've been recently thinking of starting a relationship. There was a particular christian girl i really like, i can even see my self in her and i've had several dreams of us being together.

She now has lost interest in me and won't reply to my text for some reason -___-

Isit my own desire and lust ? Should i give up on her and how would i know i've found the right person God has for me.

Plz tell me about your experiences and relationship and how God acted in bringing u together with your spouse

Example: Are modern liberals really liberals?

Classic liberalism defined:
-progressive views: a belief in tolerance and gradual reform in moral, religious, or political matters
-political theory stressing individualism: a political ideology with its beginnings in western Europe that
rejects authoritarian government and defends freedom of speech, association, and religion, and the right to own property
-free-market economics: an economic theory in favor of free competition and minimal government regulation

Today’s liberals are the opposite of all those elements. They are aggressively intolerant. They believe in immediately destroying any traditional belief in matters of morality, religion and politics. They scorn individualism and see the world in terms of groups of people -- black/white, male/female, straight/gay, rich/poor, skinny/fat, Left/Right -- and promote submission to government bureaucrats, “for the greater good.” They despise capitalism and competition (except in sports) because it produces inequality.

So, what are they?

They’re democrats.

Example: What does that dream mean ?

It may look like stupid for you, but I want to know the meaning.

Well, I was in a known place that it looked like the house that I used to live. I was told about something bad that will come and someone had to stop it. They chose me because only I could destroy it. Then I found myself in the 3rd floor of my school. I was a mermaid with a blue tail and I was swimming in an pool/aquarium, hopelessly that I could do anything to save the people. Then someone came and told me that I could do that. Then white wings of an angel appeared on my back. They there in a medium size and white, but I still had my mermaid tail. So I started to fly and I went in the 1st floor (flying). In that time that I was flying (half mermaid and half angel) I had that feeling that I was flying in real. Also I had some powers that helped me to destroy the evil (but I didn't saw that or the part when I destroyed it. I only knew that).

So...what does that mean ?

Example: What does this halfway lucid dream mean?

I had a dream that i was in a car, next to a girl in the back seat of a blue car, driving down the road of my house. I randomly noticed that i was in a dream. I'm selebent and will be till marriage btw. I looked at the girl and tried to think of her as hot, as in turn her sexy so i could... anyways...
She turned ugly as hell. Her face looked like a smashed mix of pumpkin and a frog, but still human.
I quickly said eww, nevermind... Then I wasn't knowing i was dreaming again. The tornado ripped apart everything but i survied.

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