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Dream About Carpenter meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Flying semi trucks (with trailer attached), multiple moons & even a secret order of carpenters?

yeah, my dreams are weird, to say the least. but for some reason, this time i get the notion that these have some significant meaning to them. what can you make of it?

You may have been the subject of Extraterrestrial Alien Abduction. Do you have any odd marks on you, or soreness in your sinus, throat, abdomen, urethra or anus? You see, when we are abducted Aliens, they utilize technology to twist our memory of the abduction into what we remember as being a dream. The details of the "dream" become things to which we can relate. Therefore, their craft becomes "flying semi's", the cosmic events you witnessed become "multiple moons", and the aliens themselves become "a secret order of carpenters." It's probably been going on for years, as abduction subjects tend to be studied and monitored by the Aliens over their entire lives. You are "tagged", in the sense that homo sapiens tag lesser species for study.

Example: What dose electrocution mean in a dream?

I dremt about being on the top of an aluminium ladder when a high voltige line broke its conection and struck the conductive platform. I din not die but the maety parts of my palms, feet, hips as well as my knees and forehead where blown out.
this dream felt more profetic than imagined.
P.S. Im a carpenter as an occupation.

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

Last night, I had a had a rather disturbing dream and was wondering if any of you could assist me in deciphering its meaning.

In my dream, I was approached by the son of a carpenter who warned me of a plague that is currently ravishing the world but soon will become worse.

The carpenter’s son then said to me that this plague has come in the form of a Beast named 'Muhammad'. He then said that the Beast claims to represent his Father but that the Beats is a corruption of his father and not of his Father.

He then said that the Beast would mark his followers with the number 666 on their foreheads and command them to wear rags upon their heads to cover this mark and allow them to deceive others into joining the Beast.

Example: What would this dream mean to you?...?

Last sat. my husband got called out on a job assisnment for the day (he is a carpenter). So, he went to work and was gone for 14 hours. I didn't think anything of it until last night he was having a dream and talking in his sleep (he does this alot). He rubs my boobs and says we need to get you a new bra, and i asked why, and he says we got drywall dust all over this one. So i sat up in bed and said what are you talking about, waking him up and he responds go back to sleep i was dreaming. I never thought of my husband cheating on me but this really stumps me. What do you think it could mean? No stupid answers please.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I have a lot of snake dreams, and they're really weird. I looked up the meaning of snakes in dreams on the internet but they didn't really seem to apply to them.

In one of the dreams, I was in school and my friends and I had to get to this building on the other side of the campus. So we were walking down these stairs (the stairs were kind of weird too, cause they were on the wrong side of the school) and we saw these two giant snakes. And since we didn't want to get eaten alive, we decided to walk around the stairs (I don't know why we walked around the stairs, but it felt like it made a lot of sense in the dream) and this giant T-Rex (like duh, T-Rex's are gigantic) came up and ate the snakes ... I don't remember what happened next ...But it really confused me a lot

And the latest dream I had, this was two days ago I think. We were at this house which we believed to be ours (but it wasn't, it didn't look anything like my house) and we were with this carpenter who was a friend of the family or something ... I don't remember how he looks like, but he wasn't anyone I knew ... so he was more like a friend stranger. And we had to go to this other house in the opposite lot, which also happened to be ours, and it was where the carpenter/friend/stranger guy worked. So we went in the first house to get to the second one. When we went in, there was this giant snake under the couch, and the carpenter guy took a knife and killed it, he cut the head in three. So we got away safely. When we got to the other house, these group of people came from a van that came out of nowhere and killed the carpenter/friend/stranger guy because he owed them something. The the carpenter/friend/stranger guy was left in the other lot. And we were really quiet on the other side, even when we saw it cause we were afraid that they were gonna come after us too. Then my dad came home and the guys who killed the carpenter guy magically ended up on our side of the lot and they shot my dad. But I did this dance thing (it was like in Avatar The Last Airbender, it was kind of weird) and my dad was revived. And I kicked the butts of the murder people.

Yeah, so what bothered me was that this was like the third time I dreamed that my dad died. And this was the second time he came back alive. The first time was that we were going to ride on a bus, but some guys shot him (again with the shooting!) and the second time was when we were on a plane and some terrorists shot him. But after he came back on a 'Saturday' and that he would come back again the next 'Saturday'. I don't know why it's Saturday in the dream. But that's what happened.


Thanks for any help. I'd really appreciate it!

Example: What does a dream about bees mean?

Last night I had a dream that I was in a house full of carpenter bees, and my mother put me there and told me that it was my job to get rid of all of them. What does this mean? I also happen to be allergic to bees, so you can imagine just how scary this dream was!

Example: What can my dream mean?

No smartmouth answers please.

I had a dream that I was having pain at the top of my head.. When I went to feel it, there were three nails (iron carpenter nails) that were coming out from the top of my head. I pulled them out, and two were silver colored, one was gold colored. They had blood on them, and when I would go to feel my head, I had three deep holes and blood, not to mention very sharp pain.

After checking in the mirror and seeing the holes, I woke up.

Could this mean anything, or was it just a bizarre, pointless dream?

Example: What did this dream mean?

I had a dream that I got into like 4 fights, 1 with someone i didn't know and 3 with friends. There also was a party at my house that I did not know about. 1/2 of the people I didn't know and they all came rushing into my room without my consent. There were also carpenters on my porch claiming to have had sex with my mom.

Example: What could this dream mean?

I dreamt my mom lived by herself way out in some shanty in the country (I don't know where my dad was in the dream) and me, my sister and my son went to visit her. Her landlady had built a "guest house" in the back of my mom's house, but it was nothing but a shack too. When we opened the door to the guest house, I said, I'm not staying in here. It was just one room with a big bed, and the place was filthy. On top of the bed there was a brown and white dog. The dog just looked at me until I petted it, then it wagged its tail. I let the dog outside, and it just ran and ran like it was so happy to be outside, then I brought the dog back in. My mom told me to not let the dog out again because her landlady would get mad, she didn't want the dog outside at all. I went to feed the dog with this bag of food that was left open, and there was these big black carpenter ants all over the place. They were crawling all over the floor, underneath the bed, in the dog's dish everywhere. I ended up

Example: What does it mean when dreams do this?

I'm the only person I know of that has these dreams. My parents nor friends have ever heard of this...
I don't usually have dreams, but when I do, scenes change. Its ALWAYS gloomy. I've never had a dream in sunlight. Its always cloudy, a depressed kind of climate. One dream was in a grocery store, and when I walked outside I was in a sparsely wooded field and there were cars lined up. Another was where I was getting ready to go somewhere, and when I walked out of the house, I spawned on a rock in the ocean close to the coast, and there were people in Dingy boats shooting at me with assault rifles.
If I'm around people, I don't see their faces. Their body is very blurred and i cant tell who is who or even if I know them. Nobody talks either. They just stare at me. A dream when I was little was me and my mom were driving around a neighborhood and we got pulled over and my mom got arrested. As the police officer and my mom were staring at me on the sidewalk, they both fell over and they turned out to be pieces of plywood with people painted on them. I've never had a happy dream and everything is gloomy, depressing, and vague. What does this mean?

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