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Dream About Carpet Weaver meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Out of the five, which is a better name?

Adalia Weber
Danielle Weber
Abagail Elford
Annabella Black
Devasha Nash

The last names arn't fixed so if you don't like them, please tell me! And Black and Weber are just pure coincidence, no they're not from Twilight!

I've always subscribed to the belief that names have meanings. More often than not, people resemble what their names mean.

The names you chosen have some amazing meanings. I've put them in order of my preference, along with their meanings (just in case you don't know):

1. Danielle Weber ~ This name seems very natural, something you'd expect to be used by a musician. I knew a Danielle in school who had blond hair and a beautiful voice. The name's meanings are powerful, too! "Danielle" means "judged by God", while "Weber" means "weaver", which was a very artistic profession in Ancient times.

2. Annabella Black ~ This name sounds very exotic, but also has a firm tone to it; the connotation is that of a woman who is ready for anything--feminine, but firm. Not too surprising when you consider that "Annabella" is an exotic form of "Ann", which is Hebrew for "graceful". Black, of course, is the combination of all colors and shades; it's also a solid color which can be worn anywhere. As a surname, it reminds me of Sirius Black, from the Harry Potter books. He was always ready for anything!

3. Abagail Elford ~ This name is distinctly feminine, and also has an almost ethereal quality to it, but also has problems with its meanings. Girls named Abagail usually have their names shortened by friends to "Abbey", or "Abby", which have religious connotations. An abbey (from Latin abbatia, derived from Syriac abba, "father"), is a Christian monastery or convent, under the government of an Abbot or an Abbess.

Elford, however, is confusing. "El" refers to Elves or Fairies; "ford" means a safe place to cross a river.

Therefore, Abagail Elford is a woman with a religious bearing or history who also resembles an Elf, but lives near a river.

The name is exotic, but confusing.

4. Adalia Weber ~ Adalia is an old name, found in both Ancient German and Old Spain. The literal meaning is "noble one", and it sounds it. Weber, as I mentioned above, is "weaver", one who weaves tapestries or carpets. It's an artistic profession, but not a very high one in society.

Therefore Adalia Weber would be a woman who pursues an artistic calling, but dreams of rising above her station. She's ambitious, which could lead to trouble.

5. Devasha Nash ~ Devasha Nash sounds to me like a femme fatale type of woman, the kind a mother tells her son to watch out for. The name is also unusual in its meanings.

"Deva" comes from Sanskrit, which means "divine"; it was also the name of a moon goddess. In ancient folklore women traditionally have a strong connection to the moon, but not always a good one. Hecate, Greek Goddess of Magic & Witchcraft was symbolized by the moon. She was quite a malevolent deity.

"Nash" comes from a surname which was derived from the Middle English phrase 'atten ash', meaning "at the ash tree". According to Old English documents, spears were usually made of ash wood. Irish folklore claims that shadows from an ash tree can damage crops.

In short, this name has dangerous connotations, so I'm ranking it last.

Good luck in choosing a name!

Example: The Oresteia, Agamemnon questions?

What does "the torch has brought us triple-sixes" mean?
What relationship exists between Clytaemnestra and Helen?
Why does the chorus fear for Agamemnon's return?
Why do they think that he will be assassinated?
Why did he sacrifice his daughter and what was her name? Iphigenia. On the way to Troy, the Greek's ship was blown off course by the god of hunt, Artemis. In order to appease the god and stop the winds, Agamemnon had to sacrifice his daughter, Iphigenia.
What does the chorus say about the character that Cly. has developed while Ag. was away? (see line 152). The chorus says that she has grown strong in the house with no fear of the husband.
What does the Chorus mean by "we must suffer into truth"? (see line 179)
Read lines 210-226 on page 110 What does the chorus think of Agamemnon's choice in sacrificing his daughter? The chorus mentions how the "father's hands are stained" and from the lines 210-226 it sounds like the chorus is telling us that it was cruel of Agamemnon to sacrifice his daughter.
What is revealed in Cly. character when she says, "No one takes me in with visions--senseless dreams."? (line 275) When she tells the chorus that Troy belongs to the Greeks now, the chorus questions whether she has dreamed this or not, and so she responds to them that no one takes her in with visions or senseless dreams.
What is the difference in the role that the Chorus plays in Aeschylus' plays as opposed to the plays of Sophocles?
Why does Clytaemnestra put down the red carpet for Agamemnon when he returns? Clytemnestra welcomes him, professing her love, and orders a carpet of purple robes spread in front of him as he enters the palace. To walk on the carpets is a sin because they came from the Gods or something. She is trying to get him to do an awful thing so she has good excuse to kill him and the Gods wont be mad at her, they will be mad at him.
The leader of the chorus tells Cly. that she "Speaks like a man" (line 354)- what is the irony in that?

16. The Oresteia, Agamemnon, pp. 139-173
Explain lines 957-960.
What is the double meaning in line 966?
In line 1001 the chorus says "Justice comes to birth". What do they suspect will happen? How would they know what to suspect?
Agamemnon brings back Cassandra to be his concubine, but what does Clytaemnestra address her as?
Cassandra was a prophetess, but had a special curse put on her. What was that curse?
When would people finally believe her?
After Clytaemnestra and Agamemnon enter the house what does she prophesy?
Why does Cassandra shreek with terror in line 1219?
See lines 1241-1249. How does Cassandra describe the wretchedness of Clytaemnestra?
What does Clytaemnestra’s prophecy in lines 1300-1304 forbode?
What is the double meaning in line 1423? "My Lord is home at last."
Read Clytaemnestra’s speech in lines 1391-1424. What character traits do we see displayed in Clytaemnestra?

What is Clytaemnestra referring to in lines 1531-1533?
What warning does the Chorus give her in lines, 1534-1541?
What biblical phrase does Clytaemnestra’s line "By the sword, you did your work and by the sword you die." resemble?
Why does Aigisthus call himself, "the weaver of Justice"? (line 1635)
In what way does Aegisthus mock the Chorus?
How do they mock him?
17. The Oresteia, The Libation Bearers, pp. 173-227

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