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Dream About Carrying Someone meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream Meaning, me bullying someone?

So i had a dream last night and it was kinda weird, but my dreams are always weird. But this one part stood out to me. I was walking out my school and it was the day kids pick up their report card but it was pretty empty (only middleschoolers there, my school is split in 3 elementary, middle, and hs) but i was walking out of it i knew in the dream i did
nt pick up my report card, i forgot the reason i went to the school to begin with, but as im leaving theres this kid standing with his friend and for some reason i was just pissed off. So i look at him walk past him then turn around and stare at him for a couple seconds and he just barely turns his head towards me and i startt yelling "wtf are you looking at me for?" And start cursing him out and he says "what did i do?" And go up to him and just start punching him and throwing him around. And hes trying to get away but i pursist in pushing him and punching him then he gets infront of this store and finally rages back, he starts throwing everything infront of the store at me (grocery store stuff, idk why it was infront of the store, my dreams are weird) but he misses them all and hes yelling "wtf is your problem? Leave me alone!" Then this guy walks out the store and yells at him "what are you doing?!?! Get away kid" but the kid is just standing there and the guy walks up to me and he asks me "whats this kids problem?" and i lie and say "idk whats his problem, hes weird" and then me and the guy start walking and talking together. Meaning of this dream?
P.s. this dream felt like a continuation of another dream i had, same feeling and setting, and same weird twilight lighting. Both cloudy too. I dont feel like going into full detail about this dream so heres a short summary, i go to school, plan to smoke weed with 2 other friends, 1 of them bails on the plan, me and the other friend smoke in this very weird spot that was really iffy. (And yes i do smoke weed in real life)

Maybe the dream is just telling you that you are developing some unhealthy
habits that will not be helpful in life. You project your insecurities as rage
at other non involved individuals. You physically attack them then lie your way out of it
because of the guilt you feel and the fear that you might be discovered and exposed.
You are probably wondering how far these activities can be carried into adult life.

Your story says that you know better and that you are not proud of the direction
you are headed in. Your overt behavior causes people to notice you more and
makes it harder to avoid detection and just blend in.

Example: What does it mean to dream about carrying someone.?

I had a dream in which I was in some strange place (sort of like a cave) carrying a girl. However I can clearly remember who the girl was (her name I don't know) I've seen her around my school a few times. I think she's cute but, other than that I thought nothing of her. In my dream, from start to finish I'm caring her around this place, all the while talking to her about random things (can't remember what we talked about, it was sort of like small talk I guess). Then at a certain point there's a sort of tree that by climbing it people have been getting out of this place were walking in. The top of the tree leads to a hole in the ceiling of this place. I offer to carry her up the tree and out of the cave, she agrees and then my dream ends.

Normally I don't really pay much attention to my dreams but this one seems to have my attention, I'd appreciate if anyone can give me some sort of info on what it might mean. If it means anything at all.

Example: What does it mean when you dream you are carrying someone?

i dreamed that i was carrying my best guy friend

Example: What does it mean to be carrying someone in your dream?

I keep having this dream where Im carrying a girl but i don't know who it is i am carrying her princess style and it looks like she is breathing hard and fast and i am not running but she is holding me lovingly
i think we were in a field or meadow. it was night and starry.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about carrying someone?

Last night I dreamed about a friend of mine who's 21 just like me, also someone who I care a lot for. Actually he's my best friend even though I haven't known him for that long. In my dream, we were walking outdoors and it was dark. It seemed like I was the only one used to the darkness since he suddenly fell down and his legs were a bit shaky and weak. He couldn't walk properly so I tried to help him out by walking side by side with him and letting him lean his right arm on my shoulders but then it was still difficult to go on like that since we were very slow so I thought it would be a better Idea to carry him instead, though I was doubting about it since he is taller than me though he has a very delicate slim figure. I took a glace at the left side of his hip, I was about to touch it but I was a bit shy, since his shirt was lifted a bit and some of his skin was showing. Apparently, he knew what I was thinking so he took my right hand and put it right where I was looking at, then gave me a kind reassuring smile (without showing teeth). I got surprised by that and blushed but then lifted him up and held him strongly in my arms. We were like that almost the entire dream until we finally got where we had to be and I sat on a couch as he was sitting on top of my legs and I played with his short black hair. That's how it ended... and I do not understand what would be the meaning behind it. Would somebody tell me?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about someone carrying you?

I've had a few dreams lately about one of my friends carrying me. I haven't seen this friend in a long time. In the first dream, he lifted me off a table that I couldn't get down from. In the second dream, he would just carry me around places. Like, I would just jump on his back or on his hip and he'd just carry me. What could this mean, to have him, in specific, lifting and carrying me in my dreams? I know there's some kind of meaning, but I can't find it online... Please help me.

Example: Dream meaning! please someone!?

i had a cream that this big guy came out of a truck and he was trying to cut this guys head off. i think it was my brother but im not sure. then i tried to step infront of the guy so the other guy wouldnt chop his head and the sword hit my neck but i didnt get hurt so he told me to move and i did. and he chopped his head off !
what does that meannnn? please someone helppp!

Example: What does my dream mean? Please someone?

It may sound like a silly dream but it's really bothering me. Okay so my crush is my brothers friend, and I never let him in my room due to it being messy.(don't judge) but today I had a dream that I was looking for my crush and I found him laying down on my bedroom floor with his eyes open smiling. (There was another kid in the room hiding also but I paued no attention to him) my crush was wearing a white t-shirt(he always wears a white t-shirt whenever he comes over) and when I found him he got up. Is this bad? Does it mean anything? I'm sorry if I wasted your time.

Example: Dream about Carrying Someone?

I was hoping you might help me out with this dream I had the other night.

I dreamt that I went on a kids' train ride with a co-worker and saw many different displays with many people in the crowd. This included several other co-workers who were either trying to find their place and one, who stood out, by sitting on a chair, holding a mic, and singing a song. The co-worker and I left the ride and wound up in a street where we saw an older man, who was short, skinny, and an had intense stare. He started following us, and the co-worker and I ran away from him. We were about to cross a busy street--one very similar to my hometown--and when cars stopped driving on one side of the road, so I picked her up and took her to the other side of the street. At one point, she screamed when she thought I was going to drop her on the ground. We managed to get to the other side, when the older man realized we took a different route.

I wonder what this dream really means? I didn't have a very pleasant experience at that job; it's been years since I have even seen those people. In fact, the co-worker in my dream was very rude, dishonest, and uncooperative--in real life. Any insight at all would be helpful. Thanks.

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