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Dream About Case meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do our dreams mean?

when we have dreams what does it mean?

Dream meanings often are random or could be said to 'not be there' - only discarded information as the mind defrags in your sleep.

Other times, often enough there is meaning. In that people seek meanings there generally is already a base sense of meaning or they would not seek the 'answer' - which is truly more of an 'affirmation' or 'clarification' in most cases. The dreamer already holds the meaning but may need awakening as to what it may be.

How? Consider:

What did the dream leave you feeling like?
Who / what circumstances were involved and how do they relate to your personal life context, past or present?
What symbols, if any, held some intriguing interest for you?

Symbology is not a constant in terms of meaning or substance in dreams - much depends on what was suggested as you reflect in your personal context. They can however strongly imply general ideas - the royalty, stealthiness - or even evil as some see it - of the common house cat may figure in. How you see it depends on your personal feelings as you review such a thing.

Money, relationships, loss, fears - all these and more come and go in dreams for all kinds of reasons. The meaning simply depends on what any of those things, as they may occur in the dream, mean to you in your own unique circumstance.

It is largely a matter of piecing together and understanding feelings and carefully considering the source for the things experienced in the dream - then an answer usually gels in the mind and the story comes together. A 'dream interpreter' is more of an observer who can offer comments as to what is described and how it may relate to your own life - but is wholly dependent on you to find the precise answer. We can only work in generalities compared to the magnificent detail stored - if trapped - inside the dreamer's own mind.

I hope you find this information useful, all the best to you.

Example: What is this dream meaning?

Last night my husband had a dream that I was pregnant. Could someone tell me the meaning? I havent been able to find it online anywhere.

Example: Dream Meaning?

Do u know what it means to dream that your teeth fall off?

Example: Recurring dreams meaning?

I have recently realized that i have been having several recurring dreams throughout my life (I'm only 14 so it hasn't been super long). I have had many but the two i want to know about are the ones with me having superpowers that i can't use and being chased by big things.

1. I have had plenty of dreams where i have superpowers and i know it but just can't use them. Powers like flying, super saiyan junk, and most recently wolverines claws (i'll talk about that one).
I had the dream that i was actually with wolverine and we were just doing stuff that i can't remember, but i do remember trying extra super hard to have my claws shoot out of my hands but it never happened.
- I think that this dream means that i have potential but i don't know how to reach it just yet.

The one's where i'm being chased are weird too. I'm always being chased by a large dinosaur or godzilla. Nothing else. EVER.
-Maybe i'm avoiding my biggest challenges or fears or something?

Example: Dream Meaning?

I had the most bizarre dream last night. There was a young woman with dark, long hair who was in a room alone with me. (I was scared of her). This lady came up to me and mentioned my lungs. (It seemed as if I owed her something, but I am not sure). She said something about a “chip” in one of my lungs that she needed to take. I agreed. She sort of breathed onto or sucked air from me (to take it). I realized that this “chip” was something that I needed. Then, I remember thinking it was too late and woke up. At some point in the dream, I remember seeing the “chip”. (Chip is the word that was used in the dream). The chip was just a white spot in my lung like you would see in an X-Ray. Does anyone have any insight into the meaning of this?

Example: What dreams mean?

My grandfather has been working late nights at the bakery recently. I had a dream his car is abandoned on the street as he's taking me to school because he passes out. I had that dream a few weeks ago, and now he has an eye infection. Could this mean anything? Or am I being paranoid?

Example: Dream Meaning :).?

Hey all :)

These past few weeks, I've been posting questions about my best [male] friend's problems and issues, and asking about how else I could help him and be there for him at all times.

Today, on msn, he told me that he had a dream about me - That he and I were married, we had three kids, we lived in a good & sheltered house, and everything was going really well. And then all of a sudden, a robber came in and killed him while he was trying to protect me and the three kids.

What does this dream mean...?

Thanks people if you answer! :D

[By the way, yes, I do have a crush on him :) And he knows that, and is quite happy about it! ^_^ He and I said that we would just be laughing our heads off if this dream actually happened for real, haha!]

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream that my whole row of bottom teeth fell out and all my top ones got all crooked and gross looking, does anyone think this means anything?

Example: Dream meaning?!?

Last night i had a dream that i had bald patches of hair on my head. i recently discovered that i might have had trichotillomania (the compulsive urge to pull out hair and in my case eyelashes) in the past and in my dream i kept thinking "oh its okay its only that". I remember having this uneasy feeling throughout the dream about my hair like it was permanent and when i went to show my friend my head they said they don't see anything there. I remember thinking oh its okay ill wake up in the morning and my hair will be back but I still felt sick to my stomach. And in my dream i "woke up" and the bald patches were gone! But out of nowhere came back again. What does this mean? These bald patches weren't completely bald. There was hair there but it was skin tight and prickly like i had just shaved it off.

Example: Dream meaning?

i had an unusually long dream the other night,but wat caught my attention the most is this huge white eagle that would follow me every were i went.and at one point the eagle descended from the sky toward me and it landed rite infront of me and then i noticed someone was riding it and it was the guy i have been crushing on,what does thae mean?

i don't know if this helps but before i went to bed i was trying to write a song but i couldn't think of anything and thats very unusual for me.

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