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Dream About Cast 2 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Who know D meaning of this dream?

I am a born again Christian,
for D pass two weeks i´ve been eating in my dreams,which is not good as a Christian.I have put it into prayer but it still happen again yesternight.
Why is that happenly? What should i do to stop it?

depending on your background eating in dreams means there is an existing unbroken evil covenant and the operations of familiar spirits. since u a born again. based on deut 30;15,19, gal 3.13 you can break the covenants.take some days of fasting and break the covenant and nullify the curses.plead the blood of Jesus and the finished work of calvary (2) you may have moved to a new place or someone with a witchcraft spirit stays around you,you wake up tired or with headache,plead and drink by faith d blood of Jesus,put on the full armour of God,b4 sleeping bind and cast out familiar spirits and ask Jesus to send out human evil spirit b4 going to bed
results of eating in dreams can include sickness,delay, been repaid evil 4 goods ,unfruitfulness. decree and declare your rights in christ.if you desires ti know more you can send your mailing address i may send you some tapes and books

Example: Does this dream mean something?

I was dreaming that I was entering this Hotel. Inside were rows of beds at first which looked more like a hospital. When I came further, I went to the bathroom because for some reason I knew that was where the elevator of the hotel rooms led.

I got in the elevator and as I got to the top floor, the hallway was so elegant. Bright chandeliers were hanging from the ceiling. I overheard 2 female-like voices talking in the background but it was unclear to me on what they were talking about. I thought I heard them say “Allopolo”. I just ignored the voices and walked slowly around the corridors. As I got to my room, I opened the door which had 2 beds inside. As I moved deeper into the bedroom the lights suddenly kept flickering on and off until the lights stayed off. I looked behind me and on the bed was a weird, white and arch-shaped object that wasn't supposed to be there. I just paused, staring at it until it slowly dropped as if it were only an ironing board. It gotten bigger and bigger and it was about to drop on top of me, then I passed out.

Later, I think I woke up in a run-down area. The place was so huge. It was almost a size of a football stadium, yet it was dark and only little light shinned through the holes on the ceiling. I quickly paused, hearing something. I looked behind me. What stood behind me was a weird purple-masked stranger. Around its head was a purple coloured, pin covered cloth so it couldn’t see. Suddenly, another purple-masked person came up and then lunged at the other one, not making any noise. The other one jumped around the walls, as if it was escaping. It then shouted “Allopolo” as if it was casting a spell and disappeared.

The other purple-masked person was still there, and mistaken me as the other one. I turned around running towards what looked like a ladder that would bring me higher up. Since the purple-masked thing couldn’t see me, its ears detected my every movement. It jumped up and tackled me out of the ladder. I fell down but kept on running.

It attempted to kick me but then I dodged it. I thought I heard it say “You’re Allopolo!” which really confused me, that’s when I woke up.

Ever since I woke up, I can still remember the word ‘Allopolo’ in my head and always think of it as a name. I’ve never heard of the word “Allopolo” before until I got this dream. Is this dream trying to tell me something, and who or what is 'Allopolo'?

Example: I don't know what this dream means...?

Okay please answer this seriously, and no religious bashing or crude comments.

Reoccuring dreams are usually said to happen when you are stressed or had a traumatic past, I have had both. And my dream keeps coming back in different forms but basically the same storyline, and they scare me.

Usually they are dreams of me casting demons out of people. The first one the world was dark and all these people kept coming to me trying to attack me, and I prayed and cast out the demons.

The second one, was the same but I was casting demons out of a house I was in.

Last night, I had a dream where I was standing near a bed, and my bf was on the bed, and we heard these voices, and I could see someone creepy sitting on the night stand, my bf couldnt, I don't know what they were saying but they had a scary voice and it echoed, and my bf was grabbing his head trying to shake the voice away, but I prayed again, and cast the demon out of the house.

THese dreams scare me and I don't know why I am having them, any idea what they mean?

Example: A recurring dream - what could it mean?

This will sound a bit strange, but then again maybe not. The dream I keep having and it is getting more and more vivid each time it occurs.

I dream I am being chased across a field by several what looks like medieval knights in golden color armour, chasing me in front of them is a large group of pigs/boars, you get the idea.

I am trying to get away, to get to my kids, it is incredibly hot. I get to my 2 girls and we all start running, the heat overcomes us and we all fall to the ground, the knights and the pigs catch up to us, and begin taunting me calling me evil, calling me half a woman, a whore, basically abusing me mentally. I see the face of one of the knights and it is my ex husband who at one time was the girls step father, in the face of the pigs, I see his new spouse who together have been spreading viscious lies and slander about me ever since they got together. All 10 knight and 10 pigs have their faces.

I look right at them and say, I am not evil, I am more woman than you ever deserve to be with, you were the one who hurt me and now You have no power over me and you can't stand it.

It is then that in the sky come flying in a very large dragon, almost looks like the one from the movie dragonheart, he swoops down and says, you shall not harm her anymore, the knight and the pigs fight back, but the dragon pervails, breathing fire on all of them and they dissapear. I look at the dragon, and it nods at me saying, my friend, you were good to me once and I see the good in you, and I know you didnt deserve the treatment you received I am here to protect you and your family from the evil that hurts you night after night, they will not harm you again as long as I am here.

It is then I wake up, boiling hot (although I do live in AZ), i am boiling hot, shaking, and almost unable to breathe as though I really was running. My new husband that I have been married to for about a year and a half, usually knows when I wake up and he gets a cool washrag and soothes me back to sleep.

I know for sure, he is not the dragon in my dreams, it is not his type of personality.

Then a couple nights later the same dream almost literally verbatum happens over and over again, which is why I can tell it so easily.

I know I am not losing my mind, I have actually talked to a spiritual person about this and they have two conclusions, one, what I am suffereing from severe post traumatic sex from the verbal and mental abuse from my ex and his new wife.. and Someone out there is protecting me and that is why each night I have this dream.. they are there in dragon form, or, (and this is far fetched) my ex has found him a witch and they are casting spells on me, and that the dragon is my own subconsious fighting back. ie the dragon is me the part of me that still remains strong in the face of adversity

Now.. I dont know what to believe, I have talked to my actual doctor, and he has checked everything physically, otherwise on a daily basis, this has no real affect on me, my job, my family, or my basic health, except for a bit of sleep deprevation.

The dreams have been going on for about 2 months, and I have had a total of 20 dreams repeating over and over.

Freaky, but help.


Example: Do you think this dream means anything?

I just started track like a week ago and my ankle has been kinda bothering me lately because I broke it 2 years ago. I had a dream last night that I had to get a cast back on my ankle. Do dreams ever have any meaning?

Example: Dream meaning ? about witches?

My mom had a dream that we moved into this wooden house that was surround by trees and that my brother brought a skunk into the house and the skunk peed on us and my mom started yelling . As the dream goes on the witch is starting to cast a spell on my brothers and they are at her will . A neighbor shows up with her 2 kids and tells my mom she has to leave the town that the witches hypnotize the children during the day and at night they'll get them. My aunt shows up and tells my mom we have to go , they start putting red curtains all around the house . A wind blows and she sees she's in front of her crosses everywhere and notices she's living in front of a cemetery. She goes out side and sees that my brothers are in black dresses with hoods and the witch is in front of them in a red dress with a hood. My mom says a prayer and starts throwing holly water at my brothers and the witches start laughing and says next time try soap , she also says that doesn't work because its 3 doors and 1 door always opens another one . My mom goes gets some knife give me and my aunt one and says we can't go in the car that the witch will brake it . And then she woke up. Now she's annoying me about what her dream can mean . Give me your opinion on the dream

Example: Umm well ive had alot of dreams of casting out demons what does it mean?

well i had alot of dreams of casting out demons but this 1 i had 3 days ago it was scary well im not gonna tell u all of it so im get straight 2 the point well it was in my house some guy just ran to me and my mom then my mom started 2 pray for it at the same time in my dream so was i..but it never came out then i woke up my whole body was warm..then yesterday night i had another dream but this time it came out.. i dont know what this means...

Example: In the poem "A Dream" by Edgar Allan poe line 6, what does he mean by to him whose eyes are cast?

Here's the poem
A Dream
1 In visions of the dark night
2 I have dreamed of joy departed-
3 But a waking dream of life and light
4 Hath left me broken-hearted.

5 Ah! what is not a dream by day
6 To him whose eyes are cast
7 On things around him with a ray
8 Turned back upon the past?

9 That holy dream- that holy dream,
10 While all the world were chiding,
11 Hath cheered me as a lovely beam
12 A lonely spirit guiding.

13 What though that light, thro' storm and night,
14 So trembled from afar-
15 What could there be more purely bright
16 In Truth's day-star?

Example: What does this dream mean?

When I was little I had a couple of dreams about the world ending but not a lot. But, now that I've gotten older it seems to be getting worse. I'm 14 and having disturbingly vivid dreams is normal for me. I hardly ever forget my dreams and if I do they usually weren't that important, didn't last long, or vivid enough. The most vivid dream I remember having of the world ending when I was little was that a news cast was saying that there was "going to be mass destruction happening all over the U.S. in most parts of the..." and I can't remember what they said after that. But my parents took me and put me in our truck and I remember that they brought a lot of water. I also remember the news saying that there were going to be a lot of wrecks like car crashes and stuff.My parents started driving towards downtown trying to get of of Georgia (which is where we lived at the time) and my dad was barely swerving out of the way of a bunch of collisions and cars that were completely out of control. For some reason there were bees flying everywhere and people were also crashing because they were being attacked and stung by them. As a child I had a terrifying fear of bees so that may explain why the bees were there. Before we could get to the the stop light we got into a crash and that's all I remember. My most recent dream of the world ending is very confusing and vivid. I was at a school I've never seen before and I was about 17 and had a motorcycle I was driving down a long endless road and next to it was a clean up crew type thing and they were trying to get the pollution and litter off of the side of the road where the trees were. And with each level of destruction the trees would get more and more bare and destroyed and it just scared me to death and absolutely depressed me to see nature and humanity like this. I'm not exactly sensitive when it comes to subjects like humanity and stuff like that but seeing people trying so hard to fix this just sort of tugged at my heart strings a bit. The man who was supposedly the principle of the made up school I went to told me to race to the school and warn the teachers and students and everyone there that they had to get to safety because there was unfortunately no way to fix the pollution. Also next to the trees was a marshy land that used to be a clear ocean *I'm not sure how I knew or understood this but I just did* but each day they tried to fix the pollution the water just kept getting browner and foamier and more disgustingg. So I raced to the school and one teacher and another girl already knew and were trying to get everyone evacuated. So we all went to this church down the long endless road and stayed in the highest part which was where the bells are (I can't remember what it's called but it's where the bells are that ring when it's time to go to church). Well there were about a hundred of these things and the children (mostly teens about 15 to 19) were all crammed into these things (which were actually massive and had no bells inside them) and I was with 2 other girls and one of them was a girl who had a little baby and was angry at herself and started crying because the baby wouldn't eat and she thought it wouldn't eat because she ate too much food and didn't leave enough. I offered my own but she refused. I offered again and again she refused. She then bordered a bus that somehow was on a platform type thing connected to the bell tower thing. I'm not sure what happened to the other girl, she may have bordered the school bus as well. But, then after that I woke up. Can anyone help me understand the meaning in these 2 dreams? Thnx. P.S I probably pray the most between me and my mom and dad but I'm not a very spiritual person. I'm not obsessed with God but when I do pray it's usually to thank him if I had a good day or if I just haven't prayed in a while. I like to pray for other people a lot especially my friends and a lot of times when I look up meanings to my dreams the dream has something to do with my spirituality. I don't know if this little bit of P.S. info helps but I just wanted to clear some stuff up or help a little. Please help me figure this out. Thank you for having the patience and curiosity to read this far.:).

Example: Any one have any ideas on what my Dream may mean?

Any one know what these 2 dreams mean?

Well about 6 months - 1 year ago I had a dream, it was at a kinda of school and it was on an island with a volcano and we (me and my friends) were hanging around waiting for school to start and the volcano erupts and we have all been told if the volcano ever erupts to run to the pillars around the out side of the school, There are about 30 and the tallest is about 15m high about 3 round so we run to them and start to climb up them, when we reach the top I pull my friends to the top one but the prep girls pull them back down again, so how Im the only one that survives
I have had it 3 times and I have no idea why

About 3 months ago I had another dream, I was with me family/ group of strangers could not tell, we were all told that we had 'magic powers' and had to go in to a kinda of survive camp, we get all the things we need and are push down a kind of slide (it was made of ice) and we came out at an igloo and the 'leader' said "try these spells" so we all do then we are pushed in another door and come out in a kind of what seems like an island so we are all there and some 'attackers' came at us with all they got and we have to defeat them and we do. Once again we are then pushed through another door. This time we were in city is what it looks like and we walk towards the tall buildings, we are about 500m from the tallest building but we have to go in a farm, every one says Im the best with 'magic' and make me take lead so I start to walk but they stay in the same spot, I turn around to them, they seemed shocked so I turn back around and there is a MASSIVE monster standing in front of us so we run back and the monster hides, I say " how are we gonna get around that thing?" I cute guy comes forward, " You and I will have to go alone, we will be delivery person, it is a _______ monster (I cant remember what he said), I have researched it and will let us past if it thinks we are delivering some thing to the city" he casts a spell and we are in some sort of delivery clothes adn we walk right past the monster
When we get to the other side and keep walking, we get to the building and more monster appear... That's when I woke up because it freaked me out a bit!

- Any info will be nice

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