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Dream About Cat Food meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean? Cat food in lockers? O_O 10 points?

10 points to best answer.

Okay, I had this dream quite some time ago, and I have no idea what it means.

I was in the school hallway by myself and all our lockers had turned yellow with golden locks on. I unlocked mine to find a bag of cat food, and then went into my tutor room. It was a big field in the middle of a storm. I went up a hill to find a cottage, and inside that cottage was my house.

What does it mean?! =/

Well dreams barely ever mean what they appear to, and they are highly symbolic.

You being alone in the hallway could symbolise that you feel alone at school, but it could also mean that you wish you had more time alone. The lockers turning yellow could symbolise that you feel the world is constantly changing. As for the cat food, it might mean nothing since cat food isn't a very symbolic item, but it might mean that you feel connected to animals in a way you feel other people wouldn't understand, but it might also just mean that you were hungry when you fell asleep :) your tutor room being an open field in the middle of a storm IS very symbolic and it could mean a large variety of things. It could mean that you feel unsafe (probably mentally) in that room. This is the only theorie that also complies with your house being in the cottage: it would symbolise that you feel safe from school and other things in your life in your home, like you were safe from the storm in the cottage.

Remember that these are theories and the person to best guess what your dream means is you :) hope this gives you some clarity.

Example: What do a hurt bear, missiles, a cat killing a squirrel, and a plane crash mean in dreams?

Lately I have been having insane dreams. This particular one featured a grotesquely hurt bear (I'm talking full patches of skin missing, think 2-face from batman), a missile attack going wrong & causing a plane to crash into the building I was in but the building was huge so it didn't hurt me or those I was with, and my cat killing a hairless squirrel. Other than being completely messed up is there any meaning hidden?

No strange food before bed, allergy medicine and melatonin though.

Example: A dream about the french poet Rimbaud and a black cat, what does it mean?

I have just woken up from a strange dream. I was talking to two Victorian gentleman who were saying how wonderful a recently created statue was. The statue was white, of a man like the Greek statues and it's head was in the clouds. The creator of the statue was Rimbaud the french poet. He shouted from the clouds saying it wasn't finished yet and then he poured green absinthe over it. Next my bollocks were grabbed by a black cat and she would not let go. It was quite painful and I woke up. What does this dream mean?

(I hav had poetry published in some of the top literary magazines in the UK and online and had two collections published and am a big fan of Rimbaud's work)


Example: Dead Cat and Rabbit dream meaning?



Two nights ago I dreamed that I rented out an apartment or home to an Asian lady. I guess I was then there around meal time because I saw a dead gray cat next to the sink, and near it, a dead gray rabbit/hare. I knew instinctively they were to be prepared as food, but didn't really see any knives, utensils, or for that matter blood or anything like that. Each was just laying on it's side. I'm a big animal lover in real life, but in the dream, I don't remember it bothering me to see them this way (or maybe I just blocked the feeling out).

In any case, I'm not 100% a dream 'believer', but I don't like dreaming about cats (past experience), and it this dream has stayed with me since I had it.


Example: Dream about metro stations, cats, dogs, pet food and drugs? What does it mean?

I was sitting in the metro station, feeling sad, just watching the trains go by... The station was dim and somewhat resembled a cave.

Some friends briefly came over, but didn't have much contact and disappeared quickly. In most of this dream I felt like I was alone, absent, observing.

One of them (more like an acquaintance) gave me a bag of pet food and told me it was baked with weed. Instead of smoking them ("which would have been normal") I started eating them (wasteful, but comforting), but something kept interrupting me from my consumption.

I was really worried about my cat. I was afraid he would go in the metro and a train would come smash him. I kept shouting at him to be careful. Cat just ignored me and in a moment jumped to the ceiling, his fur in all directions (like a scared cat), so I stopped worrying that much because he seemed to react to stimuli.

I walked over to the other line. A metro passed by and I noticed among the crowd a little blonde girl with blue eyes staring at me (probably me?). The metro went away...

Another train came by, but didn't stop in the station. It had some platform wagons that were designed for transporting goods, but they were empty. On one of them was a dog that was looking at me. He was warm (breathing with his tongue out), although the station had a cool atmosphere.
I noticed there was another dog laying near the "safe edge". He was just as absent as I am, watching trains.

I returned to my seat and took the pet food and wanted to eat some more, since I didn't feel any relief from what I ate the first time. However I somehow found it sickening and useless and so that I don't throw it, I left some in a bowl, near the normal pet food, for my cat.

My cat came around curious about the food, but didn't want to eat any of it. He was curious about the "pot food" but wasn't more attracted to it than the normal food. He was walking in circles around the bowls for a while, then left, wandering somewhere else.

Observation: (thought about this after I woke up, not sure if it is relevant)
trains, people, friends, little girl and dog 1 had a linear movement - they were going "somewhere" and "away"
me and cat were moving circularly mostly ending up in the same place "nowhere" and "back"
dog2 was unmovable and as stiff as the station itself, like part of the building.

Example: What does it mean to dream about a ghost cat?!?

Just now I had a nap and I dreamt I was in my grandfathers living room (he's still alive) and I was helping my mum fold clothes, then my cat came in so I called her over and she sat down but then she jumped up and ran to the corner of the room looking really agitated and started attacking what I thought was a shadow of what my mum was doing but then it ran up the wall and my cat started to hiss horrifically and I looked up and noticed a black shadow of a cat running around. Just a black silhouette no physical cat and it kept running around then it ran out the room and my cat looked disgruntled so I picked up a tshirt to whack this ghost cat with but as I did that it shot into the room knocking me onto the sofa I could hear my cat hissing but I was unable to open my eyes properly but I started flailing the tshirt about to hit this cat while trying to pry at least one eye open and I saw it run to the other living room so I followed it and asked my mum if she'd seen it but she said no and I woke up

I know it's long and a bit silly but it's really shaken me :/ it was a horrible feeling in the dream like nothing but despair and fear and threat

Example: What does it mean when you dream that stray dogs or cats keep multiplying in your home or on your property?

I've had these dreams a lot recently. They usually involve me going to care for my own single pet, only to find that there are more there. It causes me panic, and sometimes there's another, and another each time I look. In the dreams, I'm overwhelmed and don't know how to get rid of them. Some are so cute I want to choose them to keep, but know I can't realistically keep any of them. I'm not the type that enjoys having multiple pets or high-maintenance animals around, but that's what I get in these frequent dreams.

My first thought as I'm writing this is maybe it signifies my anxiety over my cluttered house. It's gotten messy over the past month or so, and because of illness and numerous outside commitments, we haven't been able to put a dent in our cleaning and laundering tasks.

Example: Dreams of Cats what does it mean?

This is the 2nd time this week that I have dreamed of cats. I currently have a black and white cats and the cats that I see in my dreams are very similar to him. They come out of the drains (sink, toilet bathtub) they stand around they find food and they leave. They do not harm me at all and I have held a few of them in the my dream. In last nights dream I watched the cat come out of the sink drain, it was like it was being born.

The dreams are not scary in any way I just feel like it has some type of meaning can anyone help?

Thanks in advance

Example: What does a dream about a striped cat mean?

I had a dream that I had a striped cat and forgot to feed it for a few days. Then when I came back from school I opened up the package of food and there where worms mixed in with it. I ignored it and filled the dish I was then hesitant on weather or not to feed it a drink. I remember thinking that I haven't seen it in a while so put the dish near the stairs then waited then it came dashing up the stairs. Then when I went to go per it it hissed and attempted to attack me. Then I ran to my room closed the door and cried? It was very weird and scary

Example: Dream about eating cat food?

i had a dream last night that my cat had finished eating her wet-style cat food, so i decided to take a bite. i started gagging and spit it in the sink and washed my mouth out with the sink water sprayer. i remember distinctly feeling the leftover bits of cat food in my mouth. what does this mean?!?

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