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Dream About Cat Litter meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I've been dreaming on animals for the past 3 nights in a row. What does this mean?

1st night- i dreamts of cats trying to come inside the house by a window I was in front of. The window was an old school window with louvers. They would stick their paws and heads in between the opening of the louveres. About 1-2 successfully got in, but I just put them back out. I decided to tape the window shut.
2nd day= I dreamt of a big cat(looked like a female lion--same color, but the face looked like a tiger) It had an armor (like the one in Narnia, the polar bear was wearing) and was a ferrocious one. it tore someone to pieces and went after me. I jumped on a van and managed to climb on a very tall wall that was on my left side. It did the same thing I did. Except its mouth landed on top of the wall and was biting down through the wall (tearing it in half). In the end it got tired and I was able to be next to it& pet it.
3rd day= I was at an aunts house and across the yard going into the neighbors own it was flooded. Fishes were everywhere! All kinds..I felt bad and couldn't get them because the nieghbor will get mad and it came from his house. It was his fish tank that overflowed with water causing ALOT of fishes to go onto the yard. The water/flood didn't last long and the ground was covered with fishes moving their tails. i splashed water onto some of them so they wan feel hydrated. I was able to get some into the bucket and keep for myself. Walking in towards the back i found a tiny baby seal (dark&furry with a cute tail).I went inside the house to tell eveyone to come out & look, but it was gone. As i picked up my head, I saw a litter of puppies (maybe like 5) I found the mom but they looked like they were all dehydrated. So I poured water over their bodies and so on. IWith help I managed to get them inside the house and took care of them. (mind you- I did this by sneaking after the neighbor looked outside his window to see if I was going there--we crawled our way into his yard to get them). As i got them into the car, the mom (dog) was on my lap and I asked her how old she was and she said 16ms. And it was sad. Thats how my dream ended. Thank you in advance!

Seems like you like animals but the dreams about cats mean robbers that what cats can mean in dreams notice in the first one they're trying to break in the house, in the second one the cat is vicious it seems that there's a problem (or will be) in your life that you don't realize the danger of it just be careful

Example: I need help figuring out what this dream means.?

First dream:

It was late at night and I was in the mansion that I wasn't familar with my cat was in the kitchen using the litter box and my grandmother was cooking I walked past the cat and she attacked my leg. Then I went to look outside the window and saw an old lady standing in front of our yard. I told my grandma and she said I'm going to get rid of that b*tch. And she turned the sprinklers on somehow I moved from the window to the door and was looking at the peep hole when the old lady broke in our house and started attacking me I stabbed her with a knife and then she left after that my grandmother cut the leaves on the trees so we can see when she was coming.

Second dream:

In my dream my mom and dad were dumping a bowl of live crabs all over me and I was screaming and rolling around on the floor trying to get them off while, they just laughed. Then I popped into my bedroom and my friends were outside of my bedroom window talking to me and trying to come in. I told them to go away or I would get in trouble.

Example: What was the meaning of my dream?

Last night I had this stupid dream. Someone broke into my house. Nothing was stolen. There was some damage. Most of my household cleaners were all over my floors. Cat litter was spread throughout the house. Everything on the floor was in powder form. My toilet was full of flour baking soda, cat litter and my body powder. During this dream, I went to the bank and opened up a new checking account. I went back to my house and started cleaning. That was the end of the dream. I did watch a show called Buried Alive". This dream was very disturbing.

Example: Symbols meaning in strange, vivid dream?

So I just woke up from this crazy vivid dream that I was a witch or wiccan or something, but the dream had lots of symbols that made no sense until I looked them up in my dream encyclopedia:

It was night time and my dad was getting ready for work. (In reality, he works from afternoon to late night, so that didn't make sense.) It was really dark in my house. My mom, me and my sister were seeing him out like we usually do but he was being weird. He was talking about how I couldn't mention religion in the house. And that I shouldn't touch these shot glasses on the table. The way he was talking about religion was like he was extremely Christian, but my immediate family is not.

I kinda just went outside with him and a random white guy who I'm assuming was a neighborhood walked up our porch and into the house.(he was strange too. Dressed in a stereotypical "white country club" outfit and walking a fake, stuffed, huge eyed dog. Like a stuffed animal dog.) My mom was telling him about the recent bbq we had and how he could have some, because my dad always cooks too much (it's winter in Chicago, so this was weird because we don't bbq in winter). But there was no sign of it being winter outside. It was like summer outside but the streetlights were off and I couldn't tell.

I left my house to go next door to my "boyfriend's" house. In reality, I have no boyfriend and don't communicate with my next door neighbors often. I saw my dad getting in his car to leave and I yelled to him that I love him but he blew me off. I started having this internal dialog: whatever. I'll go see him since he's the only one who understands me. The doors unlocked like it always is.

The grass and sidewalk in front of the house was littered with autumn leaves and the house was brightly lit-the brightest house on the street as far as I could tell. When I went inside, I felt more free and I noticed that it was brightly lit, like day time. There were autumn leaves blanketing the floor and fluttering down from above. The color scheme inside was similar to the leaves, in creams/browns, yellows and oranges. I was greeted eagerly by a long haired orange tabby cat.. I started heading to my "boyfriend's" room. I was going behind a bunch of corners until I came to this spiral staircase off the kitchen. I forgot where I was going and who I was seeing once I saw the staircase. More cats, about 10 more, ran into the room from the kitchen to greet me. One cat who looked like my own cat, named August, greeted me in a way that made me feel better. When she touched my leg, I felt this energy, almost an orgasmic power.

I got this image of the tiers of hell and it showed me that there was a specific place for individuals who deliberately were not Christian and denied a Christian god. I am spiritual and believe in a higher energy, but not specifically a Christian god. I decided to disregard this image.

I immediately felt so free and I started ascending the stairs and almost felt like I was floating. With the cats following me, I felt so purely powerful, sensual and had never felt ecstasy like that except once in my life. Everything kind of went to pure white and then faded. I woke up and I wad breathing hard.

One of the strangest, but most vivid dreams of my life. I feel like it wasn't just a random dream. Those symbols relate to how I feel trapped in my house and wish to be free somewhere else. I felt more at home in the dream house than my own, even though I didn't even know my way around. I feel like my dad blows me off sometimes. I always wish I had a boyfriend ,but in this dream, I had one who I never saw and who had no part in me feeling free and powerful. Maybe a boyfriend is not what I need to become myself.

I was in a sexually abusive situation with an ex for about a year. I've felt sexually repressed since it started. I am no longer in the situation and he's no longer hurting me physically, but he still keeps trying to see me and won't stop contacting me. I felt like the burden wasn't there when I was floating up the stairs and didn't even think about the abuse in the dream. I was free of it.

Main symbols: dark house, gluttony, alcohol, religion/devil, autumn/fall, cats, hell, staircase, ecstasy, power, floating, light

What can all of this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I came home from birthday party at about 9:30pm. At the party we watched John Tucker Must Die.

I got home and read till about 11:00 and while reading a magazine I saw an article about the SAW movies . Since those kinds of things freak me out , turned off my light and went straight to sleep.
I had a dream that I was looking out my mom and dad's bedroom window onto my lawn down below. In my backyard I saw my friend trying to eat our fostered kittens. I repeatedly threw things at her until she bit the kittens head off and ate it. Then she came inside and told me it was 'all an accident'.
I've hd lots of fights with the friend that was in my dream. And currently I'm not fostering kittens , SHE is. I'm allergic to cats but I still play with them.
And please don't think I'm a freakshow because of that , I just wanted to hear what it means. Please help me understand , I don't care if your a dream expert or someone who just wondered onto this question. THANKS SO MUCH :)

Example: For two consecutive nights, I dreamed about dead trees. They really were so dried. What does it mean ? Pls. he?

A vine with large fruits climbed up the tree, so one would think of it to be alive.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that my cat and dog(who dies years ago) were both bitten by a skunk and got rabies. I was living in a kind of greenhouse with pools of water in it. My mother gave me a litter tray for me to keep the cat indoors to protect him, then I realised he'd already been bitten. At first I had no control of the greenhouse, and other people were coming and going, then I locked the doors and got some control over it, but it was too late for my cat and dog.

Example: What does it mean when you dream your cat pooped on the rug?

I have had a dream twice now that my cat pooped on my rug. She doesn't do this at all. She always uses her litter box. What does this mean?

Example: What does this really weird dream mean?

I don't know if all dream have a meaning but I had the weirdest dream and I can't figure out what it means, if anything. So here it goes.

My dream. I was in a new home, it was kinda like a mansion with a school in it because I would live upstairs in this house but I would go downstairs and their would be a bunch of people Oddly enough it was the cast of "Glee".. We ( IDK who the other person was I just remember I was with a few other people) found a whole litter of baby PUMAS. It was just a bunch of little cats but later on I realized we had the mother and father and I was confused on why we took them. I remember playing with them and then scratching me and whoever else I was with. When I went to bed I realized the house was haunted. I seen a bunch of shadow's of people. They would be in my door way or strange things would happen in the room I was staying in. When I woke up I said " I had a horrible night, this place is haunted but at least I have those little pumas to brighten my day." I said all of this to Fin from "Glee". When I went downstairs where everyone was I had found that someone said to kill these animals. They put the cats in a whole ( like a grate you would find on a sidewalk) and poured cement on them. They would then wait and put more cement in. I was panicked. I was trying to figure out how someone could be so cruel and was trying to figure out how to save those pumas. No one also believed it when I said the place was haunted. Later on in the dream it was time to go to bed again. Fin ( once again from Glee) realized the place was haunted and ran to me for help. Then I woke up. Their were a lot of other ghostly stuff happing and it was terrifying but I can't remember exactly what it was.

I don't know why the cast of Glee was in my dream or why Fin showed up so much. I did watch Glee earlier so I'm guessing that's why they all showed up but why the pumas? Why were they killed so horribly? It was over all a weird crazy dream that may or may not have a meaning but if anyone thinks it may can you please share because I can't figure it out Lol! Thank you :)

Example: Help...what does this dream mean?

I was at what felt like my house, morning time, same sh*t different day as far as my life goes, my daughter getting ready for school and i go outside for a second, when i turn and walk back in, i notice 2 cats (boy & girl) and a fresh litter of kittens in my living room. then my ex (love of my life, so i thought) walks around the corner (as if he had been living there 10 years...) after that all i remember was lying in bed and watching him walk around the house. i am over our break up even though it was a tough one, but why was he there, and whats up with the kitten's?

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