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Dream About Cell Phone meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream that you're naked and walking around lost with a cell phone that can't call out?

Yeah...My whole dream in a ?.

Hey i am not a very big dream digger, but i think yours is a similar kinda dream that my dad used to see. To start off with, you are naked and you find it out, you have a cell phone but you cant use it.

Now, first part means that you are completely transparent. You cant hide anything inside you. Nothing is secret for you. You are just an open book to read. But then, you suddenly realize about the fact that everyone knows everything about you. And its this realization that's haunting you.

Second, Is there something happening around you? I mean, even after putting your 100% efforts you are still incomplete? Because you have your cell with you in time of emergency but you don't have luck enough to get connected. It means you are incomplete in some sense. You are too much worried as your dreams says.

Example: What does it mean to dream about cell phones?

last night was the third time over the past two weeks that i have dreamt about a cell phone. Its not alot of phones surrounding me its just one big non existing phone that hasnt been created and sometimes it will be like a blackberry. Does anyone know what this means?

Example: What does it mean to dream of your cell phone dropping in water? ?

I continuoulsy dream of my cell phone getting wet or dropping in water but then after I dry it off, it still works. What does it mean

Example: Broken Cell Phone Dream?

What does it mean if you dream about breaking your cell phone? In my dream I dropped my phone looked at the screen and it was slowly fading. Being that it's an iPhone I knew that I had to send it to Apple and would be without a phone for a while..

Example: What Does It Mean To Have A Dream About A Cell Phone?

I had a dram that i had an iPhone but it had no service on it. But it was still awesome, like i sill carried it around and loved it and loved playing with it and i had the box for it that i would put it in when im not using it.

Can someone please tell me what this dream might mean?
THanks in advance.

Example: What does it mean when you have dreams about cell phones?

okay soo I lost my ipod touch a day before my christmas break this has somethin to do with this...any ways the other night I had a dream that I got this new black ugly flip phone (I have the palm pre) and like I was on that phone in my whole dream...then last night I had a dream that I stole a blackberry and a lg voyager from these two kids and the person that owned the blackberry he was black, had asked me do yu have my blackberry and I said no but it was in my bag and the other guy I guess didn't even realize it..well I was goin through there txt messages and there pictures..I love cell phones(I'm not a nerd) and I'm kind of nosey so when I look @ peoples phones I tend to have a habit of goin through that stuff..also I have wanted a lg voyager and a black berry..can someone tell me what this means?

Example: I had a dream about losing my cell phone?

I was sitting by this boy when I got up the cell phone was gone. I ask the boy where it was and he said he didn't see it. What does this mean?

Example: Dream Interpretation? Cell Phone and Computer?

Does anyone know what this means? I wanted to contact this girl that I like, but I had her cell phone and her computer. I was trying to fix her computer. The computer had something like a SIM card inside that I accidentally broke. Suddenly I realized that I was in my home town (now I live in another country) and oddly I knew that she was also there. At some point I ran into her and we were walking together inside a building with a friend of mine. After some time I looked back and she was gone. Turning back to find her, I couldn't remember if I had walked upstairs or downstairs at the point after I thought we had split.

Example: Cell phone dream.?

So I dreamed of slicing cellphones and tearing off their cover what does that mean?Lol was it just some random dream?

Example: I keep having dreams about dropping my cell phone in water what does it mean?

every night i have a dream that my phone falls into water and i freak out and i try to save my phone i dry it off and i always believe that it real this is my worst fear to drop my phone in water what does this dream mean?

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